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#UpliftingReadsByAlumni: Entrepreneur
Inspiring Philanthropy and Entrepreneurial Excellence
Nelson Mandela University alumna Claire Kivedo is a trailblazer in events management, showcasing not only entrepreneurial prowess but also a deep commitment to community impact. Raised in the Northern Areas, Claire's journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and a strong sense of community.
Facing personal loss and economic challenges early on, Claire turned adversity into determination after losing her father to colon cancer during her first year at Nelson Mandela University. As the eldest of five siblings, she embraced a role of responsibility, vowing to succeed in his memory. Securing a bursary through her parents' employers, Claire pursued a degree in Public Relations Management at Nelson Mandela University, drawing strength from campus experiences and lasting friendships.
Venturing into entrepreneurship, Claire founded Overall Events while pregnant with her second child, navigating uncertainties with resilience. The journey, marked by highs and lows, led to accolades like the Best Event Organiser of the Year in 2022, underscoring Claire's unwavering dedication.
Grounded by the belief that true success transcends awards, Claire emphasizes the joy of returning customers and impactful contracts driving her team's meaningful work throughout the Eastern Cape.
As the Creative Managing Director of Overall Events & Communication, Claire integrates community engagement into her business ethos. Actively creating opportunities, she and her team develop work experiences for Nelson Mandela University graduates, bridging the gap to the industry.
Claire's commitment to education is evident in the annual book drive for a Motherwell creche, a testament to her belief that giving back is a privilege.
Looking ahead, Claire envisions a future of measured passion, aspiring to pursue an honours degree. Fuelled by boundless creativity and family support, she remains dedicated to continuous learning.
Reflecting on her university days, Claire cherishes memories of vibrant camaraderie, social interactions, and the library as a haven for learning.
Claire Kivedo's story goes beyond personal success; it's about uplifting communities, fostering education, and proving that determination unlocks limitless opportunities for making a difference.