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Some of Nelson Mandela University’s 34 Summer Graduation doctoral recipients, inclusive of its honorary doctorate Dr Judy Dlamini (centre, back). 
Nelson Mandela University honours its doctoral recipients (published December 2018)
The University honoured its 34 doctoral recipients, 15 of whom come from the Faculty of Science, at the annual Summer Graduation Doctoral Dinner last night. 
In her address, University Chancellor Dr Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi urged the new doctors to live the legacy of Mandela. 
“We do, we don’t just talk,” she told the graduates, at least 14 of whom are foreign students, mainly from Africa. 
Dr Moleketi cited the research of a number of the recipients as offering answers – such as the sustainable funding framework for the public broadcast; sustainable and competitive tourism and the potato research of the doctorate from Cameroon. 
“We can apply what has been learnt from this potato research, for example, to Keiskammahoek. We have the obligation of transformation for Africa.” 
The 15 PhD graduates from the Faculty of Science is the highest number since the inception of the December graduation sessions in 2015. 
From five in 2017, the latest cohort of doctors from the faculty had covered research ranging from quantum physics to social media as a government management tool. 
The international doctoral recipients
Dr Fraser Moleketi also challenged students to look at how AI can transform universities especially in terms of the transdisciplinary nature of the scholarship.
“We need constructive disruption – yes, disruption in a positive way.” Chair of Council Ambassador Nozipho January-Bardill raised a toast to the doctorates, and especially their partners, supervisors and co-supervisors, recognising the role they had played in supporting the students to reach this academic milestone. Honorary Doctorate Dr Judy Dlamini was also acknowledged as a woman who embodies the ethos of Mandela. She attended the function at the Feather Market Centre, along with her husband, Sizwe, and about 160 other guests.
The University is celebrating the success of 1965 graduates in six ceremonies running from Wednesday to Friday afternoon.

Alumnus appointed as CEO (published December 2018)

BCom graduate Dave Tiltmann current Algoa FM managing director, has been appointed by African Media Entertainment as its chief executive officer effective 1 December 2018. Tiltmann has been with the subsidiary radio station since 1989. Dave Tiltmann will oversee the transition at Algoa FM till the end of the financial year in March 2019.Dave Tiltmann has been at the helm of Algoa FM; currently Commercial Radio Station of the Year, since 1999. He is a Liberty Radio Awards Hall of Fame inductee, who in January 2019, will celebrate 30 years in Commercial radio.





Outstanding Mandela University alumni lauded at annual awards (published November 2018) 

Award recipients from left:
Solomon Mudege (FIFA Master 2010), Kurt Pakendorf (BProc 1991), Dr Randall Jonas (PhD 2014), Amanda Antony (ND Music Ed 2015), Prof Hugh Jeffery (ND Technology Industrial Eng Machine Systems 1988), Hiten Parmar (MTech 2011), Kurt Kannemeyer (BProc 1999). David Brown (BCom Hons 2001) received his award in absentia. 
Nelson Mandela University Alumni Awards recognise alumni who have gone the distance and beyond in their various vields, to the benefit of society at local, provincial, national and international level. 
A renowned South African singing sensation, an international sports administrator, an e-mobility guru and a social justice advocate are just some of Nelson Mandela University’s alumni recognised for their outstanding contribution to society through their work. 
Award-winning Afro-Soul singer Amanda Black, FIFA Senior Development Manager Solomon Mudege and the Director of South Africa’s national uYilo e-Mobility Technology Innovation Programme Hiten Parmar were lauded as rising stars at the University’s annual Alumni Awards on Friday night. 
Amazon’s vice-president, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), David Brown, Haitian American Cultural and Social Organization Inc executive director Kurt Kannemeyer and Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel for Face IT Limited (London, UK, and California, USA) Kurt Pakendorf were recognised in the achiever category. 
The prestigious awards, which are a flagship event on the Alumni Association calendar, celebrate the local and international success stories of graduates who have not just climbed the ladder in their respective fields, but have become inspiring leaders and change agents across various arts of the world. 
The six award recipients are living the ethos of the University, presently well captured in its strap line “Change the world”, which charges the institution’s present and past staff and students to do their bit to effect positive change in society. 
Alumni Relations director, Paul Geswindt, said since the awards inception in 2010, the association has awarded 32 achievers awards, 25 rising star wards (this category was introduced in 2012) and 12 Special Awards – totalling 69 alumni lauded by their alma mater. 
“This year, we also have one special recognition and one special award recognising those who have played a significant role in the Alumni Association over the years,” he said. 
Mandela University Business School director, Dr Randall Jonas, received a special recognition for his service to his alma mater, representing the interest of alumni on Council and his leadership role in alumni governance structures. 
Dr Jonas served as an Executive Committee Member of the former UPE Alumni Association and was the first President of the former Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Alumni Association. He also served as the Deputy President of Convocation until the merger of the two structures in 2013 to form a new single alumni governance structure, which he chaired until the 2018 Alumni Association AGM. 
Prof Hugh Jeffrey received a special award for his contribution to the institution and association, served as a member of the University Council from 2005 to 2018 as well as a member of the Alumni Association Executive Committee for the same period. 
As a proud ambassador of the University, Prof Jeffery’s professional affiliations include being an Honorary Fellow of SAIMechE and a member of the Institute of Professional Engineering Technologists and Chamber of Engineering Technology.  
Addressing the awards guests at the Boardwalk Convention Centre on Friday night, Mandela University Vice-Chancellor Prof Sibongile Muthwa told how the institution – and its predecessors – have to date awarded 144 481 qualifications to 108 910 alumni and the alumni family continues to grow with more than 6000 graduates per annum.
“You have all made a conscious decision to be connected to Nelson Mandela University and being part of the family you are also part of the journey to ensure that your alma mater becomes a truly great African university,” she said.
“I congratulate each of our award recipients this evening, our young Rising Stars and more experienced Achievers, as well as our special award recipients Dr Jonas and Prof Jeffery who served as governors with distinction and in proud support of their alma mater.
“Our other award recipients ventured into the World, to Change the World, and we celebrate those achievements, because it ultimately is also our achievements as a University.”

Making a difference, from the Northern Areas to New York (Published November 2018)
As a small boy growing up in Port Elizabeth’s Northern Areas, Kurt Kannemeyer watched the TV series LA Law and Murder She Wrote – and knew one day he would become “a voice to those who needed a voice”.
It’s a dream that led him to study law – becoming the first in his family to go to university – and has seen him becoming an advocate for social justice in the United States. In recognition of his efforts, he received a prestigious Alumni Achiever Award from his alma mater Nelson MandelaUniversity on November 23.
For the past two years, Kannemeyer, who lives in Scarsdale New York, has been the CEO of the non-profit Haitian American Cultural and Socfial Organization (HACSO), supporting Haitian immigrants in the United States, and providing hands-on help during Haiti's most recent hurricane disaster.
His journey to America started shortly after he had completed his BProc law degree in Port Elizabeth in 1999, when he took up the opportunity to work at a three-month summer camp for children in Ohio.
“I decided to take a break-year before returning to South Africa to work at a law firm. After the camp, I found a position at a bakery.”
But the travel bug had bitten hard, and upon returning to South Africa, he immediately made plans to go back, working at two more summer camps, the last one being for children with learning and emotional disabilities, run by adolescent development organisation St Christopher’s Inc., based in Dobbs Ferry, New York.
It would be turning point in his life – with St Christopher’s offering Kannemeyer a permanent position on their legal team.
“I stayed at the organisation, working in various roles, for 14 years … The kids we worked with didn’t have proper nuclear families [many were from foster homes], some were troubled, some had learning challenges.
“For many of these kids, grad school [university] would never be in their line of sight. Many had never left the confines of their neighbourhood.”
Despite opposition, Kannemeyer organised the school’s very first trip abroad, bringing a group of teens to the Northern Areas, where they assisted at schools and orphanages. “It was one of the highlights of my life. None of the kids had a breakdown [as predicted], and they still stay in touch with me.” Kannemeyer continues to support several South African orphanages.
To raise funds for St Christopher’s, Kannemeyer climbed Mount Kilimanjaro – succeeding on his second attempt – and wrote a book about the expedition, titled “One can make a difference”. 
In 2016, he accepted an offer to take over the reins of HACSO, an influential immigrant organisation in the United States, which at the time was in danger of closing.
During the hurricane that same year, Kannemeyer organised for supplies to be shipped to Haiti, and assisted with their distribution on the ground. “I was so enamoured with how people responded to the hardships – I knew I was in the right place.”
Commenting on his Alumni Award, Kannemeyer said: “We don’t do the stuff we do for the acknowledgement, so it’s very humbling to be recognised by the university. It’s also affirmation for HACSO, that we are doing something right for the community, and people are noticing.”

Head firmly in the cloud (published November 2018)

Software developer, cloud computing, problem solver and analyst, David Brown focused on becoming excellent in his field of expertise. 

Nelson Mandela University alumnus, David Brown BCom Hons(2001) lives his passion for computer science and is now the Vice President, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) at Amazon. He currently leads the various EC2 Compute, Networking and Load Balancing teams, building and maintaining cloud-based services used by several of the Internet's largest global domains, including many that are accessed by millions on a daily basis. He held numerous positions, including Director: Software Development and Software Development Manager and prior to that Brown was employed at Mosaic Software as a Software Development Manager and Senior Software Development Manager and Senior Developer in Cape Town.
“My first passion tied very closely to my career has been computer science and using computers to solve problems that began as a teenager when I started programming. I'm very analytical in the way I think and I started programming at a very early age and I spent every waking moment writing code. It was an obvious career choice for me to do computer science.
“I started off at Alexander Road High School under Keith Gibson who is an amazing computer science teacher, and then I went to university and did Computer Science.” 
Brown explains that when you have a passion, you spend a lot of time doing it. As a teenager and the early part of his career, about five to 10 years, he was very focused on becoming excellent in computer programming and mastering the skill. 
“Today I run an organisation of about 750 people worldwide so there is a large management component. Learning to lead and manage and what helped me there is that I did a B.Com degree and Computer Science and not a Bachelor of Science, which is very uncommon.  It was recommended to me by the Dean of the Faculty of Science Prof. de Kock. He said to me, 'Listen, if you want to do management one day do the B.Com and a Computer Science degree’ and I ended up majoring in Economics and Computer Science. I am always grateful for that advice. It set me up with the right subjects to lead a very large organisation and be responsible for hundreds and millions of dollars.”
While he was studying Brown ran his own computer business, selling computers, writing programmes doing  anything you need from a computer point of view, getting entrepreneurial experience while getting his degree.
Brown didn’t choose cloud computing, as it wasn’t really known 10 years ago. In 2005 Amazon said “if we can run these large websites, is there any way we can offer services that will allow other companies to run their services on top of the Amazon data centres? We know how to run data centres, we know how to run computers to scale, couldn't we offer that as a service?”
Amazon sent one of their employees, a South African, back to Cape Town in 2005 and opened a software  development centre in Constantia. No-one knew about it, it was a very small entity with 13 people in the team and from there developed cloud computing. The largest part of the ‘cloud' in terms of what Amazon invested in  was built and developed out of Cape Town. “The Cape Town team is still driving a lot of the development around what we call our 'elastic' computer cloud,  which is the service which allows you to have computer capacity. So that's how I got involved with cloud computing. 
Brown’s advice to young people starting on a career path is to understand tech.
“Tech is everywhere and understanding tech is a requirement, it’s a good idea to have at least the basics - computer literacy, being able to use a computer and perhaps some basic computer programming so you can have a better idea of how a computer is programmed. Whatever you do today tech is such a fundamental part of it. What really helped me is do something that I’m passionate about. So many people either go after money or something else but if you really aren’t enjoying it, it is incredibly difficult to stay motivated. Passion is ultimately the reason for your success in your career. Have very clear, focused goals.”
Brown adds that although the going will be tough it's about having the grit to stay focused and push through as, people often push being comfortable rather than achieving their goals.

From football to FIFA HQ (Published November 2018) 

Rising Star awardee and proud Mandela University alumnus, Zimbabwean-born Solomon Mudege certainly lives up to the award in the 13 years since he first graduated with BCom HMS: Sport & Recreation in 2005, to promotion to FIFA Senior Development Manager, which he achieved earlier in 2018.  
Mudege is also an MA Human Movement Science and FIFA/CIES/Nelson Mandela University Programme Sport Management graduate, which is an International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport (MA) that must be completed at three international universities: De Montfort University in Leicester (UK), SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan (Italy) and the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland). 
Like most boys growing up in Zimbabwe, Mudege’s passion was playing football at school and in more structured settings, but when he realised that he was not going to play football professionally he decided that a career in sports management seemed an acceptable compromise.
“I studied Sport and Recreation Management at undergraduate level, Business Management at Honours and then did research on talent development in football for my Master’s degree in Human Movement Science. I wanted a holistic appreciation of sport management and my qualifications at Nelson Mandela University allowed me to achieve that.”
Mudege says that he realised there was more to football and  sport than just playing the game and was aware that sport management is a viable career and tried to prepare for it. 
“I watched global sport events and could see that there was a lot of preparation and organisation that went into delivering the sport event. I also realised that there were a range of languages used in international sport. One of my earliest memories of the FIFA World Cup was listening to the Cameroon players being interviewed in French at the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy. I was fascinated, so when I was in high school, I studied French as one of my subjects and I am now comfortable working in French as well.”
Upon graduating Mudege began his career working for FIFA in Switzerland, starting as FIFA Master Trainee, followed by the FIFA Marketing Alliances Manager and now Senior Development Manager.  


He explains what it means to be a FIFA Master Trainee; “After graduation from the FIFA Master in July 2010, I was selected to work in four FIFA divisions on rotation, mainly delivering event processes and content management. It was a great opportunity to ‘learn on the job’ at FIFA for a year and  I was glad to be offered a permanent job following my internship.” 
It was an intense year rotating in the Event Management Department (FIFA Competitions), Marketing Communications and Research Department (FIFA Marketing), Broadcaster Servicing Department (FIFA TV) and the  Development Programmes Department (FIFA Member Associations & Development).
As Senior Development Manager, Mudege only focuses on development programmes in Africa now. However, the sub-division that he works in handles development programmes in both Africa and the Caribbean.
He is also responsible for supporting the Confederation of African Football in planning and implementing football development activities on the continent with FIFA funding of USD 10 million a  year and ensuring compliance processes for FIFA support that is provided to the African member associations for the FIFA FORWARD projects which avails USD 5 million over a four-year period to each member association.
Such an impressive career path doesn’t  come without challenges, even if it sounds like many a young boys’ dream of  mingling with international soccer stars. “I definitely did not jump into my dream job. There were challenges and hurdles. Looking back, whatever obstacles I faced were important to get me to where I am today. I still face challenges in various aspects today and they will benefit me in the future as well.”
Mudege says that managing  the FIFA development programmes in Africa and the Caribbean are an ‘immense’ honour. “It is very rewarding to see how I am contributing to football development of diverse countries such as Djibouti, Egypt, Gambia and South Africa.”  
Ubuntu means a great deal to Mudege and he encourages alumni to look for opportunities to be involved with the university and sharing their experiences and expertise related to their current positions as well as giving back and developing other students.
“I am a regular lecturer on the Nelson Mandela University/FIFA/CIES Executive Programme in Sport Management and I come to PE at least once a year to assist the programme. I have also presented lectures for other departments as well, such as on Business Management.  
“Since 2015, I have managed a scholarship (The Bester Award – named after my late mother) which assists selected female candidates to pay for their tuition for the Nelson Mandela University/FIFA/CIES Executive Programme in Sport Management. I also run an annual auction with each edition of the qualification to raise funds to buy sports equipment for local schools/clubs.”
Mudege’s advice for aspiring graduates is to encourage them to look for opportunities to practically apply what they learn in the classroom – while they are still studying. “While studying for my Sport Management degree, I also set-up and managed the website for our Campus Residence League. It provided me with work experiences that are still valuable today.”
Make things happen (Published November 2018) 

Seasoned international business and legal executive and strategist, Kurt Pakendorf believes in making things happen. He graduated from Nelson Mandela University with BProc (1991) and is currently the Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel for Face IT Limited in London, UK and California, USA.

“Making things happen - I actually do believe in that and that it also plays to what my role is right now. I'm 20 years older than the founders that I work with - so I work with millennials. My role here is that  I'm the general councillor of the company and also the chief strategy officer. If you see how the chief strategy officer role plays out in companies, particularly in a tech company they are looking strategically where your technology should be, in other words; where should their platform be growing and what they should be delivering on.

“The other kind of chief strategist, which is more of what I am, is understanding where there is a strategic mission that needs to be delivered on. If we fail to delivery on this the company might fail or would be less likely to succeed or enable an environment where you make sure those obstacles are removed and that the strategic goal is met. My job is to facilitate to make sure that obstacles are removed and objectives met and, in that context, I literally make things happen here.

Since leaving Nelson Mandela University nearly 20 years ago, Pakendorf has worn many hats in his career - follower, naval officer, attorney, general counsel (chief legal officer) United Nations official, manager, founder, consultant, COO, CEO and business development, and, is well positioned to lead and deliver on multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional roles and projects.

Pakendorf has taken skills from all his work experience including languages he learnt in countries he worked in, including Serbo-Croatian which paved a way for him to work as a legal officer at the United Nations Interim Administration Missions in Kosovo.

“The fact that I speak Serbo-Croatian was important to working at the UN in Kosovo.  This kind of mission hadn’t been done before, no-one knew whether it would become a country or not. It was most rewarding helping setting up banking, supplying fuel for civilians, setting up legislation on how to open the airport, which was then under military rule. Kosovo was in a post conflict zone but still quite dangerous at the time.”

Pakendorf then worked his way to becoming CEO and director of MobileWave Group plc in London and the vice president and general counsel at Havok.com Inc. in the USA. He also co-authored the UK Current Law Statutes and Petroleum Law 1998. 

He also led and negotiated the establishment of one of the world’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive professional eSports league with 20 teams and US$3.5million in prize money. He is also the director of Esports Championship Series CS Limited London and the founder, director and co-owner of Anicus Law Limited, which is a boutique international legal services firm offering legal and strategic business consulting services. 
Pakendorf is the co-founder and a managing partner of The Sable Accelerator, which is a trusted expert network of expatriate South Africans giving back to their country in different forms. 
“We decided to found The Sable Accelerator because we realised that there were a lot of South African expats with global skills, expertise, knowledge, connections and influence living in the US and UK and there are South African entrepreneurs, new venture start-ups, academic institutions, and companies looking to commercialise technology innovations, promote and protect intellectual property, fund new business concepts, finance growth, as well as expand into global markets. 
“Why not pull together these two groups of South Africans, expose them to each other and help make a difference. These types of interactions can be beneficial to both sides and to South Africa, and Africa, as a whole. We’ve just had the Premier of the Eastern Cape and his delegation at our San Jose, California, office for consultations and introductions, and recently executive MBAs from the Gordon Institute of Business Science at the University of Pretoria were there.”
Pakendorf says that if he could start his career over, he would be more patient as he was in such a rush to start working that he took the quickest route open to him. “I wish I’d spent more time at university getting an LLB versus my BProc.” He was already an articled clerk at a law firm while at university so he was able to make a quick transition as a lawyer, passing his article exams and degree around the same time.
“My advice to students is that you will never have this time again, don’t waste it. There will be more than enough time later to focus on getting your career launched.”
Onwards and upwards for SA’s head of e-mobility (Published November 2018) 
From small beginnings working alongside his father in the automotive industry, Hiten Parmar is now leading the automotive technology landscape in South Africa.
Parmar’s fascination with electronics inspired his studies in electrical engineering at Nelson Mandela University, paving the way towards his position as director of South Africa’s national uYilo e-Mobility Technology Innovation Programme – which is working to expand the country’s electric mobility industry. 
It’s a role which sees him collaborating with multiple stakeholders across the public and private sector both locally and abroad, as he works to mobilise government buy-in at all levels, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) product and infrastructure support, business development and thought leadership. 
Recognised as a leading expert in a pioneering, low-carbon industry, Parmar, 36, has been awarded a Rising Star alumni award from his alma mater Nelson Mandela University (on 23 November). 
Parmar studied electrical engineering to master’s level, graduating in 2011, and went on to obtain his Honours in Business Administration in 2016. 
His career in the automotive industry – in academia as well as public and private sectors – spans 14 years, and includes Volkswagen and BC Automation in South Africa, along with the University of Applied Sciences Wolfsburg, in Germany.
His areas of expertise include advanced manufacturing and automation, research and development, engineering, motorsport, electric vehicles and smart grid technologies.
In a time where countries are shifting away from their reliance on fossil fuels towards climate-smarter options, Parmar believes uYilo has a key role to play. 
“Traditional modes of mobility technologies – namely , petrol and diesel – have led to increased air pollution that has negatively impacted air quality for citizens all over the world. Breathing air in Delhi, India is said to be equivalent to smoking 44 cigarettes a day.
“In South Africa, the national Department of Transport indicates that across the overall transport sector, road transport emissions equate to 91.2% of direct emissions, particularly from the combustion of petrol and diesel.
“My passion is to contribute to advancements within the automotive industries globally through the deployment of technological interventions to solve major economic, societal, and competitiveness challenges.”
Parmar’s combined knowledge of automotive principles together with electrical technologies has given him a unique skillset. “The current portfolio of the national uYilo eMobility Programme extends towards a large stakeholder network which includes ministerial engagements, CEOs of multinational corporations, entrepreneurs and start-up companies as well as students.”
Parmar said he was humbled to receive the Rising Star award. "It serves as recognition of achievement by an individual under the age of 45, towards significant progress in their career field." 

Mandela University recognises EC singing sensation (Published November 2018)

Mthatha-born singer and songwriter Amanda Benedicta Antony – better known by her stage name, Amanda Black – grew up pursuing one dream only: to be a famous singer.

The 25-year-old spent her childhood entering school talent shows and competitions – but it was her third entry to SA Idols in 2015 that ultimately led to her success.

The Afro Soul star, who made it to the final seven of Idols’ season 11 and whose debut album “Amazulu” went platinum just three weeks after its 2016 release, has been awarded a prestigious Rising Star alumni award by her alma mater Nelson Mandela University, where she graduated with a National Diploma in Music in 2015.

“It is an honour to be receiving this prestigious award. It means all the hard work has not been in vain,” said Black.

The singer pursued tertiary studies “because my mother wanted me to have a plan B”. “I chose music because all I wanted to do was sing.” Black, who was the season 11 fans’ favourite, said although she was disappointed not to win Idols, she gained invaluable experience. “My journey has been filled with hard work and blessings. Timing is everything. I learned that I wasn’t meant  to win Idols even though I wanted to, but I was meant to be there, because I learned a lot about who I wanted to be, and who I was as an artist.

“Being eliminated taught me the importance of perseverance and persistence. I also learnt about the huge impact and power that social media has on the industry.”

Her hit single "Amazulu", meaning “the Heavens” and written in her Xhosa dialect, was nominated for several South African and international music awards – and earned her two Metro FM awards, four South African Music Awards and nearly three million views on YouTube. “My album Amazulu was about my journey. The songs are my stories. They are honest.”

Commenting on her future goals, she said: “My hopes for my career going forward are that my music and message reach more people and heal and touch people’s lives on a global scale. 

“One of the challenges is remaining true to my journey and goals. Sometimes we get distracted by situations and lose sight of why we’re doing the things we do and why we walk the paths we walk, but home and family always make it clear for me and keep me grounded … We should never forget who we are and where we come from, and especially where we’re going.” Black is known for the Xhosa art patterns she wears on her face.

“The Xhosa facial art that I wear has quickly become part of my brand as Amanda Black. But it started as a way of expressing myself and embracing who I am. For me, it’s taking back my culture as a Xhosa woman – and feeling beautiful while doing it. It’s about me living the way I understand my culture to be. It’s a way of representing my roots and where I am from."


Alumnus accepted into Mandela Washington Fellowship (Published July 2018)

Fashion alumnus Thabo Makhetha has recently been accepted into the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. 

She is flying nationally, designing her own Basotho blankets and taking them into the modern world, working with textile alumnus Thandazani Nofingxana. Recently featured on the Design’s Indaba’s website, her work was photographed by photography alumnus Natalie Field. Read the article at: http://bit.ly/2Oid4PJ







Alumnus, only South African chosen for World Cup Athletics (Published June 2018) 

Congratulations to Education alumnus and post graduate student Ischke Senekal and her coach Kobus Van Zyl for her selection to represent South Africa at the World Cup Athletics in London from 13 to 15 July 2018.  Top Bestmed Madibaz Athletics club athlete, Ischke, will be the only athlete from South Africa who will participate in two events, namely Shot Put and Discus.

South Africa is the only country from the Southern Hemisphere to be invited to take part in this competition.





Entrepreneur and alumnus in season two of popular TV series (Published June 2018)

Billy Siziba, an Architectural graduate has made it to season two of the TV series - "The Unbreakable Entrepreneurs". In 2016, Billy launched Bullyz Fitness, a fitness apparel brand and shortly thereafter, he met his business mentor ASA Mazomba who saw potential in him and encouraged him to enter the business pitching competition.

One of his stores is located on our South Xampus at the Fitness and Aquatics Centre. Check out his video at: http://cando.sa.com/unbreakable-season-2/



Alumnus participating in International Training in Sweden (Published June 2018) 

BAdmin graduate, Ntombovuvo Linda, is participating in the International Training on Dialogue and Mediation (ITDM) conference in Sweden. 

The ITDM builds on 45 years of peace and conflict research and education at Uppsala University, combined with insights from the Dag Hammerskjold Foundation's ongoing engagement in international policy discussions in the beacebuilding field. 




Nominations for Alumni Awards now open (Published June 2018)
The Nelson Mandela University Alumni Association once again invites alumni and academic departments to nominate alumni achievers for the 2018 Alumni Achiever and Alumni Rising Star Awards  to acknowledge individuals who have made their mark locally, nationally and internationally. 

Our alumni represent our global footprint and it is fitting that we recognize their achievements at all levels and in all disciplines. Read full article at: MandelaUniAlumni


Fashionista jetting off to international Fashion Festival (Published June 2018)


Fashion Design alumnus Siphesihle Soldati will be showcasing her new design collection at the Mercedes Benz African Fashion Week being held at the World Trade Centre in Accra, Ghana during July.
The fashion show is produced by Global Ovations in collaboration with the French Fashion Federation which are also the organisers of Paris fashion Week.
“Fashion Week is a huge thing to any designer. Apart from the fact that I will unveil my talent and skill but also bring me, retailers and consumers to a common platform. It’s the most effective trade event platform for us as designers and the people that are within the fashion industry, she says”. Read full article at MandelaUniAlumni

Global Alumni Ambassador returns to ‘give back’ (Published June 2018) 

Zimbabwean born and proud alumnus of Nelson Mandela University, Solomon Mudege, was recently promoted as FIFA Senior Development Manager.  Mudege is an MA Human Movement Science and FIFA/CIES/Nelson Mandela University Programme Sport Management graduate.  
Mudege is an MA Human Movement Science and FIFA/CIES/Nelson Mandela University Programme Sport Management graduate. He expressed his gratitude and pride in being a Mandela University ambassador and former staff member. 
On a visit to Port Elizabeth as guest speaker at the Sport Conference for the Nelson Mandela University FIFA/CIES Executive programme in Sports Management, Mudege informed the guests and students about the FIFA Forward Football Development Programme which was launched in 2016 by the current FIFA President Gianni Infantino. Read full article at: MandelaUniAlumni

Alumnus inducted into Radio Hall of Fame (published June 2018) 
Dave Tiltmann, Algoa FM Managing Director and BCom alumnus is celebrating 29 years with the  radio station, 18 years as MD.  Algoa FM recently received the Commercial Station of the Year in South Africa award at the 2018 Liberty Radio Awards.
“We have been knocking on the door for a few years now and in 2018 we simply broke the door down,” he said “What a feeling to win in front of the entire radio industry.”
This also meant that it was the first time in history that a station outside of Gauteng has claimed this title.  In addition to winning this Algoa FM also received recognition in the following categories; Best Community Project, Best Stunt/Promotion/ Event and Best Daytime Show. Read full article at: MandelaUniAlumni

New Alumni Council representative elected (Published June 2018)
At a recent Alumni Association Special Election Meeting, Ms Michelle Mbaco (BCom ’04, MA ‘13), was elected as an Alumni Council representative.

Ms Mbaco is currently a Senior Manager: Outreach and Reporting for the Parliament of South Africa’s ANC Parliamentary Caucus. She is a former educator and education official with qualifications and training from several other academic institutions. She is active in national and local structures such the National Empowerment Fund board and the Nelson Mandela University Alumni Association Executive Committee.

Ms Mbaco will start serving her four year term on Council from July 2018. 



Prof Hugh Jeffrey’s term ends 30 June 2018. A former Dean of Engineering at PE Technikon, Prof Jeffery served the university in many different capacities for many years. The Alumni Association and the University thank him for his selfless service. 





Alumni sisters' documentary screened at International Festival (Published June 2018)
Nelson Mandela University Alumni sisters,  Nomakhomazi Dewavrin and
Okuhle Dyosopu's documentary film was screened at the Encounters 20th South African International Documentary Festival in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Nomakhomazi, 38 (Media and Communication) and Okuhleopu, 25 (Graphic Design) filmed their documentary, Land and Identity, in Cape Town last year.
The documentary centres around issues of the Group Areas Act during apartheid. Read full article at: MandelaUniNews

Graduate claims South Africa Champion title (Published May 2018) 

Faculty Administrator and MBA alumnus won the gold medal and ended as the new South African Champion in the strandard bow at the 68th National Outdoor Championships held in Johannesburg.

Boshoff was one of four PE archers to excel at the xhampionships. 




Alumnus appointed as Springbok Women's Rugby team (Published May 2018)

Nelson Mandela University FIFA/CIES Alumnus, Stanley Raubenheimer, has been appointed as the Coach of the Springbok Women’s Rugby team.

Raubenheimer, the experienced SA Rugby Academy coach, will be in charge of the Springbok Women's team on their UK tour in November.

“Our national women’s programme is very important in the big picture of South African rugby and we are committed to ensuring that we have the proper tools in place for the team to be competitive, especially with an eye on the 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup” said SA Rugby CEO Jurie Roux.

Raubenheimer has vast coaching experience, with his latest position being an SA Rugby Academy coach – in Stellenbosch this year and formerly with the Boland Rugby Academy – where he has served since 2013. His other coaching roles include SWD’s assistant Currie Cup coach, Cats Vodacom Super Rugby assistant coach, Griffons Currie Cup head coach and Western Province Vodacom Cup coach.

The Department of Human Movement Science at Nelson Mandela University in association with FIFA/CIES offers an Executive Programme in Sports Management. This programme has produced effective graduates who have gone on to make their mark in national and international sports arenas. The Programme makes a contribution to sport in society through its emphasis on producing graduates competent in sports event management, communication, finance, sports law, ethics, management, marketing and sponsorship.


First Accounting PhD to assist small to medium enterprises (Published April 2018) 

A managerial accountant in the automotive industry will be the recipient of the first ever PhD in Accounting at Nelson Mandela University, since the merger of its three predecessor institutions.

Arthur Reynolds is employed at Eberspacher SA, which manufactures and exports catalytic convertors to the export market. He has 19 years’ experience in cost and management accounting in various industries and is also a part-time tutor and lecturer.

Mr Reynolds’ thesis, supervised by the Director of the School of Accounting Prof Houdini Fourie, focussed on an integrated balanced scorecard approach for time-driven activity-based costing for small to medium manufacturing enterprises, which could contribute to extending the survival of small to medium manufacturing enterprises in South Africa.

The study revealed that a generic balanced scorecard could be developed, using a Delphi study and the analytical hierarchy process (AHP). With a the time-driven activity-based costing system at a small to medium manufacturing enterprise, managers and owners could manage the theory of constraints, resulting in lower operating costs.



Overcoming hurdles to make dreams a reality come true (Published April 2018) 


Despite the challenges of an impoverished childhood, raising three children (two with special needs) and supporting a husband battling cancer, 52-year old Zenobia Olivier has fulfilled her life-long dream of studying further.

“I always had a dream of studying, to become a teacher but my dad had a brain injury due to a motorbike accident and my mom became the breadwinner, so they could not afford to send me to university,” said Zenobia.

Zenobia has three sons Waldo, 30, and twin boys Jacques and Heinrich, 25, the twins were born prematurely at 27 weeks and sustained brain injuries. They are both quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and need 24-hour care.

“They cannot talk, but when they smile everything is worthwhile,” says Zenobia.

“I always had to work to help support my family and started working in an accounting department of a big insurance company. In 2002, I enrolled and opted for the accounting field. However, due to the twins’ ill health, I had to stop my studies. When the boys turned 20, ten years after I first enrolled, I said it was now or never, and I resumed my studies”.

Zenobia studied towards a National Diploma Internal Audit part-time and enrolled in as many subjects as she could manage, with the aim to finish before she turned 50. However, in 2014, their lives changed again, when Zenobia’s husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable cancer, with endless chemo sessions and despite a stem cell transplant, the cancer returned after three months and chemo started again. Zenobia was forced to slow down her studies as the twins and her husband needed her care.

“I struggled to pay my fees as the boys care and all the medical bills for my husband was a big financial burden, nevertheless by God’s grace, we did it, “said Zenobia.

Her next step is to do her SAIPA board exams, hopefully in November to register as a Professional Accountant.

“Never give up on your dreams, don’t just aim for a pass, aim for the stars, work hard and you will receive the rewards,” is the advice Zenobia would like to pass on to other aspiring graduates.



Congratulations to BSc Honours (Mathematical Statistics) Alumnus, Khanya Mkoto, who was chosen to be part of a group of youth leaders from 53 Commonwealth countries to take part in the Commonwealth Youth Forum happening in London.

The Commonwealth is a diverse community of 53 nations that work together to promote prosperity, democracy and peace. This week, the UK hosts the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) when leaders from all the member countries will gather in London and Windsor. An invitation was also extended to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

As part of the CHOGM 2018, there will be a number of forums which include the Commonwealth Youth Forum. The Commonwealth Youth Forum provides an opportunity for the young people of the Commonwealth to build cross-cultural connections and networks, debate the challenges facing its young people, and agree on youth-led initiatives to influence decision makers and ensure young people have a voice in its future.

The 2018 Youth Forum’s theme of “Powering Our Common Future” reflects the CHOGM theme of “Towards a Common Future” and illustrates the powerful potential of young people across the Commonwealth in devising solutions to complex global challenges as well as their ability to bring forward meaningful recommendations to the Heads of Government meeting. The Forum will include opportunities for plenary discussions and action planning breakout sessions, focussed around CHOGM's four themes: prosperity, security, sustainability and fairness.



Nelson Mandela University celebrates first paramedic graduates (Published April 2018) 

The first group of paramedics graduated from the Nelson Mandela Univerity in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday.

To grow the number of professional paramedics in this country, Nelson Mandela University has been offering its Bachelor in Emergency Medical Care programme since 2014 – and on 24 April, it celebrated its very first 15 graduates.

The university is one of just four tertiary institutions offering the qualification in South Africa.

Nico Louw, who heads up the programme at NMU said the need for paramedics is massive with one paramedic for every 22 000 of the population.

Louw pointed out that paramedics were different from ambulance staff, who only need to complete a four-week course in Basic Life Support to qualify for an entry-level job.

He said there were 100 000 people with the basic qualification and only 16 000 had the intermediate qualification.

"There is an over-supply of staff with the basic qualification and not enough of those with a higher qualification … This is one of the concerns of our profession," he said.

Louw said while a paramedic's skills were essential, they were not easy - and the university tried to prepare the students for any situation through a series of endurance events during their studies.

"Our working environment is unique. It's outside, in the sticks, in the gutter, in the valley, on the beach, in the surf, in hotels, in flats, in shacks - that's where we go to treat patients. Our students have to step outside of their comfort zones, physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. You often get right up into a patient's personal space, so much so that the smell of your breath matters and your sweat could drop onto a patient," he added.

Louw said 14 of the 15 graduates have chosen to work in the Eastern Cape.

Published by AlgoaFm news



Congratulations to 2017 Alumni Award recipient and PhD Geology graduate, Dr Gaathier Mahed, a lecturer from the Department of Geosciences, who has been nominated for two National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) awards.

The NSTF Awards was established in 1998 as a collaborative effort to recognise outstanding contributions to science, engineering and technology (SET) and innovation by SET-related professionals and organisations in South Africa. This includes experienced scientists, engineers, innovators, science communicators, engineering capacity builders, and organisational managers/leaders, as well as data and research managers.

Dr Mahed has been nominated for the following awards:
• Emerging Researcher
• Water Research Commission Award

Dr Mahed, only recently joined the Science faculty on the 9th of April as a Geosciences lecturer. To read more follow the link below: http://science.mandela.ac.za/



Ciske Faber unshaken by Progressive Disability (Published April 2018) 

Ciske Faber (22), a 3rd year student majoring in psychology and sociology, is diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) one of the rarest forms of disabilities in the world, and one of only ten cases in South Africa. FOP is a progressive illness that results in the body producing additional bones, making Faber a wheelchair user.

Her condition does not define her. She remains positive, by being a source of support to others and focussing on the things she can do.

“I originally studied social work, but due to physical disability the practical assessment became an obstacle and I decided to change my course but remained studying something where I'll be able to assist people on an emotional level,” says Faber.

Even when one door closes, she immediately looks for one that is open, seeing the positive side to every situation. She explains, “despite the number of days I was absent from school, I still matriculated when I was 18, I managed to live a full life without human assistance for three years in Port Elizabeth and only had to hire a caregiver from February 2017, and when I was no longer able play sport due to my disability, I explored other activities and I discovered that I am good in writing poetry”.

Faber prefers to shine the light on the people around her acknowledging the significant role they play, “The people who inspire me are my parents who always believe in me and support me and Ruth Barends, the Disability Unit Manager, who is always up-to-date with the needs of each disability student and ensures that our problems are resolved.”

“Every day has its own blessing, we must just continue to search for it in each day,” says Faber.



Blind Student Avukile Jeke challenges every obstacle (Published April 2018) 


Avukile Jeke (25), classified as totally blind, proves that disability is not a deterrent for success. National Judo and goalball champion, BA Psychology Graduate, Education Post-Graduate student and Golden Key Member for Academic Excellence, is only a few of the achievements under his belt.

In 2015, he took part in the National Championships for Goalball and Judo and was selected to represent South Africa in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He holds 15 gold medals, one silver medal and one trophy for excellence in the two sports.

Although highly ambitious, self-motivated and determined, Jeke is inspired by the people around him. He mentions Port Elizabeth artist, Poetic Soul, who is also visually impaired, and how she has taught him that disability is not a barrier to achieving any of your goals and achievements. He speaks of Mrs. Sharon Rudman, his first-year lecturer, “The love and support that Mrs Rudman showed me has made me realise that I can pass and graduate with most excellent results in all my modules”.

“I chose to do my postgrad in Education, because I am passionate about imparting information to others. The most significant aspect I like about teaching and learning is that it is reciprocal – you learn from pupils and they learn from you,” says Jeke.

In the future, he sees himself working for the South African National Council for the Blind, or as a well-known braille expert.

Jeke shares some words of encouragement, “Giving up is not a solution to any problem or challenge. Wake up and work harder to fulfil what you were created for”.



Physically Disabled Vuyelwa Majova is proud to be a NMU product (Published April 2018) 

Vuyelwa Majova (26), Btech Internal Auditing student and wheelchair user says that “most of the time I forget that there’s even a disability in my life”. 
Majova says that being a peer helper at Nelson Mandela University and doing her Diploma in Accounting are amongst her professional highlights to date.
She says that NMU won her over from the very start, “I went to the Thuthuka Camp and there were stalls from many different universities. NMU was the only varsity that convinced me that they cater for people with disabilities”.
When asked who inspires her, Majova says her lecturers, the Disability Unit and her friends, “My 2nd Ave lecturers (school of accounting) are the best. They don’t pity me, they treat me like other students, but they still do not forget to cater for my special needs. I think this is one of the reasons I forget that I live with a disability, because they make things look so normal.”
“These three parties mentioned above, when put together form one ‘inspirational drug’ which makes me proud of being a Nelson Mandela University product,” she says.
Majova doesn’t see her life as much different from anyone else without a disability, “I don’t always think about my disability. Every human being faces challenges in life, so because of that I am bound to go through some challenges as a human being, and disability just happens to be mine”.
“Everything that comes to you have been weighed and you can handle it if you just take one day at a time and do what you need to do”.


A new era dawns for Mandela University with historic inauguration (Published April 2018) 

A new era is on the horizon as the only university in the world to bear the name of one of the 20th century’s most revered leaders, Rholihlahla Nelson Mandela, prepares for the historic inauguration of its first black African female Vice-Chancellor and principal.

In the centenary year of its namesake, Nelson Mandela University will formally install Professor Sibongile Muthwa as Vice-Chancellor, as well as Dr Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi as its titular head on 17 April. Chancellor Dr Fraser-Moleketi and Vice-Chancellor Prof Muthwa join another equally formidable woman, Chair of Council Ambassador Nozipho January-Bardill, making up the institution’s triumvirate leadership.

The event will be live-streamed between 13:00 - 17:00 – the link to the video-stream is on the homepage of our website at www.mandela.ac.za – please refer friends and family to this page.



From Zim to Zurich, Solomon Mudege (Published April 2018) 

Solomon Mudege is the Senior Development Manager at FIFA in Zurich Switzerland. A proud alumnus of Nelson Mandela University who graduated in 2005 with BCom (HMS: Sport & Recreation), in 2007 with BCom HONS (Business Management) and in 2010 with a Nelson Mandela University/FIFA/CIES Executive Programme in Sport Management certificate. A former lecturer at Nelson Mandela University Human Movement Science Department, Mr Mudege has held various positions in the Sports & Recreation sector with his passion solely in football. Mr Mudege has been working for FIFA since 2010 where he began his career in Switzerland as a FIFA Master Trainee.

Be on the lookout for a full article on Mr Mudege on the Alumni Relations Electronic Newsletter May Edition.




Congratulations to 2016 Alumni Rising Star Recipient Parmi Natesan on the cover of this week’s Financial Mail Women supplement. We are proud of you. Keep flying the University flag high
















Local alumnus leading international automotive company

Port Elizabeth raised James Crichton is the General Manager - Global Sales Operations at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The Sales and Marketing 89’ Nelson Mandela University graduate started his career at Rolls-Royce in 2012.  Prior to Rolls-Royce, he had many years of experience in BMW Group and has worked in a number of roles in the sales and marketing environment. He was previously Head of Dealer Development in the region Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Caribbean, having previously been General Manager Customer Relationship Management and National Sales Manager at BMW Group South Africa.



A new Chancellor for Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University wishes to announce and congratulate Dr Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi as its new Chancellor from 1 April 2018.

Dr Fraser-Moleketi is a leader of high integrity who has devoted her life and career to issues of human rights, equality and social justice. This drive and commitment over many decades towards empowering others aligns directly with those of our namesake, making her the ideal titular head of Nelson Mandela University.

The former activist is no newcomer to the University after being awarded an honorary doctorate last year for her extensive contribution to leadership in social and economic transformation, with the specific emphasis on the empowerment of women.

Dr Fraser-Moleketi has led an exemplary career, having worked in government, civil society and the private sector over the past four decades and brings to the University a wealth of expertise and extensive networks.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Administration from the University of Pretoria, is a fellow of the Institute of Politics, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and holds an honorary professorship at Stellenbosch University.

“I am deeply honoured and humbled by this appointment, and hope to serve the University well,” says Dr Fraser-Moleketi.

“The University has a huge contribution to make. It is especially key to the economy of the Eastern Cape, and beyond, with its strengths in the sciences, the blue economy and of course, health sciences, with the future medical school.”

Personally, Dr Fraser-Moleketi hopes to add value in addressing the challenges of inequality, poverty eradication and job creation.

“I look forward to my tenure with Nelson Mandela University.”

Dr Fraser-Moleketi played a key role in preparing the ANC for the first democratic elections in 1994 as National Deputy Elections Coordinator. She was elected to South Africa’s first democratic parliament in April 1994 and served in three consecutive parliaments until her resignation in September 2008. She was appointed to the Executive and Cabinet of President Nelson Mandela, first as Deputy Minister for Welfare and Population Development and thereafter as Minister for Welfare and Population Development. She also served in the cabinet of President Thabo Mbeki for two consecutive terms as Minister of Public Service and Administration.

Our new Chancellor serves on various boards across academia, government and development organisations. She served on the board of UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research), and as Deputy Chair of the Committee of Public Service and Administration, a subsidiary body of ECOSOC, United Nations. She was re-appointed to CEPA for the period 2018 to 2021. She served on the Reference Group on the Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review of the United Nations Development System convened by the Deputy Secretary of the United Nations. She is also on the Advisory Board of the Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID) at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and is presently Chair of the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) Council and a member many other national and international bodies and boards.

A strong supporter of intergenerational dialogue, Dr Fraser-Moleketi is a mentor to young women and men across the continent on leadership and resilience, towards enabling them to play their part in determining Africa’s destiny. (Read Dr Fraser-Moleketi’s biography). Dr Fraser-Moleketi succeeds another high-performing businesswoman, Santie Botha, who finished her term of office late last year.    

We are deeply honoured and privileged to have a woman of Dr Fraser-Moleketi’s calibre join our institution for a four-year period starting on 1 April 2018. We wish her every success as we embark on an exciting new era for Nelson Mandela University, fittingly in the centenary year of the birth of our namesake.

Ambassador Nozipho January-Bardill

Nelson Mandela University Chair of Council




Hitting the right notes in new book (Published 

March 2018) 

Ulagh, the Musician, musicology master’s degree alumnus and Nelson Mandela University jazz vocals part-time lecturer recently launched her first book, a novel titled, ‘Dying for a song’.

The novel was inspired by her own experiences as an international traveling entertainer. She is especially fond of the Middle East and loves the mystery and suspense genre.


She is also the founder of the production company TwoTone Music along with her husband Gareth Williams, who is a fellow alumnus. , Their company specialises in high-end corporate entertainment and musical production.









Computer Science alumnus lands international post (Published March 2018)

David Brown, BCom honours graduate, has been promoted to Vice President, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) at Amazon. He is currently leading the various EC2 Compute, Networking and Load Balancing teams, building and maintaining cloud-based services used by several of the Internet's largest global domains, including many that are accessed by millions on a daily b


Amazon is an international online shopping store selling anything from the earth's biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories among many others.



Alumni Rising Star and alumnus raising the bar (Published March)



BongoHive is playing a key role in helping entrepreneurs and startups grow in Zambia. Well done Lukonga - keep flying the university flag high.















Mandela Alumnus appointed as SADC Regional Associate (Published March)

PGDip (Maritime Studies)Mandela Alumnus Siboniso Dlamini a Marine and Maritime Studies researcher as well Chairperson of the Marine and Maritime Association at the University who has been appointed as the Southern African (SADC) Regional Associate on the International Executive Committee of the Youth Alliance for Leadership Development in Africa (YALDA).  As the regional associate, Siboniso will act as the chief YALDA representative in the region with his  responsibility being to support all existing branches and ensure that they are fulfilling their respective obligations.




Labour Law graduate part of panel discussions (published March 2018)

Mandela Alumnus Tasneem Fredericks will be part of the panel discussion.  The topic is, Rohingya Apartheid:  the world's fastest refugee crisis.



Former Dean in running for top post (Published February 2018)

LLM graduate and former Dean of Law for Nelson Mandela University, Prof Vivienne Lawack, is one of only two women still in the running for the high-level post of vice-chancellor at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Prof Lawack took the post of Dean of Law and Deputy Vice chancellor at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) after serving Nelson Mandela as Executive Dean of the Faculty of Law since 2008 and a Nelson Mandela University Alumni Ambassador. In her role as NNMU's Dean of the Faculty of Law she provided strategic direction and managed the operations of the faculty as well as its core functions of teaching and learning, research and engagement.


Achiever continues to build empire (Published Febraury 2018)

Nelson Mandela University alumnus and 2014 Alumni Achiever Award recipient, Deon Schoeman continues to build his Klinicare pharmacy industry.

Deon Schoeman born and bred in Cotswold, Port Elizabeth, Cotswold, is a former MPharm graduate and one of the first generation pharmacists coming from a middle-class family to own a pharmacy which now has 250 members across 15 branches and wholesale centres within the Port Elizabeth City.

In 1984, Schoeman opened his first Klinicare pharmacy after completing his national service as a pharmacist. Being inspired by a retired pharmacy retailer from United Kingdom on holiday at the St Francis Hotel where he was a wine steward during school holidays earlier.

Schoeman began developing ideas even though he was struggling financially to implement them. After being supported by different people, he started to implement his idea and secured a site for building Klinicare Pharmacy. Today Klinicare pharmacy is well known for its services and the good treatment it offers to patients.


Alumni excel once again (Published February 2018)

Nelson Mandela University PhD students and alumni, once again, excelled at the annual conference of the Microscopy Society of Southern Africa held in Bela Bela recently.

Patrick Mwanza – PhD candidate and MSc Biochemistry alumnus from the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology – won the Carl Zeiss prize for the best presentation that uses microscopy to address an industry related problem; and Genevéve Marx – PhD candidate and MSc Physics alumnus from the Centre for HRTEM (High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy) – walked away with the Wirsam Scientific award for the best  paper presented by a student author in the materials division, as well as the Scientific Group prize for the most innovative microscopy technique at the conference.



The Centre for High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy is a facility for advanced electron microscopy situated at the University. The facility houses four state-of-the-art electron microscopes - including the only double aberration corrected transmission electron microscope on the African continent - as well as the enabling infrastructure for sample preparation, data processing and image simulation. Other instruments include a fully analytical TEM, a focused ion beam scanning electron microscope and an analytical high-resolution scanning electron microscope.

The main aim of the Centre for HRTEM is to provide a broad community of South African scientists and students with a full range of state-of-the-art instruments and expertise for materials research.





WELCOME! from our Vice-Chancellor (Published February 2018)

To all staff and students

It is my privilege to welcome you all to Nelson Mandela University as the 2018 academic year gets underway. It is wonderful to have our campuses bustling with life and energy as you all embrace the responsibilities that face each of us, be it as a staff member or as a student. 

For students joining us for the first time, I extend a warm welcome to you as you join the Nelson Mandela University family. For those returning I trust you have reflected on your intellectual journey of 2017 and are firmly focussed on working consistently to achieve academic success during 2018.

To all staff members, some of whom resumed duty when we opened on 3 January, and others who are now all also returning, I trust that you have had the opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends and are now refreshed and filled with purpose and commitment in whatever capacity it is that you are employed at the University. 

2018 is a particularly significant year, as it is the centenary of the birth of our namesake Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. As the University community we need to remain constantly aware of the privilege and responsibility of carrying the name of one of the world’s greatest leaders in modern times. It is a name that is respected throughout the world. The honour of bearing this name comes with huge responsibility. 

Nelson Mandela remains a commanding, and unparalleled leader. He dedicated all his life to creating a more equal and just society and ensuring a better life for all. He had deep compassion for humanity, particularly for the marginalised, and as we all know, he made huge personal sacrifices in his relentless quest for a better world. 

And, of course, he placed huge importance on education as a force for good.

So, it is expected of all of us – staff and students of Nelson Mandela University - to consciously live his legacy in all that we do. 

As it stands today, 23 341 students have registered for the 2018 academic year, and registrations are still underway. Whilst these numbers are encouraging as they place us on par with where we were in 2016 and show a recovery from the 2017 dip in numbers, we are still below our enrolment targets. We need to work with vigour to ensure that we work seamlessly to complete the registration of as many of the students in the system as possible.

2018 promises to be a great year. During the year we will be reflecting on our strategy to carry us forward for the next five years. We are embarking on a Listening Campaign during the first semester, to meet with staff and students and to hear your voices in what we need to do, and particularly what we need to do differently and more innovatively, so that we take our place as a proudly African university, while we continue to work together to place our University firmly on a sustainable footing for the future.

I welcome you all and look forward to us working together to achieve our common purpose.

Prof Sibongile Muthwa



Welcoming the future Electrical Engineers (Published February 2018) 


BTech Electrical Engineering graduate Ken Ramjee, an active Nelson Mandela University alumni ambassador, Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) member and volunteer welcomed the first-year Electrical Engineering students in their numbers on the university’s North Campus.

The purpose of the lecture was to congratulate, equip and ensure students have made the best decision in choosing Nelson Mandela University and Electrical Engineering as their first option in furthering their studies.


Ramjee explained the diversity and cultural inclusivity of the course. “Thousands of people worldwide would love to attend this university and will quickly grab the opportunity if you do not want to be within this institution.”

He wished the students well and encouraged them to work hard as they will reap the rewards at the end and shared some information about the ECSA. “The Engineering Council of South Africa is a statuary body established in terms of the Engineering Profession Act (ECA).

The lecture was closed by a senior student who also wished the new Electrical Engineering students a good year.

For more information about the university and the ECSA please follow the links below:

Master’s students in Visual Art and Design exhibit (Published January 2018)
Nelson Mandela University’s Visual Art Department from the School of Music, Art and Design will host an exhibition of master’s students work opening on 9 February.  at the university’s Bird Street Campus in Central.
The exhibition will showcase the students’ practical work which will be examined alongside their written dissertations.
“Three of the masters’ students will be exhibiting at the Bird Street Gallery opening on the 9th and the fourth student will be opening her show on the 7th of February”, says Jonathan van der Walt, Intern Manager at the Gallery.
Michelle Luyt (MTech Ceramics) will be one of the students who will be showcasing some of her impressive work with the theme “The development of armature based ceramics using South African raw materials”. Sarah Walmsley (MTech Sculpture) will exhibit “Absence and Presence: in Search of Memory and the Imago” and “Karoo: A Baseline Visual Record prior to Possible Shale Gas Exploration” is the work of MTech Photography student, Nadia van der Walt.
The exhibition will be open to the public from 10 February until 2 March from 09:00 to 16:00 during week days.

For more information, visit the Gallery’s Facebook page: BirdStreetGalleryNMU or  Instagram profile: @birdstreetgallerynmu



Nelson Mandela University graduate Nomkhita Mona appointed as the new head for business chamber investment in Nelson Mandela Bay (Published November 2017) 

Alumnus and Alumni Special Award recipient, Nomkhita Mona has been appointed chief executive of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber.

Port Elizabeth resident Mona, 51, starts at the chamber on 01 December. Her appointment also signals the start of a new era and strategic direction for the chamber.

Previous positions held by Mona include group chief executive at the South African Forestry Company SOC Ltd, chief executive of the Uitenhage Despatch Development Initiative and chief executive of the Eastern Cape Tourism Board.

She is a current Remco (human resources and remuneration committee) member of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa and board member and trustee of the Wilderness Foundation.

She previously served as deputy president of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber.

She hold an honours degree in industrial relations and a BA degree (psychology and sociology) from Nelson Mandela University. 



Master's Student Awarded Medal (Published October 2017)

Congratulations to Master’s in IT student, Pieter Delport, who has been awarded the S2A3 Medal.


The Southern Africa Association for the Advancement of Science (S2A3) Masters Medal (Bronze Medal) serves to commend outstanding South African research students graduating at the Masters level in a scientific discipline. These medals are awarded annually to one candidate selected by each South African university.



New VC appointed (Published October 2017)
Council is delighted to announce that Dr Sibongile Muthwa has been appointed the new Vice-Chancellor and Principal of Nelson Mandela University. 
Dr Muthwa, who has served as the University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Institutional Support for the past seven years, serves as the institution’s first black African female Vice-Chancellor and brings to the post a wealth of experience from the public sector and academia, both nationally and abroad. Dr Muthwa takes over the reins from outgoing Vice-Chancellor, Prof Derrick Swartz, who has served the institution with distinction for two successive terms since 2007. Earlier this year, Prof Swartz indicated his wish not to renew his contract, setting in motion an extensive recruitment drive.
At a sitting of the University Council on Friday 13 October 2017, Dr Muthwa was unanimously selected as the successful incumbent. Dr Muthwa has a distinguished career in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. She spent many years, holding leadership positions, in development, public sector, and academic institutions and managing complex issues and situations with skill and enormous courage. These skills have come in very handy in the last few years, when a myriad of challenges within the higher education sector were foregrounded by the student protests around affordable higher education and other developmental challenges facing our country and continent today.
Speaking of her appointment Dr Muthwa said she was extremely humbled by the confidence shown in her by the University Council and looks forward to leading an institution that is set to distinguish itself nationally and continentally as a new generation university. “I've spent 30 years dedicated to public service, so this is one of the crowning moments of my career,” she said.
“Our university, sector and country are at a crossroads. We can use the prevailing situation to our advantage. At Nelson Mandela University we are hard at work implementing strategies not only intended to enable us overcome the challenges we face, but also to place us firmly on a positive growth trajectory. I am looking forward to working with the team to collectively take the university to greater heights.
“I am very much indebted to Prof Swartz for his sterling and visionary work, his inspirational leadership and for laying a firm foundation which has contributed to making the university what it has become”. Between 2004 and 2010 Dr Muthwa served as Director General of the Eastern Cape Provincial Government. Before joining government, she was Director of the Fort Hare University Institute of Government for five years. In 2014 she was appointed as a Commissioner for the Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC) and was appointed Deputy Chairperson of the Commission earlier this year.
Dr. Muthwa holds a PhD from the prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London. Her other academic qualifications include an MSc in Development Policy and Planning (London School of Economics), BA Honours (Wits) and BA in Social Work (UFH). She enjoys wide support from the University community and the higher education and public sectors.
Prof Swartz congratulated Dr Muthwa on her appointment, hailing it as a historic moment in the life of the university. 
“It is an exceedingly proud moment for us all. Dr Muthwa serves doubly as the first female Vice-Chancellor and first African female Vice-Chancellor in the history of the University, and without doubt will inspire new generations to rise to the highest levels of achievement. We are absolutely delighted with her appointment” he said.

Communication & Stakeholder Liaison 


Alumnus and former Shop Manager appointed as coach for SWD (Published September 2017)

South Western Districts Cricket has appointed Baakier Abrahams as their new coach following the resignation of Andy Moles earlier this month. Moles, a former national coach of Kenya, New Zealand and Afghanistan, who was at the helm since July 2016 accepted the a post at the Afghanistan Cricket Board where he will coach the National A- and U/19 team.

Abrahams completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Management at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2008 majoring in Sociology and Business and Strategic Management. He obtained his Cricket South Africa Level 3 coaching certificate in 2010 and was employed at Eastern Province Cricket as an assistant coach to the senior provincial team and academy as well as the Cricket South Africa talent scout for the Talent Acceleration Programme (TAP) in the Warriors region overseeing the age group pipeline from 16 – 19 years of age. He was also the Head Coach at the NMMU Madibaz Cricket Club between 2012 and 2016 and head coach of the SA Tertiary team in 2014 and 2015.

They will play their first provincial fixture of the season as from 2 November 2017 when they take on Eastern Province at the REC Ground in Oudtshoorn in the Sunfoil Cup Three-day competition.



Law graduate awarded Abe Bailey Travel Bursary (Published September 2017)
BCom (Law) graduate and third year LLB student, Michael Balie who has been awarded the Abe Bailey Travel Bursary for 2017 which covers an all expenses paid trip to the United Kingdom.

Michael is one of only 18 students selected from 24 South African universities to receive this prestigious award for this year. The recipients will travel to the UK in November with the objective of broadening the view of young South Africans who show exceptional leadership qualities; a strong service ethic; who wish to effect greater understanding and co-operation among those with various language and cultural backgrounds; to foster enterprise, commitment and effective participation in a common future and to promote South African unity.





PhD student awarded best paper trophy (Published September 2017)

Siyabulela Mandela – a PhD student in the Department of Political and 
Conflict Studies, who was awarded the best paper trophy at an International Conference on Peace and Conflict Management held in Sri Lanka recently.
The Conference was organised by the Global Academic Research Institute and the University of Colombo under the theme: International Peace and Conflict Management.  At the conference, Siya presented a paper entitled: Preventive diplomacy and 'conflict provention' as a model for the mediation of conflicts in Africa: A human needs perspective. The research  forms part of his PhD research studies. 

In the photo with Siya is Dr Maneesha Wanasinghe,  the Head of Department of International Relations at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.



Alumnus to participate in (GIL) Africa Summit (Published August 2017)
 Hiten Parmar, Director of the uYilo eMobility Technology Innovation 
Programme (EMTIP), has been invited to participate in the Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Africa Summit. Hiten, along with Craig Parker who is Frost & Sullivan’s Programme Manager for Automotive & Transportation: Africa, will facilitate the Mobility Workshop at this prestigious event. 
He will join Frost & Sullivan’s global community of senior executives on the next phase of the Journey to Visionary Innovation, “Digital Transformation – Business & Social Impact at this year’s summit.  

The uYilo Programme was established in 2013 as a national programme towards stimulating and intensifying electric mobility technologies in South Africa and is hosted by Nelson Mandela University’s engagement institute and engineering innovation hub, eNtsa on North Campus.




Professor recieves prestigious award (Published August 2017) 
Nelson Mandela University Honorary Professor, Nancy Refilwe Phaswana-Mafuya, was awarded the 2016/2017 TW Kambule-NSTF Prestigious Award recently by the Minister of Science and Technology. The award was made in recognition of her contribution to research and its outputs over a period of 15 years after the awarding of her PhD.   
Prof Phaswana-Mafuya is the Acting Executive Director of the HSRC’s HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Research Programme and is a nationally and internationally recognised scientist with an outstanding scientific track record in HIV/AIDS and chronic non communicable diseases epidemiology, among others. 
She was the only black female awardee at the 2016/2017 NSTF awards

International poster award winner (Published August 2017)

Ettienne Minnaar (right) for winning the best poster award (twice!)
at the recent meeting of the Microscopy Society of America, Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017, held in St Louis, Missouri. 
Ettienne is a final year PhD student at the Centre for HRTEM, working in the field of polycrystalline diamond for oil drilling applications in collaboration with Element Six in the UK. His invited poster entitled “Microstructural Characterisation of Polycrystalline Diamond Sintered at Ultrahigh Pressures” took first prize at the pre-conference “Congress for Students and Early-Career Professionals in Microscopy and Microanalysis” held on 5 August. Ettienne also received the Microscopy Society of America Student Poster Award on 8 August. 

In the photo: Ettienne with Dr Nester Zaluzec from Argonne National Laboratory in the USA. Dr Zaluzec is a renowned physicist, best known as the inventor of the Scanning Confocal Electron Microscope. Dr Zaluzec is a friend of the Centre for HRTEM, and had invited Ettienne to attend Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017. 



Graduates to represent the university (Published August 2017)

Qhamani Sinefu (left), senior Law Student and Centre for the Advancement of Non-Racialism & Democracy (CANRAD) Intern and Buntu Mnyaka, Honours student in Development Studies and Chairperson of the United Nations Association of South Africa’s (UNA-SA) Nelson Mandela University Chapter who have been invited to participate in the 6th Africa Students and Youth Summit taking place in Ghana later this week.


The theme of the conference is "A Holistic Approach to Quality Assurance in African Higher Educational Institutions - Pragmatic Interventions by the Supply and Demand Actors". The relevance of this year's Summit is hinged on recent trends that suggest that the issues of access, equity, relevance, comparability and cost of Higher Education are becoming the key talking points at high level dialogues and acknowledged now as having the impetus to drive national development. 


DVC appointed by President Jacob Zuma (Published July 2017)

DVC: Institutional Support, Dr Sibongile Muthwa, has been appointed 
by President Jacob Zuma as Deputy Chairperson of the Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC).
Dr Muthwa has been a part-time Commissioner of the FFC since July 2014.
Her institutional memory and expertise as well as her experience as a serving member of the FFC will add enormous value to the Commission.

The Commission's primary objective is to make recommendations to Parliament, the provincial legislatures, local government and other organs of state on financial and fiscal matters as envisaged in the Constitution and other national legislation.




Professor elected as first Chairman (Published July 2017)
Alumnus Prof Andre Calitz of the Department of Computing Sciences was 
recently elected as the first Chairman/President of the Southern African Computer Lecturer’s Association. 
He was elected at the 46th Annual SACLA Conference held earlier this month.  Over the past few years, Prof Calitz was instrumental in changing the SACLA management structure resulting in a formally elected Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman/President.  

The annual SACLA conference, now under his leadership, is hosted by a different South African university every year and the SACLA conference now produces an accredited Springer publication. He is also Chairman of the newly established South African Computing Accreditation Board (SACAB). 



PhD students receive SAIP awards (published July 2017)
Two Physics students received awards at the recent annual conference of the SA Institute of Physics (SAIP) held at Stellenbosch University.  

In the Applied Physics Forum division, George Isoe (centre) won the award for the Best PhD Poster while Ross Dix-Peek (3rd from right) won the award for Best MSc Oral Presentation.  Ross also won a second award. 



Graduates selected for the Young African Leadership Initiative (Published July 2017) 
Development Studies student and SRC Academics Officer, Sandile Mjamba (top right) and Sigqibo Jack (bottom right) an honours in economics student, who have been 
selected the Young African Leadership Initiative Regional Leadership Centre. 
The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by former President of the United States, Barack Obama, 
as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. 
The RLC SA will develop young African leaders in Business
 and Entrepreneurship Development; Civic Leadership; and Public Management and Governance through a hybrid of innovative and complimentary approaches that include contact sessions; online mentoring; online self-paced tuition; industry placements and experiential learning.
They will be taking part in the fellowship from 13 August to 9 September 2017. Sandile has been selected for the Entrepreneurship and Business Development track Sigqibo has been selected for the Public Management track. 

School of ICT grabs three awards in Midrand (Published June 2017)

NMMU School of ICT colleagues who won three awards at the recent Cisco Academy Safari Conference held in Midrand.  

NMMU was presented with the Academy Growth Award for consistent gains in student enrolment over the last three years and Dr Bertram Haskins and Gratitude Kudyachete received Academy Advanced Instructor Awards, recognising their achievements as being in the top 25% of instructors globally, in positive student feedback and performance.

                                                                   From left to right: Luzuko Tekeni, Gratitude Kudyachete, Prof Kerry-Lynn Thomson, Shaun Vincent and Dr Bertram Haskins.


NMMU graduate invited to Leadership Symposium in Thailand (Published June 2017)

NMMU Public Relations Management Alumnus, Samkelwe Gqomo has been invited to join the 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium at the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of a global movement in Social Change. 

Sam has been very active in promoting the empowerment of woman on social media and has her own blog “Womandla”.   

This year, one thousand students, a record number, will participate in this life-changing Conference at the United Nations, from 1 – 7 August. The Selection Committee took great care to choose individuals with outstanding character as well as excellent academic and extracurricular strengths.


Alumnus competes in Ironman World Championships (Published June 2017)

Master’s in Education student, Monique Janse Van Rensburg, managed to obtain one of the 30 qualifying slots for the Port Elizabeth Half Ironman World Championships in September 2018.


She finished 5th in the 25-29 age group at last weekend’s Half Ironman 70.3 in Durban with a time of 05:08:45 and was the 16th female overall.

Monique will also be competing in half Ironman events in Bintan, Indonesia and Quijing, China later this year.



NMMU Alumnus wins international academic grant (Pubished May 2017)

NMMU LLB graduate, now a Malmesbury-based Legal Aid lawyer has received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as a recipient of the 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship.

Ilza Le Minnie, who works at the Malmesbury Justice Centre, will take up the fellowship at Texas Tech University in the United States, where she will do a public management course.

Le Minnie graduated from NMMU with an LLB degree in 2013 completed her articles with Legal Aid in Stellenbosch from 2012 – 2014 and once finishing articles was admitted as an attorney appointed in Malmesbury.



Former Idols top 7 grabs four SAMA Awards (Pulished May 2017)

NMMU Alumnus, Amanda Black, bagged four awards at the #SAMA23 (23rd South African Music Awards) on Saturday.

Amanda did us proud by taking home the gongs for Best Newcomer, Best Female Artist, Best R&B/Soul/Raggae Album and Best Album. Amanda has claimed her space in the national music industry and flies the Nelson Mandela Bay and Eastern Cape flag high!



 NMMU Alumnus, Professor Zide appointed new VUT vice-chancellor and principal (published May 2017) 

Vaal University of Technology’s (VUT) community has announced the appointment of renowned academic and social scientist Professor Gordon Ndodomzi Zide as vice-chancellor and principal with effect from May 1 2017.

Prof Zide is an esteemed social transformation scholar who is respected in academia worldwide. He brings with him a wealth of experience and an academic career spanning more than three decades in higher education administration and management.

Prof Zide is not new to VUT, as he previously served the university as deputy vice-chancellor responsible for governance and organisational transformation.

In 2015 he joined the University of South Africa (Unisa) as registrar, a position he held for just more than a year. To cement his academic journey, Unisa appointed him professor emeritus in anthropology.

Prof Zide matriculated at the Freemantle Boys’ High School in Lady Frere and then proceeded to Fort Hare University, where he completed his BA and BA Hons and an MA degree in anthropology. In 1999, the then University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) conferred on him a PhD in anthropology. Currently, Professor Zide is one of only a few public anthropologists in South Africa.

His senior management career kicked off when he became the first black registrar of Fort Hare University, then as advisor to the vice-chancellor and principal of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.



Graduate appointed on international review panel (Published April 2017)

Alumnus, Tatenda Mapeto a PhD student in the School of Natural Resource Management at the George Campus for her appointment on the 2017 strategy review panel for the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO)

The current IUFRO Strategy “Interconnecting Forests, Science and People” will be completed in 2019, and a new Strategy for the period 2019-2024 will be adopted at the XXV IUFRO World Congress to be held in Curitiba, Brazil during October 2019. 



A poignant moment between a mother and her son captured the hearts of guests at a NMMU graduation ceremony at the Indoor Sports Centre on South Campus this week.

Anastasia Petratos, 50, director of the department of information communication technology at NMMU, who graduated with a PhD in information technology, had the honour of capping her eldest son, BSc honours in zoology graduate Anthony Evlambiou, 23.

She said the experience was very emotional and special.

NMMU lecturer pushes social entrepreneurship (Published April 2017)

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for years.” This Chinese proverb is the personal philosophy of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) PhD graduate Paul Tai-Hing. 

Dr Paul Tai Hing flagged by his supervisors, Prof Chris Adendorff (left) and Prof Miemie Struwig.










His thesis, supervised by Prof Miemie Struwig and co-supervised by Prof Chris Adendorff, is titled “A Framework to Implement Social Entrepreneurship Activities in Higher Education” has been dedicated to the thousands of students he has taught and is yet to teach.

In his thesis, he highlights a series of case studies of social entrepreneurship projects that were implemented in the classroom of his first- and second year Management students.

These case studies explore the possibilities of how the classroom space and its students can be utilised to set up social enterprises, to be used to improve the conditions of the many disadvantaged and disenfranchised communities within which the university exists.

Being disabled no handicap for determined masters student (Published April 2017)

April has been quite a month for Lennon Jarman. Firstly, he won two gold medals at the national championship for the physically disabled and on Tuesday he graduated with a masters degree in clinical social work at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) south campus auditorium.

Wheelchair-bound but with great perseverance Jarman, 39, has proved he is as book smart as he is athletic. Born with cerebral palsy, Jarman was awarded two gold medals for boccia (a precision ball sport related to bowls) when the national championships for the physically disabled were held in his home town of Port Elizabeth last week.

Jarman, who works as a social worker at the Ernest Malgas Treatment Centre in New Brighton, said he felt fabulous about getting his masters degree. Before gaining his masters, he acquired a BA and BA honours degree in psychology. Jarman said he wanted to inspire other disabled people and hoped they would “get the same opportunities to study, work and not be pushed into a sheltered lifestyle”.

BSc Dietetics students make History (Published April 2017) 

Excited and proud to have made history, the group of eight young women beamed as they crossed the stage at the capacity-filled South Campus Indoor Sports Centre, having travelled from various parts of the country where they are currently doing their community service.

The BSc Dietetics qualification is one of the many steps towards the realisation of South Africa’s 10th medical school at NMMU by 2020, aimed at addressing the critical shortage of qualified and registered dietitians in South Africa and, in particular, the Eastern Cape. The programme has since its inception in 2013 seen a growth from the initial intake of 11 students to 72 currently.

Director awarded Medal of Honour (Published April 2017)

NMMU Centre for High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM) Director Prof Jan Neethling, who has been awarded a Medal of Honour in Science and Technology by the South African Academy for Science and Arts.

Prof Neethling was honoured for his unabated drive and passion to raise awareness and obtain the necessary funds to establish this modern High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Centre with four electron microscopes to the value of R96 million, a specialised building and knowledgeable staff.  In this way, he has elevated NMMU to one of the leading material research universities in the country. 

Alumus to attend International Youth Work Camp (Published March 2017) 

Master’s in Political Science Student, SABC’s Future Leaders Mentor and One Day Leader Season 3 runner-up, Sam Beynon, who has been selected by the Nelson Mandela Museum, in partnership with the Anne Frank House Foundation and Government of Lower Saxony, Germany to, on behalf of the Eastern Cape and South Africa, attend the International Youth Work Camp to be held in Germany, Bergen – Belson next month.

The International Youth Work Camp will have youth delegations from SA, Belarus, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.  The Camp will focus on the lessons and teachings acquired by contemporary youth from the lived and shared experiences of the Jewish community, Gypsies and the LGBTIAQ+ community during WWII and beyond. 

Bronze for master's student (Published March 2017)

Graduate Billy Siziba, a Master’s in Architecture student who recently came 3rd overall in the country in the Engen “Pitch & Polish” competition. Pitch & Polish is a lateral-thinking business competition and workshop programme, exposing would-be entrepreneurs to enterprise development training and thinking, helping them to turn their business ideas into business successes. 

Last year, Billy launched Bullyz Fitness, a fitness apparel brand and shortly thereafter, he met his business mentor ASA Mazomba who saw potential him and encouraged him to enter the business pitching competition. His business idea was for an innovative gym app for gym enthusiasts.  Billy progressed to the finals where he finished 3rd overall in the country out of 1000 entries and won R15 000 which he injected into the launch of his new store located on the South Campus at the NMMU Fitness and Aquatics centre.  “Bullyz Fitness Shop" sells their branded gym wear as well as healthy fruit shakes and protein shakes.

Graduate set to grace New York City stage (published February 2017)

MMus conducting student, Grant Snyman, is set to grace the stage of Carnegie Hall in New York City, USA. Grant was chosen as first clarinetist and as shadow for the KZN Youth Wind Band who will be competing at the International New York Wind Band Festival in New York in March.

The KZN Youth Wind Band is one of only six wind ensembles selected to participate in the festival, out of 36 international applicants. Furthermore, they are the only ensemble not only from South Africa but also Africa, to compete and have been selected to perform the world premiere of a newly commissioned work written for them to play at their gala performance in the famous Carnegie Hall.

Researcher selected as youth leader (published February 2017)

Alumnus Siboniso Dlamini,  an NMMU postgraduate Marine & Maritime Studies researcher, who was recently selected as one of a handful of youth leaders in Southern Africa to provide-insights and guidance to the high level Southern African Ministerial Conference on Jobs for Youth in Africa (JFYA). The conference will be attended by  Southern African Ministers of Finance, Education, Labour, Vocational Training and Youth Employment. It will address the new strategy being implemented by the African Development Bank Group to create 25 million jobs for the youth in 10 years – a $3 billion project.

He has also been appointed in the Advocacy and Marketing position of the South Africa Alumni Committee of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Center (RLC) of Southern Africa (SA) Region where he will act as a brand ambassador for the YALI RLC SA projects. Siboniso has also been selected and nominated for various local, national and Africa committees focusing on civil, public and private sphere developments, challenges and providing high end sustainable solutions.

Doctor appointed as Chief (published February 2017)

DPhil graduate Dr Kwame Asmah-Andoh, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public Management and Leadership, was recently appointed as a Chief of the Lower Dixcove, in his home-country of Ghana.

Dr Asmah-Andoh has had to appoint a Regent to act in his place since he is still engaged at NMMU. The Regent will act on his behalf until he returns to Ghana to take up his royal responsibilities.




Master's student selected for international conference (published February 2017)

Lichaba (Thabo)  Mooko, a Master’s student in Public Administration and former SRC Deputy President who has been selected by the Institute of International Education together with the Kresge Foundation to participate in the 2017 Achieving the Dream Conference in California, USA.

Thabo was identified as an important participant in the Kresge’s $2.9 million initiative, Siyaphumelela (“we succeed”), which is designed to build South African data analytics capacity to enhance student success. Influential policy-makers, thought leaders and practitioners from over 200 institutions around the world will join together later this month to reflect on and share lessons from their experiences implementing student success related strategies on their campuses.

Prof gives helping hand (published January 2017)

NMMU dean and alumnus, Prof Azwinndini Muronga plans to launch the Science Education, Outreach and Communication Programme in March. He has developed this prgramme aimed at improving maths and science marks in the province, which he describes as extremely concerning.

Muronga is also president of the SA Institute of Physics. The programme will focus in science education from Grdae R pupils to undergraduate university students, with outreach programmes for pupils, teachers and communities across the province.

Alumni President ppointed head of NMMU Business School (published January 2017)

On behalf of the University Council, it gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of educationist and businessman Dr Randall Jonas as the new Business School director, from January 2017.

Dr Jonas brings with him a wealth of relevant business experience from industry and education to NMMU. He is also no stranger to the University, having previously served on the NMMU Council and NMMU Trust with distinction, and is currently President of NMMU Alumni Association.


He boasts an elaborate curriculum vitae with more than 35 years working experience in both public and private sectors, including many years as Chief Executive Officer of the Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) and Private FET College, where he served industry and commerce in critical skills development.

Honours Student takes third prize (Published December 2016)

Alumnus Lungelo Gcwabaza, a Quantity Surveying Honours student, won third prize at the annual national Greenovate Awards Competition held recently.
The competition is designed to inspire and encourage students of the built environment to discover, explore and invent ways to live more sustainably. Lungelo presented his BSc Quantity Surveying Honours research entitled: “The silent killers of strategy implementation in quantity surveying firms” at the competition (Supervised by Prof Gerrit Crafford).

 Alumnus accepted into British Guild of Motoring Artists (Published December 2016) 

National Diploma in Graphic Design graduate, Clive Botha has been accepted into the ranks of British Guild of Motoring Artists. It is a prestigious worldwide group of artists, designers and engineers, founded in 1986, who share a common interest in automotive art and whose work shows strong commitment to motoring subjects. 

Botha has over 10 years experience, managing his own digital marketing agency, MotorMedia Communications, where he primarily focuses on automotive relative industries. 


NMMU staff alumni honoured (Published November 2016)

Prof Rossouw von Solms from the School of ICT and Prof André Calitz of the Department of Computing Sciences were both honoured with a Fellow of the IITPSA Award at the annual IITPSA (Institute for IT Professionals in SA) Presidential Awards Ceremony recently. It is the first time in 35 years that the institute of IT Professionals awarded the honour on Eastern Cape members.

The award to Prof Calitz was presented for his contribution to the ICT industry in the Eastern Cape and establishing the South African Computer Accreditation Board (SACAB) and to Prof von Solms for his years of commitment to the international computer organisation IFIB (the International Federation of Information Processing).

Alumni awarded Special Recognition award (Published November 2016)

Dr Nicole Vorster (right) from Innoventon and her PhD student Ms Marthie-Postma Botha were recently awarded the GAP (Gauteng Accelerator Programme) BioSciences Technology 2016 Special Recognition Award for their technology which involves extracting bioactive compounds from olive waste for use in the skincare and health sector. The award comprises seed funding and business support at the Propella Incubator in Port Elizabeth.

This year the competition was also opened to other provinces. GAP: Biosciences is hosted by the Innovation Hub in partnership with the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and in collaboration with Emory University (Goizueta Business School) in the USA.

Alumni receive MACE awards (Published November 2016)

Communication & Stakeholder Liaison staff member and alumnus Beverley Erickson was awarded Honorary Membership of national body, MACE (Marketing, Advancement and Communication in Education) during their annual congress held in Durbanville in November. The award was made for her significant contribution to the organisation and to the promotion of the Marketing, Advancement and Communication disciplines in higher education over a period of 30 years. She has served on the Board of Directors for two terms, and has just stepped down as treasurer/secretary after a four-year term.

NMMU Director of Marketing & Corporate Relations, Pieter Swart, received the President’s Award from MACE in 2012 in recognition of his contribution to promoting excellence in the higher education sector. Bev and Pieter are both founding members of the organisation.


Accounting alumus scores high (published November 2016)

BCom Honours Accounting graduate, Kirsten Illenberger, recently took top honours in a sought after international accounting exam, coming joint-first in the world.Illenberger scored an exceptional 90% in the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants’ (CIMA) Operational Level Case Study exam. 

The exam, which was written by candidates from all over the world, is based on a real world business and industry to provide a simulated business context.

Watch the SABC TV interview with Kirsten at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls0xvAW3ljM

PhD student selected for Fellowship (published November 2016)

Alumnus Potego Phakwago, Animal Production Lecturer & PhD student (Dairy Farming) in the Department of Agriculture & Game Ranch Management has been selected for a Fellowship as one of 50 Young Scientists in Developing Countries to work in India  at the National Dairy Research Institute. He will be working with top rated dairy scientists which will assist his PhD studies on dairy farming - enabling him to publish articles with these top scientists.

The ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) in Karnal, Haryana, India will host Potego for a period of six months as he carries out his research study on “Efficiency of Dairy Farm Management Practices of Smallholder Producers in Eastern Cape, South Africa and Karnal, India”.

Rising Star Recipient to lead SA team (Published September 2016)

NMMU Alumnus and Madibaz Sport Manager, Zanele Mdodana has been selected as the South African U19 netball coach for the team travelling to Angola in December to participate in the u19 Region Games. 

Mdodana received an Alumni Rising Star Award in 2015. 



Edge Financial Group celebrates 15 years (Published September 2016) 

September 1st, saw Edge Financial Group celebrate 15 years in business and also saw the long-term realisation of the Walmer-based financial service provider registering its new investment company, Edge Asset Management, which manages three tailor-made unit trust funds - Edge Cautious, edge Balanced and Edge Moderate Aggressive. 

Alumnus, Edward Gutsche, who is the founder, managing director and chief investment officer, described the growth of his firm from its humble beginnings in 2001 to being Nelso Mandela Bay's only company licensed to trade as a registered category-two asset manager, with more than 100 small, medium and large companies on its client list and R1-billion in direct assets under management. 

Project runway for Bay (Published August 2016)

FOUR Port Elizabeth gents including textile design graduate Llewellyn Williams, along with three colleagues, will put their best foot forward with their latest summer/winter collections at a Fashion Week during October. 

The aim is to expose designers to media, potential buyers both locally and internationally and also to remove the stigma placed on PE that the city can not host big shows according to one of the colleagues. 

NMMU micro - brewery success (Published August 2016)

NMMU brew might be crowned the best craft bear produced by a South African university. The NMMU team which includes four PhD candidates, will be travelling to Johannesburg during September to put their five unique craft brews against beers from 14 micro-breweries at tertiary education institutions. Last year the team took second place in the lager and third place, in the winter warmer categories.

This year they will be entering five categories and taking along a lager (Jack Hauff), a cider (Queen of Hearts), a winter warmer (King Leo), a pilsener (Desert Ace) and a trappist-style beer (Jester of the Abbey). 

PE woman most influencial (published July 2016) 

Alumnus, NMMU Alumni Rising Star Recipient and Port - Elizabeth businesswoman, Dr Bridgette Gasa once again proved she is a force to be reckoned with when she scooped two awards at the Celebrating Organisations of Excellence awards ceremony on Friday. 

Gasa is the managing director of the Elilox Group and was handpicked from 4900 nominees as the most influential woman in the building and construction sector in South Africa and the Southern African Development Community region. 

Newly elected NMMU Alumni Association Executive Committee (EXCO) 


Association members elected a new executive committee at the recent AGM held at the North Campus Conference Centre … back from left, Director: Alumni Relations and Association Secretary Paul Geswindt, EXCO elected members Welcome Kupangwa, Sonnetta Human,Michelle Mbaco front from left, Alumni Council representative Prof Hugh Jeffery, Vice President Khwezi Blose, President and Council Representative Dr Randall Jonas, Treasurer Elmari van de Merwe and EXCO elected member Ayanda Mlatsha. 

Alumnus slected as Top 35 CA's (Published July 2016)

BCom Hons graduate and School of Accounting’s Prof Johnathan Dillon who has been selected as one of SAICA’s Top 35 Chartered Accountants under 35 years of age featured in the July edition of Accountancy SA magazine.

Prof Dillon will be going to Johannesburg at the end of August for the final judging sessions. The winners will then be announced at a function in Johannesburg at the end of September. 

NMMU alumnus Alta-Mari Grebe, financial manager of DCD Wind Towers in Port Elizabeth, is also among the 35 Chartered Accountants. She studied under Prof Dillon for her BCom Honours (Accounting) in 2014.

Graduate selected to be part of prestigous Autumn School (Published July 2016)

BA graduate and Hons in Sociology student and intern at CANRAD, Pedro Mzileni, was selected to be part of a group of five students from NMMU and a total of 20 from the Eastern Cape, to participate in the Friederich Ebert Stiftung Fort-Hare Autumn School 2016 earlier this year. The Autumn School has four contact sessions throughout the year and covers topical issues from Social Democracy and Political Economy.


Subsequently, Pedro has been selected to attend the Southern Africa Regional Youth Forum (SARYF), which will take place from 24-28 October 2016 in Lusaka, Zambia.


Yale Alumni hail new generation university (published July 2016)

A GROUP of 30 Yale University alumni in Nelson Mandela Bay on part of a national tour of institutions of higher learning have rated Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) as being “among the best”.

The alumni volunteers visited NMMU to present the Yale Global Leadership Exchange (YaleGale) programme and in doing so, also initiated a number of viable partnerships with the new generation university going forward.

The YaleGale alumni travel around the globe giving of their time and talents to other universities as part of their loyalty to their alma mater. This is the YaleGale’s first trip to Africa.

Senior Director of International Alumni Relations and Travel at the Association of Yale Alumni Kathy Edersheim was among those who had high praise for NMMU.

“The reception was warm and the programme excellent. Your University is among the best,” said Ms Edersheim, who also singled out the “impressive infrastructure”. The American team toured three of the University’s five Port Elizabeth campuses and also had dinner at the South End Museum.

Masters student wins prestigious award (published July 2016)

NELSON Mandela Metropolitan University Architecture master’s student Judy Cizek was one of three joint winners in a prestigious national architecture competition, open to top candidates from architecture schools across the country.

Each equally-ranked winner received R50 000 from the Carl and Emily Fuchs Foundation. It was the ninth year the Foundation has awarded its prestigious Prize in Architecture. They were judged on a portfolio of undergraduate work, academic results over their entire Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree, a 24-hour design competition, and an interview. A panel of well-respected architects and academics made up the panel of judges.

 Alumnus adafdadaThe 24-hour design, titled "Weaving a new Joubert Park", challenged the finalists to re-imagine this historic city park in the next 100 years.

Achiever Recipient in new Volkswagen role (published June 2016)

Ex-managing director and chartered accountant alumnus is set to head the collectiveregion of South America, Central America and the Caribbean for German autmotive giant Volkswagen.

Powel's new appointment comes less than two years after he left the Bay and Volkswage group in uitenhage to take up the position of presidnet and chief executive of Volkswagen in Brasil.



Local graphic designer makes it big in Chicago (Published May 2016) 

A HOLIDAY visit to a high-end visual effects company in New York led to a dream job offer in Chicago for Port Elizabeth graphic designer, Udesh Chetty. Chetty is now the visual effects supervisor at Chicago’s The Mill, one of the biggest post-production houses in the world.

Since completing his BTech in Graphic Design at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2003, Chetty has worked primarily on television commercials as a visual effects artist and supervisor. In 2014, he won a craft gold Loerie Award for his visual effects work on Prudential’s “South Pole” TV commercial directed by Velocity Films – it was the only visual effects craft gold awarded that year. Before moving to Chicago, Chetty worked as a graphic designer and motion graphics artist at Searle Street Post Production in Cape Town.

Some of his work includes the Jeep ‘4x4ever’ TV commercial, Alfa Romeo’s ‘If emotion made a car’ commercial, and the Cadillac Escalade ‘The Herd’ TV commercial. Chetty creates digital pop art, exploring visual parodies and narratives through illustration, 3D rendering, and photo manipulation. He does this using among other apps, Autodesk Flame, a software application which allows artists to manipulate digital film footage.

NMMU Alumnus creates opportunities for students (published May 2016)

What started in a Port Elizabeth garage by two students in 2012 has morphed into a business with a growing international customer base and an annual turnover of more than R300-million. 

SMSPortal, the bulk SMS marketing business used by the likes of Pick n Pay and Anglo American, was the brainchild of students Charles Stretch and James Pearce.

The two remain loyal to their roots employs eight NMMU graduates in its broader team which has offices in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. The company has also kicked off enticing paid internships in Cape Town for NMMU Computing Sciences and IT students or graduates. 

Golf marathon for charity-minded student (published May 2016)

NMMU alumnus and golfer Mike Usendorff will soon embark on his longest round of golf yet: an attempt to play 180 holes in just 10 hours. But its all for a good cause.

Half he money raised during the BTech Marketing student's golfing chllenge on May 16 will be put towards NMMU's costs to participate in the upcoming University Sport South Africa (USSA) golf tournament, the other half is going to the ErnieEls Centre for Autism.




 Graduate joins international leadership programme (published May 2016)

A post graduate NMMU student has been given the opportunity many could only wish for after being nominated for a regional leadership programme set up by US President Barack Obama.

Sibonio Dlamini a postgraduate maritime studies student, returned recently from a regional meeting in Johannesburg following his nomination to the Regional Leadership Centre of Southern Africa (RCLSA). This is part of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) programme set up by Obama in 2010 which seeks to invest in the next generation of African leaders.


Alumnus launches electric wheels (Published April 2016)

Engineering alumnus Hiten Parmar (left), Deputy Director of the national uYilo eMobility Programme, based at NMMU, gives mechatronics student intern Unathi Mabi a demonstration on how to use the new shared fleet of solarcharged electric bikes at NMMU. Ten e-bikes, all part of a shared fleet, have been launched as part of this unique green transport pilot project and is a first for a South African university.

The shared e-bikes can be collected and dropped off at custom-designed docking stations on two campuses. Each bike, which weighs about 35kg and can reach a top speed of 25km/h, has an on-board tracking unit for data capturing. uYilo will be monitoring usage to test effectiveness of the pilot project which runs until December 2016.

Success against the odds (Published April 2016)

WHEN Heinrich Williams crosses the stage this graduation, his companion and study buddy Viking, donned in full graduation attire, will as usual be right by his side.

Viking, the four-year old Golden Retriever mix, attended all Heinrich’s lectures and exams as a service dog, assisting Heinrich in achieving his NDip Industrial Engineering.

Sadly, Heinrich was not always paralysed and has learnt to adapt to life in a wheelchair. In 2010, while working as a process engineer in China, Heinrich contracted a bacterial infection which resulted in an abscess pressing up against his spinal cord. The pressure damaged his spinal cord and left him paralysed from the neck down, a C6 quadriplegic. Heinrich is a qualified aircraft electrician and spent 12 years working for the air force.

Viking is trained to open and close doors, pick up objects, assist Heinrich with getting dressed, alert somebody if Heinrich is in need and he can even press the panic button for the alarm. Heinrich is also supported by his wife who is the sole breadwinner and caregiver. Heinrich is currently completing his BTech in Industrial Engineering. 

Sporty achiever (Published April 2016)

Former Madibaz rugby player Enrico Acker 25, combined his love for rugby and interest in financial management to complete his MCom in Business Management. In his thesis titled: The personal financial management attitudes and practices of South African rugby players, he worked closely with rugby players to find out what their views are towards financial planning. Enrico completed his masters while studying and playing rugby for both NMMU and the EP Kings in a full-time capacity.

Successful sisters (published April 2016)

Graduates Emma (left) and Hannah Minkley will be graduating at the same ceremony this year. Emma 28, completed an MTech in Fine Art (painting) while Hannah 25, receives her MTech in Photography. Emma works part-time as a tutor in NMMU’s Art Department and Hannah is currently self-employed. The sisters accredit their parents Gary and Cheryl for influencing their artistic career paths and were encouraged to have a creative and unconventional outlook on life.

Joint celebration (published April 2016)

Against all the odds mother and daughter Tandiswa and Anda Ngxukumeshe (left) are looking forward to celebrating their graduation together this year. Tandiswa 45, a lecturer in NMMU’s Business and Economics Sciences Faculty completed her PhD in Business Management while daughter Anda Ngxukumeshe 21, receives her BSc in Construction Economics.

The pair were challenged when losing four immediate family members in the space of two years just six months apart. They are both continuing their studies this year- Tandiswa is completing a degree in Theology and Anda an honours in Quantity Surveying.


Women power (published April 2016)

Prof Miemie Struwig (centre) was the sole supervisor to four female graduates (from left) PhD Business Management graduates Amanda van den Berg and Heidi Janse van Rensburg, both lecturers at NMMU. Kwezi Lomso High School Tourism teacher, Erika Ferreira, and Vice-Principal at DF Malherbe Penny Vosloo are the first MPhil Tourism Management graduates at NMMU. They all started together and completed their qualifications in the minimal required time. “These women are all educators and education is very dear to my heart – I am very proud to have empowered them to make a difference by empowering those they will teach. I am nearing the end of my career and this is a great way to end a legacy,“ said Prof Struwig.

NMMU produces its first blind graduate (published April 2016)

NMMU’s first completely blind graduate Xolisa Yekani, 37, is hoping other blind students will be inspired to follow his example after completing his BA honours degree in Journalism during April.

Yekani the first to graduate in his family, was not always blind but lost his sight at the age of eight while playing along the riverside with friends in a village called Dutwya in the Eastern Cape. . It was later revealed that he had lost his sigh due to his untreated cataracts which caused his corneas to be permanently damaged. Yekani is the current affairs producer for the SABC’s isiXhosa radio station Umhlobo Wenene, in Port Elizabeth and also the chairperson of the Nkosinathi Foundation of and for Blind and Partially-Sighted People.

Double Doctorate for teaching duo (published April 2016)

TWO PhDs in any one family, completing the same degree, at the same time – while both managing full-time jobs at the same institution. Zimbabwean married couple and parents of four, Canisius and Ennie Manyumwa, who have each spent 34 years as educators, received their PhDs in Education from NMMU.

Both teachers by profession, Ennie, 56, spent 23 years teaching at three primary and two high schools, then two years lecturing at a teacher education college. Her husband spent 11 years in three high school teaching posts, then 12 years as a college lecturer. They now both work at Midlands State University in Gweru.

The pair selected NMMU, based on the institution’s website, and the “very inspiring accounts” of colleagues who had studied there before them, completed their degrees in three years.

 Alumnus wins Powerlifting championships (published April 2016)

NMMU Biokinetics intern and master’s in Human Movement Science student, Edgar Katushabe, has won the South African Raw Powerlifting Championships in the Junior u120kg division recently!

Well done Edgar – your consistent excellence makes us proud!

Ultra - modern facilities open at NMMU faculty (published April 2016)

Three state-of-the-art lecture theatres including a plush circular 250-seater auditorium - have opened for science students at NMMU. The three venues, which collectively seat 420 student, make up the ground floor of NMMU's new R56-million science building on the south campus.

MCom Business Management graduate and NMMU's infrastructure projects director Greg Ducie said "The building is part of new university infrastucture worth more than R200-million that has been in the process of being developed over the past couple of years."

NMMU students get 24-hour IT lab (published April 2016)

In efforts to provide students with the best technological opportunities, NMMU has opened a new 24 hour laboratory on its Bird Street Campus.

NMMU's chief information officer and head of the institution's ITC department Dr Sam Bosire, who graduated with his doctorate from NMMU in 2014 said the computer labs, with 43 computers and internet access, would benefit an increasing number of students living in the Central area.

As part of the launch held at Felsted Building on NMMU's Bird Street Campus, 250 tablets were handed over to deserving studentsas part of the institutions commitment towards widening accessin an ever-growing technological era.

Siblings cross stage together (published April 2016)


Although two years apart in age siblings and now alumni, Jessica and Jonathan Roux obtained their Bachelor of Commerce (Law) together this year. Both Jessica and Jonathan serve on the executive committee of the International Law Students Association with Jessica being the Secretary and Jonathan running Marketing, PR and Events. Jessica is also an Olympian swimmer and a member of NMMU Nedbank Swimming Club. 

Alumnus football senation (published April 2016)

MADIBAZ Football Sportsman of the Year and master’s student in Chemistry, Cloudius Sagandira played an important role in the team’s success in 2015, leading to them winning the Pefa league title for a second consecutive year.

The Madibaz premier side successfully defended their Pefa league crown, while the premier reserve team took home the title in their division for a third consecutive year.

Alumnus flies high (published March 2016)

BA honours Psychology student Zilondiwe Goge, was recently elected as the first student liaison officer for the South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis at the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) interdivisional conference that took place in Johannesburg recently.

Zilondiwe is also the Vice-Chairperson of the PsySSA student division for 2016.

Local talent soothes the soul in Spain (published March 2016)

BMus graduate Tarynne Swarts, who is currently studying towards her doctorate in educational science at the University of Granada in Spain is about to introduce her electro mix of Afro-fusion and Latin-jazz sounds to Port Elizabeth audiences and plans to launch her latest album in May this year.

Swarts who has released an album Pachamama which in Spain means “Mother Nature”, is collaborating with local musicians to introduce Pachamama to her home town audience before she heads back to Spain.

Pachamama was recorded in Ibiza in Spain with eight tracks recorded in Spanish, Zulu and English. She was also a former arts and culture educator at Woodridge College and Preparatory School.

Master’s graduate nominated for architectural award (published February 2016)

From humble beginnings to nominee for design award, NMMU graduate is making waves in the world.

Leon van der Westhuizen, who grew up in the small town of Piketberg in the Western Cape was surrounded by great architectural designs such as the large Dutch Reformed church built in 1881 by Carl Otto Hager in his trademark neo-Gothic style.

Van der Westhuizen has been named the Eastern Cape Regional Architectural Corobrik Student of the Year finalist for the national competition for his design focusing on regenerating the derelict Boet Erasmus Stadium into a biological water treatment and research facility.  
Top-performing master’s students from each university in South Africa which offers architecture are entered into the competition. The national winner will be announced in May.

PE talent nabs "most beautiful object" (published February 2016)

Design graduate Laduma Ngxokolo, who previously won the Alumni Rising Star Award, has produced the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2016. This is the form of a shawl. 10 objects were nominated for this category and Ngxokolo was nominated by design, decor and styling guru Tracey lee Lynch for his knitwear shawl.

Ngxokolo plans on opening his own factory in South Africa and establish Maxhosa by Laduma as a lifestyle brand. He has also featured on television in 21 icons and is the first African designer to be invited to design packaging for Chivas Regal.

A passion for business (published February 2016)

NMMU graduate, Rush Bhana, uses his skills to expand in hometown. Port Elizabeth-born entrepreneur was exposed to the inner workings of business from an early of seven, watching his father, Vijay Bhana, build and run 17 shops in Korsten.

Bhana, who is the founder and chief executive of Johannesburg-based marketing and branding enterprise The Trump Card, honed his skills in the industry and is now expanding to develop his market in his hometown.

Bhana studied financial planning at the institution where he then started to climb the corporate ladder at financial institutions inclusing Standard Bank and KPMG.

NMMU second in global competition (published February 2016)

TWO NMMU students, completed the international FIFA/CIES Sports Management programme at NMMU last year, have come second in 2016 FIFA/CIES Network competition.

The project entitled "Green Goal: Sustainability in Football" promotes the use of solar energy to light up South African football stadiums, saw BHMS graduate Warren Hartland and Max Grunewald, named as runners up.

The plan is to pilot the project at the Parow training grounds of Ajax Cape Town Football Club, where Grunewald is the General Manager.

Selfies that says it all (published January 2016)

NMMU NDip Journalism graduate, Clayton Morar recently attended the Golden Globes in Los Angeles growing his celeb-selfie collection. Port Elizabeth born Morar, was invited by American media company NBC University and had the opportunity to rub shoulders with Hollywood's most famous at the awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Morar managed to chat and take selfies with big names such as Katy Perry, Kate Hudson and Tyrese Gibson as well as Toni Braxton, Ian Somerhalder, Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Nicole Scherzinger and Queen Latifa.

Coaching for township youngsters (published December 2015)

Innaugral Sports Day organisers have ripened the history of sporting in New Brighton with Community leaders coming up with this innovative idea to keep the sporting legacy going in the future.

2015 Rising Star award recipient and sports manager for NMMU Zanele Mdodana along with Andrew Mazina, Sidima Mooi and Wela Mtati have created a platform for a cricket and netball clinic at the New Brighton Oval on December 23.

The first attempt by the group, with cricketer Tando Qeqe and netball star Mdodana to the fore will ensure that sport continues to flourish in the area, giving children the chance to emulate those who have set the standard in the past.

NMMU fashion design graduates hits the catwalk (published December 2015)

Owner of Chronikil clothing, Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana and Angelique Demont teamed up with jewellery designer Namhla Faku for this year's SA Fashion show.

Both Makhetha-Kwinana and Demont are fashion design alumni from NMMU. The fashion week was aimed at fundraising in aid of motor neuron disease. The entertainer for the event was Niqui Cloete-Baraa who was also the MC at the event.

This was the first time Demont previewed Thabo Makhetha in collaboration with Chronikil clothing menswear.


 Alumni Award recipient to join NMMU (published November 2015)

After 15 years as principal of Sapphire Road Primary School, NMMU graduate Bruce Damons is passing on the baton after transforming the Booysen Park school into a place of hope and opportunity for both parents and pupils.

Damons will be taking up a new role as a lecturer at NMMU's education faculty next year. He will be teaching honours students leadership and research. He also hopes to work for the univeristy's centre of community schools, which aims to promote, strengthen and support the work of ommunity schools in the Eastern Cape.

Under his leadership, the school opened a clinic. a wellness centre, vegetable gardens and a library and built two security points manned by unemployed parents to tackle crime and vandalism.

NMMU Alumni honoured

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University alumni were once again honoured for the significant contributions they have made to their specialist fields and their contributions to the development and well-being of society at local, provincial, national or international levels.

The annual Alumni Achievers Awards took place on Friday, 30 October 2015 at the university.

"Other than a degree certificate or diploma from NMMU or its founding institutions the recipients must have an excellent professional track record (and have achieved recognition by peers, industry, professional bodies, etc, must have made significant impact within their professional field and/or in society/community development at local, regional, national or international level and must be of good character to serve as NMMU ambassadors and role models,’’ said NMMU Alumni director Paul Geswindt.

This year Rising Star Awards were presented to Business Day editor-in-chief Songezo Zibi and businessman Gugu Nxiweni, academic Prof Nkqubela Ruxwana, businessman Ruan Viljoen and sportsperson Zanele Modana.

Furthermore, Head of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber Kevin Hustler, the Provincial General Manager of SABC (Eastern Cape) Zola Yeye and public relations guru and Business Women’s Association chairperson Michelle Brown receives Alumni Special Awards.

Andrew Hannington, CEO of one of the largest accounting firms in South Africa, Grant Thornton, Global Director of Digital Marketing for Huawei Technologies, Nicholas Graham, Head Coach to two international cricket teams – the Rajasthan Royals, in the Indian Premier League, and Sydney Thunder, in the Australian Big Bash League, Paddy Upton receives the Alumni Achievers Awards.

Ambitious Alumnus gathers up Wisps to build a Hero (published September 2015)

NMMU BCom Hons graduate Alan Knott-Craig JNR - the man behind the Project Isizwe free Wi-Fi scheme in Pretoria and former boss of MXit and iBurst wants to build "the Capitec of telecoms" as he seeks to solidate South Africa's hundreds of small wireless internet Service providers (Wisps).

Knott-Craig has the backing of heavy hitters such as former First National Bank CEO Michael Jordan and Rand Merchant Bank CEO Mike Pfaff, Knott-Craig has raised funding to help Hero-Tel, , his new company, establish a national presence, partly through acquisitions of like-minded Wisps and partly through estsblishing a national brand under which third-party Wisps can sell their services.

Doctoral candidate undertakes unusual research (published September 2015)

NMMU graduate, academic and film fanatic Janelle Vermaak is teering clear of stan dard subjects by engrossing herself in her passion - aliens. Her research includes meeting freaks, space aliens and horror-film stars.

This all being part of her quest to write a dissertation on "fandom" - the habits, like and dislikes of film buffs.

She first studied industrial psychology at Stellenbosch before realising that she did not want to help people in that context. She then completed a BA degree at NMMU then masters degree through which she found her calling in film studies and script writing.

Welding coup for NMMU engineering (Published September 2015)

SOUTH Africa's energy sector is set to save billions after researchers were granted international approval for the developement of ground-breaking sampling and welding technology earlier this month. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) gave approval for use of WeldCore ® - a friction taper hydro-pillar welding and repair process - in the country's power generation and petro-chemical industries.

The approval follows 15 years of research by NMMU's engineering technology station - eNtsa, which has driven a number of innovative engineering solutions.

Top honours granted to NMMU Professor (published August 2015)


NMMU Professor in the department of zoology and director of the Centre for African Conservation Ecology and PhD Science graduate has yet again won the environmental conservation category of The Herald Citisen of the Year awards. He won a gold medal for his contribution and achievements in zoology in Southern Africa.

Receiving the award from the Zoological Society of Southern Africa (ZSSA) at the joint congress of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa and the ZSSA in Grahamstown earlier this month, Kerley said he felt humbled by the recognition.

Alumnus way ahead in the numbers game (published August 2015)

BCom Honours in Accounting graduate Nathan Hofart has completed the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants professional qualification (Cima). His resulting designation as a chartered global management accountant (CGMA) through Cima - the leading global professional body for management accountants - will kick in after her gains the required practical experience.

Though he is doing his articles through PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), he was able to complete the first year as an academic trainee in NMMU's school of accounting, via the Saica-endorsed academic traineeship programme, a national initiative which is available to top students.


Graduates chosen as finalists in Rising Star Awards (Published July 2015)

CIES NMMU graduate Clyde Tlou and NMMU Communications Lecturer and MBA graduate Brightness Mangolothi have been chosen as finalists in the Standard Bank Rising Star Awards. Clyde is a finalist in the Media & Marketing category and Brightness, in the Service: Public & Private category.

The awards publicly recognise inspirational and passionate individuals who have a capacity for achievement and success. These are business-sector (rather than profession) specific, and encompass a gamut of different professions. A stringent assessment process is followed, culminating in panel interviews with leading talent and industry specialists, to identify stars.

Alumnus launches book (Published June 2015)

DBA graduate has launched his book titled “An Umbrella for the Rainbow Nation” recently at the NMMU Business School in Summerstrand. The book seeks to highlight the possible futures for South Africa towards the year 2055. Authors of this book Prof Chris Adendorff and Dez Collier focusses on what the future holds for our so – called Generation Z (0-24 year olds).

Adendorff is a professor at the NMMU Business School while Collier is a publisher and freelance writer. Adendorff is also involved in various entrepreneurial ventures. The book aims to equip this generation Z with the correct education and mind set including entrepreneurial skills.

Alumnus scores big appointment (Published July 2015)   

BPSYCH graduate to Justin August, also a lecturer in the Psychology department, has been appointed by the Minister of Health to serve on the Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa for a five year term. 





Powerlifting Championships (Published July 2015)


ALUMNUS Edgar Katushabe (left), a Biokinetics Honours student and BHMS graduate, and Sebastiaan Loubser, a 3rd Year BSc Information Systems student, has represented the Eastern Cape at the recent SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships in Potchefstroom in the Junior  -120kg Division.

Loubser won a gold medal in his first National Powerlifting competition and Katushabe won a silver medal in the same category.

Katushabe’s bench press total also earned him a spot in the Bench Press Team to take part in the Commonwealth Championships in Vancouver, Canada in December this year.

Alumnus soars in Engineering field (published June 2015)

Master of Education student Kholisa Papuwho won the South African Society for Engineering Education (SASEE) best submission and best presentation awards at SASEE’s Third Biennial Conference held at UKZN recently. (www.sasee2015.ukzn.ac.za).


Kholisa’s paper, “Investigating the use of argumentation to promote critical thinking in first year mechanical engineering laboratory report writing”, was presented in the ‘academic support programmes and initiatives in STEM teaching’ strand. Her research findings stimulated lively discussion and was considered to be an innovative and meaningful contribution towards engineering education, particularly in light of current recurriculation imperatives.

Top 20 Inspirational Youth (published June 2015)

NMMU BAdmin graduate, student and CANRAD intern, Samantha Beynon has been selected  as one of the Top 20 Inspirational Youth in South Africa 2015 by www.youthvillage.co.za.

“We are always inspired by stories of young South Africans doing remarkable work in South Africa and all over the world to either inspire or help facilitate development in the lives of people in their communities; be it through activism, sports, art, entrepreneurship etc. This year’s list identifies South Africans mostly below 30 years of age, who are prominent in their areas of activism or fields of expertise and are raising the South African flag high and making us proudly South African.”

Master's student excels (Published May 2015)

Congratulations to Goodness Onwuka, a master’s student in Mechatronics, who came third in the national finals of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Southern Africa Young Persons’ Lecture competition on 21 May 2015. He presented a lecture on “Ductile-Mode Machining of Brittle Materials”.


NMMU among Top Top 10 in National Accountancy Exam (published April 2015)  


Consistent hard work and a strong will to succeed paid off for two NMMU accounting graduates who were placed in the national Top 10 in the first of two exams qualifying them for chartered accountancy.

BCom (C3 Accounting) graduates Suzaan van den Bergh, BCom was placed joint seventh in the country while Daniel Alfond came in ninth in the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica) Initial Test of Competency in January.

NMMU's class of 2014 BComm Accounting honours graduates recorded an impressive 93% pass rate - far higher than the national pass rate of 76% from the 2480 graduates who sat the exam.

NMMU's Nicholls lands top position (published April 2015)

BCom Hons graduate has been appointed as president and managing director of General Motors sub-Saharan Africa effective from June 2015. Ian Nicholls takes over the responsibility for the overall operations of the automotive giant in South Africa, sub-Saharan and Israel.

Nicholls is the first South African managing director of GM sub-Saharan Africa in more than 10 years. He will remain based in Port Elizabeth reporting to Mario Spangenberg, the president and managing director of GM's Africa and Middle East operations.

Mohair magic spreads wings (published April 2015)

NMMU graduate, Armand Dicker, made the top four of AFI Fastrack, at this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in Johannesburg where Mohair South Africa (MSA) attended which supported fashion doyenne Marianne Fassler's Leopard Frock label.

AFI Fastrack gives design students a head start in their fashion careers. He is also a former MSA bursary recipient and will network and learn from some of the most celebrated designers in the industry and showcase his range later in the year on a national platform.

Graduate helps pupils by writing book (published February 2015)

Former student and Port Elizabeth high school teacher penned a handbook to prepare matriculants for real life challenges. Simon Sonderup, NMMU BA and Postgrad Certificate in Education graduate has produced a handbook aimed at helping Grade 12 pupils make smarter decisions and improve their life skills.

The book titled "Don't Be fooled - Make Smart Decisions"  aims at empowering pupils to make betyter decisions about life after school as young custumers and to avoid making costly decisions later on in their lives. The first edition of the book was proced in June 2014 and distributed to Grey High School's Grade 12 pupils in October, where he is an educator.

Top Award for VP educator (Published February 2015)

BSc Hons and Higher Diploma in Education graduate, Rashied Wynford, has won the first prize in the "Excellence in Mathematics FET phase" category, ensuring his place as provincial winner of the Eastern Cape.

Wynford, a teacher of 22 years, has spent the previous 11 years at Victoria Park High School teaching Maths.

He was nominated by Mr Cecil Heraldien (subject advisor of Mathematics FET phase) for extraordinary work done in this field. The award recognises not only Wynford's passion, dedication and commitment to the subject at Victoria Park High, but he is also credited with improving the pass rate of grade 12s at Morningside, Cingani and Tamsanqa High Schools.

Alumni takes Centrestage (Published January 2015)

NMMU graduate couple Tanya and Gary Hemmings, who are driven by passion dazzle audiences in PE and around the glove for almost 20 years at Centrestage.

Centrestage which started as a 7-day-a-week dinner-theatre  venue, bringing top music and comedy shows down from throughout the country. Later, Centrestage moved to the Harbour Sports Cafe an then started its relationship with the Boardwalk, where Centrestage has been reinvented from a venue to a box office, agency to a production house.

Tanya, who graduated with BCOM, PG Diploma in Accounting and also BA Psychology, and her husband Gary who studied towards A BA Arts and BCom degree have now blossomed Centrestage into a top notch entertainment company, boasting an array of exceptionally talented artists.

2015 holds many suprises for loyal Centrestage fans and first-timers with the launch  of Gino Fabbri's new show called "Wisecracks" as well as restaging popular Neil Diamond show as a fundraising event, also including artist performances such as Donna Africa and Shirley Bassey.

 Farewell to former Alumni Achiever Recipient and VWSA's head (Published January 2015)

ONE of NMMU's first Alumni Achiever Award Recipients, BCOM and Postgrad CTA  graduate, David Powels, will soon be embarking on a new journey in Brazil.

Powels, who is the outgoing managing director at Volkswagen SA will take over as president of VW Brazil next month, where he will head up four plants with a total of 22000 employees. VW is Brazil's biggest car manufacturer - producing more than 700000 cars a year - and one of the company's largest outside Germany.

We are proud of David Powels who flies the NMMU flag so high.

Master's student wins top national award (Published January 2015)

NMMU master's Pharmacy student and Vice-Chancellor Scholarship recipient Lana Strydom is the joint winner of a top national pharmacy award. The alumnus shares the award with a student from Rhodes University, Christy Clayton.

The award recognises the top student based on academic excellence, leadership qualities and involvement in local and national student affairs. She is currently studying towards her MSc in Phamaceutics while lecturing part time in the pharmacy department.


NMMU produced big guns and still growing(Published January 2015)

CAPTAINS of industry, politicians, scientists, sportsmen and creative types are among the diverse groups of students who have all passed through the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University's (NMMU) academics halls.

Over the years the institutions has produced nearly 90 000 graduates who collectively hold 115 000 qualifications, from bachelors degrees, masters and doctorates to diplomas and certificates.

The university counts amoung its alumni ANC stalwart and National Assembly chairman Cedric Frolick, MP Yusuf Cassim, former Proteas wicketkeeper Dave Richardson, Proteas coach Russell Domingo, cricketer Wayne Parnell, designer Jenni Button, Volkswagen executive David Powels, Cadillac president Johan De Nysschen, businesswoman Dr Bridgette Gasa and SABMiller chief executive Alan Clark.


NMMU true reflection of change (Published January 2015)

The University of Port Elizabeth, (UPE), whose founding was mired in political controversy, came into being 50 years go. It preceded the amalgamated entity that is today referred to as the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), which is celebrating a milestone decade this year since the merger of UPE, the Port Elizabeth Technikon and the city’s campus of Vista University

Former vice-chancellor Rolf Stumpf, NMMU council deputy chairman Cumngce Gawe and dean of students Khaya Matiso all gave contrasting accounts of the long and difficult road it took to arrive at a new entity designed to serve all in the Eastern Cape, the country and elsewhere.

Read full article at The Herald http://www.heraldlive.co.za/nmmu-true-reflection-change/

First black students taught white friends to toyitoyi (published January 2015)

The University of Port Elizabeth’s first black student representative council member this week stepped back in time to recall the tentative first years of establishing a diverse institution.

St Claire Adriaan, who did a B Ed at the university from 1991 to 1995, spoke this week from the US, where he is now based, about his student memories. “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. There were few people of colour enrolled at the university and to most of us it was just a place to study, not our university."

Read full article at The Herald http://www.heraldlive.co.za/first-black-students-taught-white-friends-toyitoyi/

How indifference turned into an academic love story (Published January 2014)

In 1966, a boy's hopes of studying at Stellenbosch University and participating at the institution's legendary intervarsity were dashed when his father insisted his son study at the newly established University of Port Elizabeth (UPE). So began an enduring academic love affair between Professor Emeritus Japie Engelbrecht and his alma mater.

"In my days there was a bioscope (cinema) film about the intervarsity that featured Stellenbosch. After watching that film, everyone wanted to go study there, myself included. My father, however had different ideas. Port Elizabeth is about 300km from Graaff-Reinet and Stellenbosch is even further."

Engelbrecht's father allayed his son's fears about the quality of the university's lectures by telling him that some of the top professors would be recruited. Although he retired last year after a mammoth innings at the university, he is still attached to the institution as a professor emeritus and oversees post graduate students.

Alumni award recipient to serve Internationally (Published January 2015)

Congratulations to NMMU Choir Conductor, Junita van Dijk, who has been selected to serve on the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) Artistic Committee for the World Choral Symposium in Barcelona, 2017. 

Junita’s name was put forward for nomination by the Executive Committee as “a colleague who would do an outstanding job” . This is a group of six people, three from the Barcelona region and three from around the world, who decide which choirs and lecturers to invite to the Symposium.

Madibaz cricketer called to serve Proteas (published January 2015)

Madibaz cricketer, Simon Harmer was honoured by NMMU today for his call-up to the Proteas test side.

He was presented with a beautiful frame of photos from his first test against the West Indies earlier this month.






NMMU Trust awards second bursary (published November 2014)

NMMU’s Light a Candle campaign has helped another student to achieve his dream with a bursary of R25000 from the NMMU Trust Office. Sakhumzi Dukwe is just one of the thousands of students let down by the government financial aid scheme this year.

Sakhumzi who matriculated from Soweto-on Sea’s SEK Mqhayi High School last year will have his second year of psychology studies financed through pledges made by donors buying into the trust’s Bursary Legacy “Light a Candle” campaign.

The campaign is an interactive one that sees donors buying and lighting a candle, at R500 each, that goes towards students’ bursaries.

Former DVC shares views in book (Published November 2014)

NMMU’s former academic Deputy Vice Chancellor shared his renewed persepective with the city recently in a book called Rainbow Nation. Professor Piet Naude, shared snippets from his book Reading between the (Head) lines on Life in South Africa at the NMMU Business School recently.

In the book Naude tears into all aspects of the various things that make South Africa what it is and breaks down societal constructs often perpetrated by the media. The book has been published by the Times Media Group.

Giving the gift of hearing (published November 2014)

ALUMNUS, Alumni Achiever Award recipient and the CEO on Klinimed in Port Elizabeth along with his dedicated team shared the gift of hearing with Rocklands pensioner recently when he received a free hearing aid worth R18 000.

Klinicare Foundation was donated a practically brand new hearing aid to donate to someone in need, this person being stroke victim Edwin Wait.

Embracing Differences (published October 2014)

 ALUMNI couple celebrated their 21st anniversary this year recalling a “chaotic” yet happy wedding in 1993. New Brighton born “people’s person” and businesswoman Nomahlubi nee Buyambo and her architect husband Tim Hewitt-Coleman were married a year before the birth of the new democratic South Africa and had a larger than expected number of wedding guests as. This because the community had never witnessed a white man marry a black woman before and gate-crashed their wedding.

The couple met in 1989 through Hlubi’s brother who then shared a room with Tim while he was a student at the former UPE. The happily married couple have three children.

NMMU awards honour efforts (published September 2014)

University lecturers and researchers were honoured recently for for their achievements in their academic fields of research and teaching, the creative and performing arts, innovation and engagement.

Nearly 40 lecturers were given accolades at the awards ceremony held at the Boardwalk International Convention centre.

PhD student wins poster prize (published October 2014)

Well done to Nicholas Kwarikunda, a Physics PhD student and part of the Centre for Energy Research’s PV Group, for winning the poster prize in the Concentrator Photovoltaics (CPV) section at the 29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (EU PVSEC) held in Amsterdam last week.

The EU PVSEC is the largest international Conference for Photovoltaic Research and Technologies, Industries and Applications.

The NMMU Alumni Association presented the NMMU Choir with a Certificate of Appreciation at their 20th Anniversary Concert held recently.

The Choir was recognised by the Alumni Association for their 20 years of great ambassadorship and for building cultural bridges through excellent choral music.

Receiving the award on behalf of current and former choir members were Mzukisi Kota, Jessica Horne, Junita van Dijk (conductor) and President of the Alumni Association Randall Jonas.


Alumni live by NMMU values (published September 2014)

Givng back to the community (UBUNTU) is what these current students and alumni are doing at Ethembeni Interim Home in Motherwell. The Home consisting of 21 pensioners from disadvantaged backgrounds is forming part of an outreach project whereby the students lent a helping hand in developing the home.

Fully supported by the Financial and Accounting Service Sector (FASSET) and Mandela Bay Accountancy Training (Mbat), students were instructed to draw up reports indicating the financial support they need. Among the alumni assisting were Sanelisiwe Mbalane, Lonwabo Mbanya, Asanda Siko, Lwando Dingiswayo, Emmanuel Shaidi, Thembelihle Siboza, Vuyelwethu Losina, Nesiswa Makubalo, Unathi Tyani and Nolokholo Mbam.

 Former SAS president wins 2014 Golden Key Community Service Award (published September)

Congratulations to 4th year BPsych student and the President of the NMMU Chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society as well as former Student Alumni President, Curwyn Malaping, who has been selected as a recipient of the 2014 Golden Key Community Service Award, including prize money of US $1,000. Only two awards are made annually to Golden Key members from around the world, with more than 70 students applying for the award of this year. 

The Award recognises members for outstanding and impactful community service. Over the past four years, Curwyn has volunteered for 12 organisations, accumulating over 1400 hours of community service. Part of the criteria for the award was that an individual had volunteered a minimum of 100 hours in their life.

Zoology Alumni excel (published September 2014)


Congratulations to NMMU Zoology students (from left) Liaan Minnie (Best PhD Presentation), Tiffany Bell (Best MSc Presentation) and Amarein Gerber (Best Student Poster) who excelled at the recent Annual Symposium of the South African Wildlife Management Association, and collectively won all the awards for student presentations.

Amarein is an Honours student and her winning poster (Can black-backed jackal regulate invasive warthog through neonatal predation?) is in the background. Liaan’s talk was on “Reproductive flexibility contributes to the resilience of black-backed jackal populations in the face of anthropogenic mortality”, while Tiffany’s was on “Understanding the drivers of bat (Chiroptera) activity patterns relevant to wind turbines: conflicts between growing energy demands, supply of renewable energy and bat conservation.

Women in business (Published August 2014)

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber held a breakfast recently for women in its Top 40 Under 40 achievers club to celebrate the impact of women in business in the metro. The breakfast, held at The Plantation in Port Elizabeth, saw panelists such as UDDI chief executive Patricia Dlamini, NMMU Trust acting chief executive Renita Affat, NNMU Professor Vivienne Lawack, Adendorff Architects and Interiors head Dr Gillian Adendorff, MDA planning and development manager Dorelle Sapere, among others.

The ladies shared useful insights about running a business, making tough career choices, corporaqte leadership and the often-elusive balance between climbing the corporate ladeer and managing a family life.

Former NMMU student wins big (Published August 2014)

The sky is the limit for a former NMMU student who won an award at the Sylbna Fashion and Lifestyle Awards. Oyama Dyosibi's agency, Oyama Management Agency, won best modelling and acting agency in South Africa. The awards, which recognise young up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the field of fashion and lifestyle was held at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg. Dyosibi is also a model booker, photoshoot creative director, producer and publicist and an actor where he starred on shows like Tempy Pushes on SABC 1 and A Wannabe on e.tv.


Quadrangular event prodies boost (published August 2014)

BCom Hons graduate Conrad Hurter, who does not qualify for the veterans category because of his age, recently took place in the Mini Open interprovincial in Outshoorn.

The tournament was played across all three formatsd, with mne's and one women's singles matches, one men's and one women's doubles and two mixed doubles.

NMMU hosts woodwind studio concert (published August 2014)

THE music department of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University hosted a woodwind studio concert recently at the South Campus Auditorium. The lunch hour concert featured woodwind ensembles, solo works and chamber music.

The university's clarinet studio has achieved much acclaim this year with Grant Snyman winning the tertiary section of the South African Society of Music Teachers competition and fellow student Tiaan Uys being runner-up. Uys also came third in the tertiary category of the National Music competition in Grahamstown in June.

Schools receive hi-tech computer study material (published August 2014)

Pupils at three Port Elizabeth schools, Sanctor, Woolhope and Gelvandale High Schools, have been given a boost to supplement the maths and science which they are learning in their classrooms with the help of hi-tech, curriculum-aligned video lessons on desktop computers to be used for pupils in grade 10, 11 and 12.

The offline, technology-based maths and science support programme available on the computers has been developed by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University's Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Unit and the university's FirstRand Foundation chair in maths education.

Lecturing approach pays off (published August 2014)

AN NMMU lecturer and BA Hons NMMU graduate, Dr Ruby Somhlahlo-Zauka, assists second languauge students with bilingual study-buddy lessons which has seen pass rates boom higher this year.

First year lecturer for the modules English for academic purposes (communication in English B) said the course foucessed on listening, reading acade inc texts and articles, writing academic essays and public speaking.

Somhlala said that she hopes the programme will grow and have lessons explained in other courses too.

NMMU celebrates girl power (published August 2014)

ALUMNI, BA Hons graduate Sesethu Gqomo and BTech Public Relations Management Farren Foutie, who also are employed at NMMU welcomed guest Suliwe Sihlwayi at the "Women of IT" function hosted recently. 

National Award for PE architects (published August 2015)

LEADING Port Elizabeth architectural firm The Matriz has added another national award to its growing collection of accolades after receiving the 2014 South African Institute of Architects (SAIS) Merit Award.

Company Director, and MArch alumnus, Albrecht Herholdt, said The Matrix was now the proud recipient of three national SAIS awards. BArch graduate, Miles Hollins along with Herholdt were recognised nationally by the institute for the restoration of its own premises - a former Freemasons Lodge - in 2010 and for much more acclaimed restoration of the Pearson

Conservatory in ST George's Park. The company is is also involved in high profile projects at the city's Opera House and also boasts a string of awards from the Easyern Cape Institute of Architects (ECIA).

No place like home for Zoetmulders (published June 2014)

The business of sport is more than a job for the Zoetmulder family, who spend most of their weekends ensuring active Port Elizabeth residnets have unique events to keep them busy.

Michael, owner of ZSports and BSc graduate has worked for Delta (now General Motors), travelled to Europe and Autralia, started a profesional lifesaving company called Pals which he managed for four years, then moved back to the UK getting back into the IT business becoming a shareholder and eventually returned to Port Elizabeth in 2005.

His wife, Sandy, is the owner of News Cafe at the Boardwalk, and has received national awards as marketer and brand builder of the year despite the PE News Cafe being one of the smallest in their chain. 

After spending 10 years abroad and returning to Port Elizabeth in 2005 Michael started a company called Dare2Paddle which grew into managing the Surf Ski Series and started Ocean Racing Series which now heads into its 10th series and is Africa's largest family beach event.

Alumni representatives elected (published June 2014)

THREE Alumni representatives were elected to structures at this year‟s AGM.

The meeting which was held during May, elected two represent-atives to serve on Council and one Institutional Forum representative.

Cumngce Gawe, current Council Vice Chair and Prof Hugh Jeffery were re-elected.

Alumni Association Vice President, Evert Knoesen, was elected as the alumni repre-sentative on the Institutional Forum.

Alumni develops solar powered tablet (published June 2014)

South African startup Millbug Technology has developed a low-cost solar powered tablet, providing an accessible device for those who do not have electricity.

Millbug was founded in 2012 by Sabelo Sibanda and Thulisile Volwanaas as an e-commerce platform selling women’s clothing.

The duo studied at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) and made use of online courses to educate themselves about electronics. The tablet is currently market ready and retails for ZAR1,499

Fine Art graduate excels (published June 2014)

Congratulations to Lisa-Mari Ledwick, a masters student in Fine Art who has made the official selection for the inaugural Independent Mzansi Short Film Festival (IMSFF).  She has been recognised for her work “Soliloquy” in the Narrative Shorts category.

IMSFF will take place from 25 - 29 June 2014 at the MAXI-Cineplex in the Hatfield Plaza, Pretoria.

Well Done Lisa-Mari!

Former SRC president youngest member in parliament (published May 2014)



Congratulations to former SRC President, DASO Caucus Leader and master’s in Public Administration student, Yusuf Cassim on becoming the youngest Member of Parliament in the history of South Africa.

Yusuf is the DA Youth Federal Chairman.

In addition,  senior lecturer and former EP Cricket president Malcolm Figg will also be representing the DA in the national assembly.  

We are indeed proud!

Alumnus excels (published May 2014)


Congratulations to NMMU Fine Art Alumnus - Hannalie Taute – whose exhibition, Rubber Ever After, presented at this year’s KKNK festival won the Kanna Award for the Best Visual Arts exhibition.  



The announcements were made at the Mount Nelson Hotel this week. Hannalie’s preferred medium is the unique combination of embroidery on rubber.


Well done Hannalie – still flying the flag high!




NMMU produces first gastroenterologist (published April 2014)


ALUMNUS Dr Ernst Fredericks became the first gastroenterologist to graduate from NMMU after obtaining a PhD in biochemistry. The field is a branch of medicine focused on the digestive system and its disorders.


Dr Fredericks is only the third gastroenterologist in South Africa to obtain a PhD, but both other specialists have migrated leaving Fredericks as the only one in South Africa.

Battle through cancer to be a Dr (puslished April 2014)

ALPHA Primary School teacher, Charlotte Hendricks, conquered breast cancer and completed her doctor's degree in educationcafter a long battle with her health, but she did for the empowerment of teachers in Port Elizabeth's northern areas.

The foundation phase head of department started her post graduate journey with six friends in 2006. Hendricks says her dream was always to be a teacher and wants to be a light for the people in her community.

Brotherly love unites law experts (published April 2014)

THE Grigor brothers, whose bond inspired them to study law, graduated with their master of laws (LLM) degrees recently.

Charles, 57, Francois, 51, and Marius Grigor, 50, who hail from Algoa Park, developed a love for the legal profesion when they worked in administration and human resources at the Justice Department offices in Pretoria in the 1980s.

Charles, works at the Justice Department as a deputy director in area court management, Francois is a labour law consultant in Kuruman and Marius works as a human resource manager and legal officer at Stander's Transport.

NEW Doctor to strengthen metro administration (published April 2014)

NELSON Mandela Bay municipality's director of infrastructure and engineering, Walter Shaidi, aims to use his newly acquired doctorate in public administration to plough back knowledge to help strengthen administration in the city.

Shaidi, who recently graduated from NMMU zoomed in on the causes of violent service delivery protests in the country's municipalities and intends on publishing books and share the knowledge he felt all municipalities needed to know.

POSTGRADUATE student snatches award (published February 2014)

A thesis based on a goal to help a group of indigenous Namibians has earned a Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University postgraduate student the regional Architectural Student of the Year award.

Mientjie van Niekerk, who won R8000, will also represent the university at the national awards later this year. Her Thesis, A Platform for Trade and Interaction, comprises an essential oil distillation plant, an informal market and a cattle trading area for the indigenous Ovahimba people of Opuwa in the north-western Namibia.

She works at Howard and Chamberlain Architects and is hopeful to win the grand prize.

NMMU choir celebrates 20 - year high note (published February 2014)

Invitations to world events in China and Canada are a fitting celebration of the 20th anniversary of the country’s first multi-racial choir.

The formation of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s multi-award winning choir – the very first mixed-race choir at a South African university – was spurred on by the arrival of democracy in 1994.

Its quick and ongoing success – the result of highly-polished performances of African traditional, classical, Western European and Latin American songs – have made it a favourite on the global stage. Last month the choir received a much coveted invitation to the 12th China International Chorus Festival (CICF) and International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) World Youth Choral Education in July. 

ALUMNI provides a performance platform (published February 2014)








TWOTONE Music - headed by Port Elizabeth's hugely talented alumni, Ulagh and Gareth Williams, who hold a MMus and BMus qualification respectively from NMMU are providing a performance platform for local musicians, mostly NMMU students and alumni since 2008.

Ulagh and Gareth returned to the Bay following a three-year stint in countries like Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Gareth has been lecturing at NMMU on and off since 2001 with a few years of 'world travel' in between. He lectures in saxaphone and clarinet studies and Ulagh has just been appointed as NMMU's Jazz vocal lecturer.

Top 40 under 40 2014 (published February 2014)

ALMOST half of the recently announced PE Business Chamber’s Top 40 Under 40 stars are NMMU alumni!

Political and Governmental Studies’ Dr Joleen Steyn-Kotze lectures at NMMU and often does commentary for the media, while award-winning Xhosa-knitwear designer Laduma Ngxokolo has been the star at Design Indaba and invited to Paris Fashion Week.

Computer Science BCom Honours graduates Devereaux Joubert and Mohammed Cassim started their software development company The Code Group four years ago and now have 10+ programmers (mainly from NMMU) working for them. The other 14 alumni in the group are Marieka Barnard, Tim Jones, Debbie Makan, Nwabisa Makunga, Kazeka Mashologu-Kuse, Nosi Ncoyo, Gustav Nefdt, Tanette Nell, Vincent Nortier, Phumeza Pepeta, Zukiswa Di-Anne Qoto, Bradley Smith, Charles Stretch and Ian Whittal.

Alumnus lands top job in motor industry (published February 2014)

NDIP Journalism graduate, Gishma Johnson, has been appointed as the corporate communications manager at General Motors South Africa (GMSA).

Johnson who has been employed at GMSA previously rejoins the company with experience in internal and external communications. She has been working in the manufacturing environment for seven years in the automotive and the tyre and rubber industries, holding the position of corporate communications manager at Continental SA.

Graduate turns truck operation into successful store (published February 2014)

BCOM graduate, Ross Johnston, owner of Rehab books and technology has moved his business from selling out of cardboard boxes in the residences to a thriving book and technology store at NMMU.

Johnston employs almost 30 staff members and has grown his business by 40% last year. Rehab sold about 6000 second hand books and 10000 new books in 2013. The company can only sell new books for BCom and Law students.

He is also the owner of popcorn company "Popping Delicious" trading in North End, delivering popcorn to East London, Grahamstown and Port Alfred as well as supplying 30 schools, 27 Spars and 80 shops.

Ubuntu assists alumnus in reaching dreams (published February 2014)

NOZIBELE Qamngana, a BTech in Marketing graduate has been appointed as the external relations manager for Ubuntu Education Fund. The non-profit organisation Ubuntu based in Zwide has been a part of Qamngana's life for the past 15 years assisting her with health, educational and social support.

At the age of 12 years she took part in a two-week cultural exchange programme in the United States with the Ubuntu Education Fund. Qamngana received assistance from the organisation to pay for her studies. Her new position will see her acting as the external communication liaison with the media and donors.

Celebrity entrepreneur in the making (published February 2014)

BTech Mechanical Engineering graduate, Ismail Hassen, has won the entrepreneural competition, Step-Up National Technology Innovation Competition in the manufacturing and mining category.

Hassan is also the owner of CSR-Africa, a container refurbishment and repair business that fixes accident-damaged shipping containers, where he employs 30 people.

Last year Hassen took part in The Big Legacy (BBL) Season 2 on SABC 3 and was a finalist in the Rize Mzanzi entrepreneurial reality show on SABC 1.

Bay radio boss' passion pays off (published February 2014)

BCom graduate and local radio station boss Dave Tiltmann celebrates 25 years at Algoa FM.  Tiltmann was appointed as the general manager of the station in 1999 with his directorship following the next year.

He currently manages 53 employees with more than 600000 listeners and plays a vital role in the Southern and Eastern Cape by providing news, information and entertainment.

Citrus crop assisted by Scientists (published January 2014)

NMMU master's student, Patrick Mwanza, is currently using Africa's most powerful microscopes to boost the use of bio-pesticides in South Africa's citrus industry. He is combining cutting-edge physics with real citrus farming practices aiming to encourage farmers to wage an environmentally friendly war against the false codling moth, one of the country's main citrus pests.

Mwanza currently holds a BSc in Biochemistry, Chemistry & Microbiology and has recently presented his findings at major microscopy conferences in South Africa.

Graduate lands top job (published January 2014)

NMMU LLB graduate, Seelan Muthayan has been appointed as a director in charge of VAT at top accounting firm BDO South Africa. Muthayan, who is an attorney, has 16 years' legal and tax experience and overseas the indirect tax practice at BDO.

Before joining the firm, he was employed by SARS to deal with domestic direct and indirect tax. He has also worked as group tax manager of a JSE-listed company and has advised national and multinational clients in various industries.


Christmas joy will fill Feather Market Centre (published December 2013)

THE Feather Market Organ Society will be presenting its annual Christmas concert at the Feather Market Centre in December. It will be staged with the impressive grand organ and performed by four organists, six solo singers and accompanying trumpet, flute and bagpipes plus two guitars and choir.

The grand organ will be played by MMus graduate Prof Albert Troskie, MMus graduate Sulani Heunis, Tarryn Mintoor and Johan van Eck.

Well-deserved accolade (published December 2013)

MTech science graduate Maryna Lehmann-Maritz, a lecturer in Agricultural Management on the George Campus whose groundbreaking work in the arena of milk production has earned her a well-deserved accolade as one of seven category runners-up out of 400 entries in the first national Technology Innovation Competition.

Launched by the Department of Science and Technology’s Technology Innovation Agency and the CSIR, the Step-Up technology innovation competition was born from the belief that innovation can unlock new, different and more effective solutions to the challenges that face our country.

Maryna’s entry in the Food and Agriculture category revolves around an innovation that offers an easy, non-evasive method to detect metabolic disorders in cows long before any symptoms are visible, without disrupting the parlour routine. 


Women in the Media (published November 2013)


NMMU graphic design graduate Ami Hawley exhibited some of her work entitled Women in the Media at this years' Collective Graduate Exhibition. The show included work from multiple design disciplines like photography, textiles, fashion and interior design.


NMMU Alumni Awards 2013

ACHIEVERS … Joining (front from left) NMMU’s Alumni Association President Randall Jonas, Vice-Chancellor Prof Derrick Swartz and Chair of Council Judge Ronnie Pillay, are NMMU alumni achievers (from left) Alan Barr, Albert Troskie, Travis Greeff, Paul Treu and Nikki Mbengashe at the Alumni Awards on 31 October.

Recipients who were unable to attend the event were Dr Alan Clark, CEO of SABMiller, the world’s second largest brewer, and Danise Lopes (nee van Vuuren), the global head of intellectual property for the Coca-Cola company, SMSPortal owners Charles Stretch and James Pearce, multi-award winning classical organist Winand Grundling and South African Forrestry Company Limited (SAFCOL) Group CEO Nomkhita Mona.  

Mohair goes funky (published October 2013)

WEIRD and funky fashion was the theme of the evening as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University students showed off their work at the graduate showcase.

The annual event was attended and judged by some familiar names in the fashion industry, icluding NMMU graduate and award-winning Xhosa knitwear designer Laduma Ngxokolo.

In Jansenville, the International Mohair Summit saw Kelly Esterhuyse, BTech fashion graduate using the opportunity to launch her new mohair knitwear range which she hopes will be exported to Europe and the US soon. Estehuyse won the 2011 Elle New Talent award.

Blogging putting Bay in spotlight (published October 2013)

THREE Port Elizabeth bloggers are putting PE on the map by showcasing Nelson Mandela Bay's hidden treasures in the Ford EcoSport Urban Discovery competition.

The NMMU trio, BAS graduate Lauren Buchanan, her sister, media communication and culture student Andrea Buchanan and law student Simonne Paarman entered the competition because Lauren believed PE to be the best city with a lot to offer.

The competition challenges teams in the different cities to unearth their cities "best-kept secret destinations". The prize is a Ford EcoSport and the teams have to write a blog documenting their discoveries and upload photographs and videos to get people to follow their adventures and interact with them. Each team is given a Ford EcoSport to help them explore.

2013 Business women of the year (published October 2013)

BCUR graduate Dr Thandi Ndlovu has been awarded one of the Business women of the year awards for 2013 for the entrepreneurial category. The award, 34 years running, recognises high achieving women in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. It’s the longest running award for women in business in the country.

Ndlovu is also the executive chairwoman pf Motheo Construction Group and has overseen the supply of 30 000 serviced housing sites and more than 60 000 affordable housing units worth more than R1.2-billion over the past few years.

NMMU designers offer unique talent (published October 2013)

INNOVATIVE and colourful designs are some of the highlights visitors enjoyed at the annual Collective Graduate Exhibition hosted by photography, textile, fashion and interior design students at NMMU.

BTech fashion student, Leigh-Anne Liebenberg, used mohair for her material natural design. Thomas Bekker, BTech photography student used the concept of interactive fashion magazines on an ipad dealing with moving images.

The exhibitionwas open to all and free to enter.

Bay Soprano saves the day (published October 2013)

NMMU BMus graduate, Liske Potgieter, saved the day when she was called upon at last minute to stand in for renowned soprano Hlengiwe Mkhwanazi, who was meant to perform at the Opera and Choral Gala Concert.

The concert which took place at the Feather Market Centre featured the Eastern Cape Children's Choir and NMMU singers. Mkwanazi was unable to perform due to a throat infection and bubbly Potgieter performed Franz Lehar's Vilja Lied from The Merry Widow.


NutriTech gets top honours (published September 2013)

A Port Elizabeth supplements company that sponsors the Southern Kings, EP Kings and Chevrolet Warriors has won two national awards. NutriTech was the winner in the Whey Protein of the Year and Brand of the Year categories at the 2013 Chrome Annual Awards of Excellence recently.

The awards were instituted by Chrome to recognise Africa's favourite and most trusted supplements brands and products. NutriTech managing director and founder Jaco Serfontein hold a building diploma from NMMU.

Mixed results on Somerset East farms (published September 2013)

AGRICULTURAL management graduate, Ayanda Mehlo is the boss of his own farm, Kranzkraal and still knows exactly how to catch a sheep from his 1000-strong flock. Mehlo, started his path of entreporeneurship when just a child buy selling sweets at school with a R20 his grandmother had given him after his mother passed away.

From there, there was no turning back, Mehlo then supported himself throughout his school career and went on to own a spaza shop  and liquor business in town. He waited for more than six years to get land where he started a a sugar beet farm supplyign grain for the biofuel plant to be erected near Cradock.

The Young Design Duo win national competition (published September 2013)

TWO young Port Elizabeth designers beat off other cotenders to claim the prestigious titles of the winners of the first-ever Cobra Design Competition. The winnders were Andrew Mboyi for Edge in the student designer category and Leigh Mclaren for Ceramic Lace in the professional/other category both were awarded R30 000.

Mboyi is currently studying architecture at NMMU. Mclaren is a MArch graduate and candidate artichect at B4 Architects in Port Elizabeth and passionate about design.


NMMU star in line for 'best goal' prize (published September 2013)

DIPLOMA in Management graduate and BTech student, Niven Kops, competes against two students from North West University for the Varsity Football Cup's Samsung Superstrike: Goal of the Series.

The former Bay Stars and Bay United player said the nomination came as a suprise as is was simply the case of being "in the right place at the right time" during their match against Tshwane University of Technology on August 26. The winner will receive a Samsung S4 cellphone and a R1500 Debonairs voucher.

Bay dancer off to Joburg (published September 2013)

NMMU graduate, Aarti Narotam, hopes to leave audiences wanting more when she takes her one-woman show to Johannesburg shortly.  Her new project titled Devadasi will open doors for her as an artist.

Narotam who holds a BCom law degree from NMMU said she abandoned law for her passion in dancing. Devadasi was performed to sell-out audiences in Port Elizabeth and East London, followed by an international debut in Mauritius.


Bay does it again (published September 2013)

NMMU fashion graduate, Leigh-Anne Liebenberg will represent South Africa in an international textile dying competition in November. In the fifth consecutive year that NMMU has produced the national winner in the Society for Dyers and Colourists International Design Competition - and three of its previous NMMU winners went on to win the international competition.

Liebenberg, who works part time at Silver Spoon Clothing was overwhelmed when she received news of her victory against top fashion students throughout South Africa. She will be competing against 11 countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Ireland, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom.


Interact Award for master's student (published September 2013)


COMPUTER Science master’s student Michael Kyazze recently received an award at the international INTERACT 2013 conference (held in Cape Town) for the best paper at the conference’s African Masters Consortium. 

Students from across the continent could submit papers for this. The paper was on A Model for Managing Personal Health Records Using Mobile Devices in South Africa. It was the first time that this prestigious conference was presented in Africa, with Prof Wesson (Dept of Computing Sciences) and Prof Paula Kotze (School of ICT) as co-chairs.


Master's student wins Interact Award (published September 2013)

INFOTECH: Software Development BTech graduate and current ICT Master's Student, Natalie Meiring, has won the Interact Award for the Best Masters Research Poster at the 14th IFIP TC13 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in Cape Town. 

The criteria for posters were:  Visual appeal, content, readability and design.

Natalie received the award based on the most votes received from the conference participants.  400 delegates attended the conference and different categories of posters were entered and judged.

NMMU graduate engineer to assist in building faster cars (published August 2013)

BTech Mechanical Engineering (2012) graduate, Beverly Singh, will join the team of specialist en gineers who are building the Bloodhound Supersonci Car in bristol in the UK.  It will be used in a bid to break the land speed record (LSR) at Kaahskeen Pan in the Northern Cape in 2016.

Singh was previously a process engineer at Bay wind turbine firm Kestrel Renewable Energy. 

Alumnus voted as President (published August 2013) 

Director of Technical Services, Melvin Syce (MSc 2006) has just been voted "President Elect" of HEFMA - The Higher Education Faculties Management Association of South Africa.

Director is appointed as President (published August 2013)

Wayne Muller (NHDip Public Management 1994), Deputy Director: Financial Aid who has elected as the new President of the board of Financial Aid Practitioners of South Africa.




Graduate wins Bronze (published August 2013)

NMMU Zoology (MSc, 2001) graduate Ryan Wasserman won the prestigious Bronze Medal for Ex-cellence in Aquatic Science at MSc level for his work at the, South African Society of Aquatic Scientists‟ Conference.

He has published five scientific works from his MSc research, two of which are international research papers and all of which appear in ISI rated journals.


Staff alumni on Ministerial Committee (published August 2013)

DPHIL (1994) Arts Professor Heather Nel, Senior Director: Institutional Planning has been appointed to a ministerial committee to develop a national articulation policy for the post-school education and training sector.

Nel’s colleague from Cipset, Uthando Baduza has also been appointed to serve on this committee.

Artist hones talent in Paris (published July 2013)

ARTIST and recently retired university lecturer Prof Cleone Cull is back in Port Elizabeth following a rejuvenating three - month artistic sojourn in Paris. She attended Cite' Internationale des Arts through South African National Association for the Visual Arts (Sanava), which acquired three atelier apartments in the French capital in the early 1980's.

The Cite' is intended to provide a sojourn of limited duration to professional artists who wish to develop their artistic skills in France.



Two NMMU designers catch SAFW eye (published July 2013)

Fashion design graduates, Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana and Laz Yani are among nine semifinalists of the SA Fashion Week (SAFW) Renault New Talent Search 2013, for which they will have to conceptualise an eight-garment collection by September 20.

 The competition aims to identify South Africa's hottest design talent and also provide the winning designer with a springboard into SA's vibrant fashion arena.


Master's student owns online clothing business (published July 2013)

Fine Arts graduate, Emma Minkley, has grown her online business, "Thrifty Magpie" to 1000 followers after just a year in business. The store, which stocks second hand clothing sources its items from charity, second hand shops and even car boot sales. 


Minkley's clients include students from as far as Cape Town and Stellenbosch and trades her vintage wear at the Granary Market in Richmond Hill and Havelock Market in Central.

Rising Star Winner's designs to warm Paris (published June 2013)

BTech Textile Design & Technology graduate Laduma Ngxokolo makes his global mark as he arrived in Paris where he will showcase his Xhosa knitwear range at the Labo Ethnik fashion weekend during June.

He will share the stage with some of South Africa's fashion heavyweights, including Thula Sindi, Stoned Cherrie and Abigail Betz. Ngxokolo is also one of the recipients of the NMMU Alumni Rising Star Awards. 

Graduate chosen as top 200 Yound Africans (published June 2013)

LLD Graduate and Law Faculty’s Prof Avinash Govindjee has been chosen as one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans – the publication’s feature of young South Africans you should take to lunch. These are young people who will shape our country in the decades to come, in the sporting arena, in public life and in business. 

The two hundred young South Africans who make the final list each year, are divided into a variety of categories: Arts and culture; Business and law; Civil society; Education; Environment; Film and Media; Health; Politics and Government; Science and technology; and Sport. Prof Govindjee was included in the Business and Law category. 

In 2011 and 2012, he was the recipient of Researcher of the Year for his faculty. He is an attorney of the High Court and a senior commissioner of the CCMA. He was included in the second Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber’s Top 40 under 40, a list of young business achievers published towards the end of last year.

NMMU graduate takes gold medal (published June 2013)


Alumnus Graham Stuart has won the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) 'Gold Medal Award' at a gala function held at the QS conference in Cape Town recently.

Graham is also the recipient of the Dean's Award.  The Association of Quantity Surveyors South Africa (ASAQS) is a voluntary organization that is the custodian of the Quantity Surveying profession in South Africa.Graham holds a BTech in Quantity Surveying from NMMU. 

 Alumni funny man hits the web with videos (published June 2013)

BTech in Information Technology: Software Development) and software developer by day and funny guy video maker by night, Michael Lu, commonly known as Mike-E-Lu , hopes to take the edge off the sometimes doom and gloom world we live in with humorous  YouTube videos.

Not limited to anything specific , Lu's YouTube channel, called Out My Head Creations, ranges from comedy sketches to music, cover and even funny "how to" videos. Although IT is his full time career, Lu said creating videos was his hobby and something he did with a passion.   

Graduate goes above and beyond  (published June 2013)  

Joubert Botha, managing director of JobVine and Digital Media, believes his companies address the need for for innovation in recruitment by incorporating the latest technologies and social media.

JobVine, a social recruitment platform for recruiters and companies, is Botha's sixth start-up, which he founded in 2009 with his borther and a friend. 

Karma Digital Media is a full service digital marketing agency which specialises in software development, digital marketing and social media management to provide businesses with business and digital strategy solutions for their unique requirements.

Alumnus fittest guy in PE (published June 2013)

Gym owner from Newton Park, Dave Levey, is to take on the world's best in California when he pits his skills against the best in the world next month. Levey who is a Biokineticist, was named the fittest man in Africa for the second time running.

Levey, who holds a Masters in Health Sciences degree founded Crossfit East London and Algoa Crossfit in Port Elizabeth, won both the Africa Open and the Africa Regionals of the Crossfit Games by good margins to secure single qualifying place for an African at the contest in the US.  

Building a green future (published June 2013)

NMMU PHD student Kevin Kimwelle, is hoping to inspire the vibrant community of Richmod Hill in Port Elizabeth to "go green" through his environmentally conscious research.

Kenyan-born student has been living in Port Elizabeth for the past 10 years and has been working closely with language centre the Alliance Francaise to get their message across at the Richmond Hill Music Festival later this month. His PhD project - "The architect as an agent for social change: promoting community - driven design in sustainable development practice in Africa" - strives to shift architecture from a commercially driven approach to one which is more community driven. 

Top businesswomen honoured (published June 2013)

Alumnus, Laetitia Ferriera was honoured recently at a glittering event hosted by the Businesswomen's Association (BWA) Port Elizabeth. She received the award in the entrepreneur category. According to Ferreira all the finalists are winners in their own right. 

Higher Diploma in Education from the former UPE graduate is the owner of successful Loerie Processed Veg and said the competition gave her the opportunity to make new friends, network and most importnatly it gave her the opportunity to be inspired as a businesswoman.

Programmes first cum laude graduate  (published May 2013)

BCom accounts first cum laude graduate, Khanya Ndzululeka, has made NMMU history as the first student in the School of Accounting's Thuthuka bursary programme - which aims to grow the number of black chartered accountants.

Ndzululeka said she owed her success to a balanced approach to her studies, excellent time management skills, strong family support and her faith. The Mthatha-born student has no doubt she will one day become a chartered accountant - and is aiming to use her skills to help others.

Alumnus appointed as new Proteas coach (published May 2013)

SPORT management graduate and former Warriors coach, Russell Domingo, has been appointed as the new South African cricket coach from August this year. Domingo who was the assistant for the past two years, will be taking over from former South African cricketer, Gary Kirsten.

Domingo's appointment was announced less than 24 hours after Kirsten opted out of renewing his contract for another two years. The former Chapman High School pupil said "It's not all love and fresh air - there is a lot of work to be done, and its only the start. It's a challenging period in my career."  

EX - Bay CA leads Grant Thornton Merger (published May 2013) 

BCom (Hons) NMMU graduate, Andrew Hannington, has been appointed chief executive officer of Grant Thornton auditing firm after playing a pivotal role in a two-month merger between the company and multidisciplinary professional services firm PFK.

The merger will move the second-tier Grant Thornton a step closer to its aim of playing in the same league as the "Big Four" in SA after Ernst & Young, Pricewaterhouse Coopers Deloitte and KPMG. The newly appointed CEO said Grant Thornton Johannesburg would have 500 employees including 50 directors and 100 CAs. 

Bay Lecturer creates own light aircraft (published May 2013)  

A lifelong passion for aviation and inventing has paid off for NMMU lecturer and MDip Tech (Mechanical Engineering) graduate, Russell Phillips, with his creation of a light aircraft gracing the cover of popular aviation magazine SA Flyer last month. The Whisper X is the second aircraft that mechanical engineering lecturer has designed and built.

Phillips also has several noteworthy inventions in the renewable energy field, including the "twerly" a green street light completely powered by wind and solar energy, which is being commercialised.

Pharmacist runs chain of pharmacies for over 30 years (published May 2013)

AFTER over 30 years of running successful pharmacies, Port Elizabeth businessman and MPharm graduate, Deon Schoeman says the secret to success is hard work, taking care of employees and customers and providing exceptional service.

Schoeman owns the Klinicare chain of pharmacies in Nelson Mandela Bay which comprises eight pharmacies, two franchise stores owned by independent pharmacists, a nursing services business and a medical homecare store. Plans are in the pipeline to expand the business throughout rhe Eastern Cape.  

Doctor earns NMMU huge contract (published April 2013)   

DOCTOR in philosophy, Ian Wedderburn has landed himself a doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering but also an R11-million research contract between NMMU and Eskom. 

Wedderburn is the deputy director of NMMU's eNtsa research programme and has won the Eskom Chairman's Award for Innovation which secured the R11-million contract for the university. His doctoral thesis research formed the basis for NMMU winning the National Innovation Competition in 2010 and the National Science and Technology Forum's "Research leading to an innovation by a team" award in 2011.

NMMU Father and son celebrate double degree (published April 2013)

BARRY family celebrated the classic case of "like father like son" at one of the NMMU graduation ceremonies this year with well known Nelson Mandela artist Michael graduating with his master's degree in education and his son Mikale with a post-graduate degree in education.

Michael is currently the senior manager of Culture affairs, Arts & Culture at the NMMU where his tasks includes addressing diversity and integration at the institution through arts and culture. Mikale is currently a senior phase educator at St Thomas Senior Secondary where his father was an educator many years ago.

Single father cracks sensitive topic (published April 2013)

RED Location Museum's acting assistant director and researcher, Mpumezo Ralo, graduated with a master's degree in Philosophy in South African Politics and Political Economy from NMMU recently. He dealt with the inner workings of the ANC and its affect on Nelson Mandela Bay, finding that factionalism had a very negative effect on service delivery.

Ralo interviewed Bay politicians, senior officials and NMMU academics to establish  the "extent to which internal contestation impacted on service delivery in the metro." 

Quadriplegic defies all odds to earn degree (published April 2013)

Honours degree graduate, Sakhekile Zweni, despite being disabled, has defied all the odds to receive his honours degree in Group Dynamics from NMMU. A quadriplegic is a person who is paralysed in both legs and arms. The qualification Zweni holds pertains to enhancing production and improving relations within teams.

Zweni also hold two accounting qualifications and was working as an accounting specialist at Old Mutual when his car overturned in 2007 breaking his neck. After several months in hospital, Zweni realised that there is "definately life after disability" and picked up his studies last year. He uses an aid for note-taking in class and a voice recorder and a scribe to assist him with writing tests. He also made use of a computer with voice recognition software to complete his assignments.

Well-known fashion designer makes it big (published April 2013)

BA Hons graduate, Johan Wolmarans, is the talk of town, being the best thing to hit the fashion catwalk in the form of wedding gowns, matric ball gowns among others. Wolmarans, whose stand at The Herald Bridal Fair last year won best designer stand, designed the wedding dress of former The Herald Miss Port Elizabeth Di-Anne Qoto last month and will do the same for the winner of The Herald Win a Dream Wedding competition.

Wolmarans is a favourite for matric farewell dresses and was well represented last year at The Herald Wear Your Dream competition with nine of the 15 finalists wearing his designs. 

Alumnus appointed as CEO of SABMiller (published April 2013)

Masters in clinical psychology graduate, Alan Clark, has been appointed as the CEO of SABMiller three months ahead of schedule prior to this he was Chief Operating Officer since 2012.

He joined The South African Breweries Limited (SAB Ltd) in 1990 as Training and Development Manager. He has since held a number of senior positions in the group, including Managing Director, SABMiller Europe, Marketing Director, SAB Ltd, Managing Director, Amalgamated Beverage Industries Ltd (SAB Ltd's soft drinks division) and Chairman, Appletiser South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Pair turn start up into multimillion - rand empire (published March 2013)

NMMU graduates, Charles Stretch and James Pearce, founders of the SMSPortal, the multimillion rand headline -making venture, says long hours, hard work and a light-bulb moment are paying the dividends for the pair.

The two, who started their venture in Pearce's parents garage in 2002 now boasts a company turnover of R300-million, a success story that has made national headlines and even appearing on the cover of the March issue of Entrepreneur magazine. They first started off with a student website called blueworld.co.za where students could submit their partying pictures. Only after being approached by club owners to market their events on their website that they had the multimillion - rand bulk SMS business brainwave. 

SMSPortal's main role s to send SMS messages to its clients' clients. The business is now one of the country's biggest in the field.  

Top IT firm established by NMMU graduate (published March 2013)

ALUMNUS and BCom accounting graduate Braddon Mc Clelland, is now leading the way in information technology support in Port Elizabeth. The former Grey High School pupil is managing director of Network Associates - Computech IT in Cape Road and recently made it on to the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber's Top 40 Under 40 achievers' list.

Mc Clelland, who is also an accountant, established his company - which provides a wide range of support from server solutions to network installations - in 1997.

Entrepreneur chosen to participate in TV show (published March 2013)

Nelson Mandela Bay entrepreneur and MBA graduate, Ismail Hassen, has been chosen from 25000 applicants to participate in season two of The Big Break Legacy, hoping to win a R5-million investment.

Hassen is currently the managing director of CSR-Africa positioned in within the shipping container industry. CSR-Africa is the only company in South Africa and Africa that offered expertise in repairing specialised accident damage shipping ISO containers.

Top Bay CA is senior manager for audit company (published March 2013)

BCOM Hons graduate and bay accountant, Quintin Levey has climbed the corporate ladder as an accountant and is a senior manager with KPMG's external auditing department. He is also the chairman of the Exporters Club of South Africa - Eastern Cape.

Levey has worked in the company's external auditing department for 13 years and has audit experience in local, national and internal auditing in various sectors - from automotive and agriculture to pharmaceutical and construction. He joined KPMG is 1999 as an articles clerk and qualified as a chartered accountant in 2001.

Forestry master's student represent NMMU(published February 2012)

KUTELANI Tshivhase, NMMU Forestry Master's student represented the International Forestry Students' Association at the 18th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 18) summit in Doha Qatar, at the end of last year.

He attended the Forest Day 6.


First International Alumni Representatives (published February 2013)

BTECH Forestry student Sikhumbuzo Nxumalo (right) made history as one of the first two students from Africa elected to serve on the Board of the General Assembly of International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) held in Istanbul at the end of last year.

In addition, MTech student Hannes van Zyl was re-elected to serve for a second term as the IFSA representative for the Southern African Region, with Director of the School of Natural Resource Management School Director Prof Jos Louw, elected to the General Assembly as Honorary member from South Africa for his outstanding contribution to the Gorestry Industry outside IFSA.

Graduate job-hunting success (Published February 2013)

INDUSTRIAL and Organisation Pyschology graduate, Nthabiseng Makhoba, recently started her career at Nestle thanks to the assistance she received from NMMU's Beyond the Classroom Leadership Programme (BtC) last year. Makhoba is also a former Student Alumni Society executive member.

Assistance was given by kim Elliot, preparing her CV, portfolio and interview preparation. Makhoba is one of only two Human Resources applicants selected from over 6000 applicants countyrwide. She also managed to secure a job for her twin sister as of beginning February in the process.

Workshop highlights need to involve alumni (published February 2013)

Schools from all over Nelson Mandela Bay are banding together in a much needed drive to help improve struggling schools highlighting the importance of tapping into the expertise of past pupils.

The second workshop was a joint venture between the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and the district Education Department where principals where encouraged not to wait for government to improve their situations but take the initiative.

NMMU Director: Alumni Relations, Paul Geswindt called on principals of disadvantaged schools to call on high-profile alumni from whom they could benefit.

Alumnus Zambezia success (published February 2013)

BTECH Fine Art graduate, Stuart Forest, CEO and film producer of Triggerfish in Cape Town recently released Adventures in Zambezia, the first animated feature film produced by the country's biggest animation studio, has been sold to 26 distributors worldwide. This makes it the most widely distributed film titles yet to come out of Africa.

The film, voiced by leading American actors including Samuel L Jackson and Abigail Breslin, adventure of Zambezia has also been nominated for two Annie Awards, the most prestigious awards in the animation industry and has been shortlisted for an Oscar nomination. It has also won Best South African Feature Film at the Durban Film Festival in 2012 and has reached number two at the box office in Russia.    


Alumwine project boosts education (published February 2013)

THE Cape Town Alumni Chapter of The NMMU's Alumni Association has made it possible for 25 underprivedged schools and learning institutions to have access to free education content through their first roll-out of their charity wine sales project.

Every case of wine purchased will support one learner access to free education content for his or her entire school career. The Cape Town Chapter recently launched this project partnering with various NGO's around South Africa. The Alumwine project offers South Africa's best wines to the public at a 15 percent discount with free door-to-door delivery to raise funds to place OGLE Digital Download Kiosks in struggling schools, where pupils can access and download free curriculum-based educational content. 


Graduates unlock code to success (published February 2013)

 Accounting and Informations Systems graduates from NMMU celebrate their company, The Code Group's 3rd birthday this month. The owners of the company, Devereaux Joubert and Mohamed Cassim employ four NMMU graduates have turned their business into a recognisable one with business spreading overseas already.

The Code Group, a software and web development company is responsible for an energy management system for a UK client, a singing competition and judging system with a mobile website used for voting, a race timing system which is currently used by 17 clubs across the country, a cross platform survey system for Blackberry, Android and iPhones, various projects for NMMU including Computing Science, Geosciences, Micrbiology and Statistics among many others.    

Alumnus off to Manhunt (published February 2013)

NMMU BCom graduate, Port Elizabeth model and managing director of IT firm Little Big Technologies, William Heydenrych has been selected to represent South Africa at the 2013 Manhunt International contest in China.

Heydenrych, who was a finalist in the Mr SA competition in 2012 will compete against delegates from more than 50 countries in the hope of becoming South Africa's second winner of this male pageant.    

KNOTT-CRAIG ‘Not rushing into new job'(published November 2012)

Former chief executive of social media company MXit, resigned from the company recently following differences with shareholders but the Information and communications technology (ICT) entrepreneur is confident new, exciting opportunities await him.

Knott-Craig was recently awarded the Alumni Rising Star Award from his alma mater NMMU and delivered a talk to accounting students titled “My life to date) including lessons learnt.

Knott-Craig holds a BCom degree from NMMU and although only 35 has held many senior positions including being managing director of Johannnesburg-based broadband company iBurst and founder of investment company World of Avatar.

Graduate climbs tree of success (published November 2012)

NMMU graduate and well-known businesswoman Nomkhita Mona has been appointed as the first woman chief executive of the South African Forestry Company (SAFCOL), a division of the Department of Public Enterprises.

Mona, who recently resigned from her position as chief executive of the Uitenhage Despatch Development Initiative (UDDI), will now head the company that conducts timber harvesting, processing and related activities both locally and internationally.

Mona was previously ap-pointed as the first black woman in a senior managing position on the board of Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Holdings in South Africa. She holds a BA degree in Psychology and Sociology and an honours degree in Industrial Relations from NMMU, as well as an MBA and master’s degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources from Rhodes University.

Bridgette leads the way (published November 2012)

BUILDING sciences doctoral graduate Bridgette Gasa, the founder of respected building consultancy and construction firm, the Elilox Group, is firmly making her mark in what has traditionally been considered a man’s domain.

This year, Gasa reaped success upon success.

Internationally, she was con-firmed as the Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom.

Closer to home, she was ap-pointed by South African president Jacob Zuma as the chair-person of the Dube Tradeport, a national flagship project, in March 2012.

In another appointment by the president, she became the youngest female member of the National Planning Committee (NPC), which is chaired by Minister Trevor Manuel.

As a result of her achievements this year, Gasa received a NMMU Alumni Rising Star Award, which recognises the younger generation of alumni who continue to make NMMU proud

Music travels overseas (Published November 2012)

NMMU BMus and MMus graduate Devandre Boonzaaier was awarded an over-seas travel bursary for organ study.

Boonzaaier, a part-time lecturer in NMMU’s Music Department and chairperson of the Feather Market Organ Society, was a semi-finalist in the ATKV Musiq competition in Stellenbosch and a finalist in the Southern Africa Church Organists’ Society (SAKOV) bursary competition in Mpumalanga.

In July, he performed as a soloist with the University of South Africa (UNISA) Philharmonic Orchestra in Pretoria during the final concert of the UNISA Organ Symposium.

Alumnus receives award (Published November 2012)

BSC Honours Quantity Surveying graduate Junita Petzer received the prestigious Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) Gold Medal Award at the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) 8th World Conference, held in Durban in June.

She is the fourth student from the department to receive this award, which is made available by ASAQS on an annual basis. Criteria for the award are based on overall academic performance, leadership skills and community involvement.

Kiteboarder's journey abroad (published November 2012)

SAASVELD conservation graduate Susan Kay’s passion for kites has led to her becoming a professional kiteboarder for Cabrinha Kites in Asia.

In 1993, Kay was the first women to receive the Sports Person of the Year which, incidentally, her father had received while studying forestry at the George Campus. Kay was the top female kitesurfer in New Zealand from 2005 to 2007 and ranked 15th in the world in 2006. She then retired from competitive events due to injuries.

During the six months it took for Kay to sell their board building and kitesports retail business in New Zealand, Kay decided to compete in the New Zealand National Champion-ships and bid her farewells to the industry where she placed top female competitor again. Kay then participated at the Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) and surprised  herself once again by placing second at the event in the Phillippines.

Engineering alumnus nabs top US Tyres position (published November 2012)

NMMU Industrial Engineering graduate Craig Baartman has been named plant manager of Continental Tire the Americas’ (CTA’s) new manufacturing facility, being constructed in Sumter, South Carolina.

Baartman, who was director of manufacturing at CTA before his new appointment, will be responsible for the overall leadership of the facility, which will open its doors in 2013.

South African born and bred Baartman, who has more than 18 years’ experience in global automotive, manufacturing and supplier industries, has been with Continental for 12 years. His past positions include being industrial engineer, area manager and production manager at the company's plant in Port Elizabeth.

He has also held engineering and leadership positions with automotive suppliers in South Africa and the United Kingdom.


NMMU pays tribute to shining achievers (published on 25 October 2012)


IN a testimony to its exceptionally high standards, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University showcased a number of South African H=household names at its 2012 Alumni Awards held in Port Elizabeth recently.

The aim of the awards was to recognize alumni who have gone the distance and beyond in their various fields, to the benefit of society at local, national and international level. The Alumni Rising Stars Award recipients were Dr Bridgette Gasa, Alan Knott-Craig Jnr, Achumile Majija, Laduma Ngxokolo and Dr Millidhashni Reddy.

Special Award Winners were named Bruce Damons and Natalie Stear for their contribution to education in the country.

Topping the list for Alumni Achiever Awards were Jenni Button, Johan DeNysschen, Prof Ernie Heath, Garth Ritchie and Adv Willem van der Linde.


Fine Art graduate gains recognition (published September 2012)

FINE art NMMU Graduate, Ryan Allan has been placed in the finals of a national design competition which aims at reducing water wastage.

Allan is part of only 16 finalists of 200 entries nationally in the competition run run by Shift, a non-profit organization.

The competition aims to raise awareness among young South Africans about the role that design can play in developing practical and sustainable solutions to everyday challenges. Allan is a practicing artist and shares a studio with other artists in Central.

NMMU Pharmacy Departement leads the way (published September 2012)

THE countries most modern BPharm curriculum, with its established links with pharmaceutical profession and state-of-the –art modern facilities are some of the reasons why NMMU’s pharmacy department is recognized as the leader in undergraduate BPharm training.

The department boasts 400 students and will be the first South African University to offer a much needed qualification for pharmacy support personnel following next year’s plan for technical assistants who can qualify as pharmacy technicians

The R24-million pharmacy department revamp will officially open on October 24, on NMMU’s South Campus.


Bay designs on charity catwalk (published August 2012)

CHESHIRE Home recently hosted a fashion show that featured the work of NMMU fashion design graduate Kelly Esterhuyse, whose award-winning style is now on sale at Mr Price Stores around the country.

Esterhuyse won the Elle New Talent fashion search last year and part of her prize was to have her own range on sale in popular retail chain clothing store Mr Price, during spring.


Alumnus beats great odds to succeed (published July 2012)

MTECH Biomedical Technology graduate Siphokazi Tili overcame great odds to graduate in April.  

Tili, who lost her mother, grandfather and grandmother, during her study period starting in 2006 was left caring for a toddler and siblings, during which time she also married and had another baby.

This set her back by nine months of research but she continued to pray and persevered. As a result, she worked at night and through holidays to beat various dead-lines.

Tili is an Associate Lecturer in the Bio-med, Biomedical Tech & Radiography department at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

 Alumnus paves his way to success (published July 2012)

FORMER Mr South Africa finalist and BCom Law graduate Bennum Van Jaarsveld is now Communications Manager at one of South Africa’s top paint companies.

Some of his noteworthy achievements include starting his own business called Ukubamba Consulting, specialising in marketing, advertising and promotions, being a category winner in Businessman Of The Year 2009, Top 5 Finalist: Mr South Africa 2009 and Chairman of Fernrock Body Corporate since 2004.

Van Jaarsveld started out as brand manager at Du-lux and because there was an identifiable need for one person to take charge of the entire media and communications function, his experience regarding the media and advertising strategy allowed him the opportunity to head this new challenge - building the company image across all media platforms.”

Social work graduate’s long wait finally over (published July 2012)

AFTER 14 years, a Port Elizabeth woman graduated with a social work degree.

Nozuko Monde, 37, of Zwide, who now works as a social worker at the Child and Family Welfare Society in Uitenhage, says her journey to success had not been an easy one.

Monde, passed grade 12 in 1994 with university ex-emption but had to wait more than a decade before enrolling to pursue her dream. To help her family, Monde worked as a shop teller and then helped her mother run a crèche at their village. She then received training and a certificate in early childhood development.   

While helping Grade R pupils at Zanolwazi Primary School, she was encouraged by principal Norman Fumba to follow a career in social work.

 Winner receives Masters degree (published July 2012)

  IN 2007 he received the Sepp Blatter Scholarship, was the first person to complete the FIFA/CIES certificate offered at ten universities worldwide, graduated with distinction from the FIFA Master Class in Switzerland, and completed a year-long internship at FIFA in Zurich.

Today, Solomon Mudege, 30, is recipient of a master’s degree cum laude in Human Movement Sciences from NMMU.

The Zimbabwean-born student completed his BCom in Sport and Recreation Management and a BCom honours degree in Business Management at NMMU and then went on to graduate top of the class in the FIFA/CIES/NMMU certificate in Sport Management programme in 2008. He now works for FIFA as its Marketing Alliances Manager.

 International fashion contest (published June 2012)

For the second consecutive year, an NMMU fashion graduate was selected to compete in the premier international student fashion competition Arts of Fashion in America.

BTech student, Arielle Arndt is the only contestant from South Africa to make the top 50, and follow in the footsteps of alumnus Bianca Boshoff, who travelled to San Francisco for the same competition last year.

Arielle now has to produce two of the three garments she has designed, and find sponsorship to fund her trip to San Francisco, where she will be able to attend a number of master classes and interact with leading fashion designers.   

 Alumnus represents South Africa (published June 2012)

Quantity surveying alumnus Khwezi Kondile recently represented South Africa at two youth leadership summits, the Y20 in Mexico and the G8-G20 in Washington.

A Business Analyst at the Accenture Group in Johannesburg, Khwezi was part of NMMU's Beyong the Classroom leadership development programme, preparing him for these summits facilitated locally by the SA Youth for International Diplomacy.

PE - born author publishes romantic novel (published June 2012)

Port Elizabeth - born author, Zanele Nondzimba, is now one of South Africa's latest novel sentations.

Zanele, who was raised in Cotsworld now shares the bookshelves with the likes of chic-lit doyenne Danielle Steel as her debut novel, From the First Kiss, begins to sell rapidly.

Zanele is a media studies graduate from NMMU and is currently a communication specialist and editor at Metropolitan Retirement Administrators based in Johannesburg.

Audi scores with BCom boss (published June 2012)

BCOM graduate Johan de Nysschen, has been appointed as the new the senior vice president of Nissan at Infiniti Worldwide in Hong Kong.

De Nysschen, worked as president of Audi in America, and was also at the forefront of turning Audi into a top luxury brand that is now mentioned in the same breath as BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Alumnus runs Comrades (published June 2012)

NMMU professor and 16-time Comrades Marathon participant, Sylvan Blignaut, will contribute sponsorships from his last run to his former high school. 

Blignaut accepted donations and sponsorships ahead of the Comrades event – the proceeds of which will be given to his alma mater, Gelvandale High School which is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

He completed his 16th Comrades Marathon and finished 1272 in his category and his overall position being 10074.

The education faculty professor has been attached to over 30 different marathons around the country to date.

South Africa's top student (published 14 May 2012)

BCOM graduate, Martin Marx, obtained the highest mark in the national Financial Planning board examinations beating 88 others to be named South Africa's top student.

Marx completed his post graduate diploma in financial planning cum laude in 2011 and sat the Certified Financial Planner examinations late last year obtaining 83% while more than a third of the students failed the examinations. He is currently working for Persisto Bluestar Financial Services in Port Elizabeth.

PhD student off to Germany (published 01 April 2012)

Nashwa Eassa, final-year PhD student was selected as one of only 550 young researchers worldwide to attend the 62nd Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany.

At the July meeting, Nobel Laureates will lecture on current scientific topics relevent fields of the future.

BTech Fashion student does it again (published 01 April 2012)

ALUMNUS, Kelly Esterhuyse has been named the winner of the New Emerging Creative. This follows her string of achievements including Elle Young Designer of the Year, as well designing a range of clothes for Mr Price. 

Her collection  of mohair designs, which won her the title, was exhibited at Cape Town's annual Design Indaba. Esterhuyse also exhibited her jerseys at SA Fashion Week. 

Emerging researcher named (published 01 April 2012)

NMMU postdoctoral fellow Dr Marisa Botha was named a National Research Foundation (NRF) Emerging Researcher - only the second NMMU candidtae to be honoured this way.

Dr Botha will be a visiting scholar in the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She has published eight articles in academic journals over the past nine years. 

She has also presented papers at the American Comparative Literature Conference Association

Honorary doctorates awarded (published 01 April 2012)

NMMU has awarded four prestigious doctoral degrees during the graduation ceremonies this year to oustanding citizens.

Activist and Bishop of the Ethiopian Episcopal Church, Reverend Malusi Mpulwana received an honorary doctorate in Philosophy. He is recognised for his religious and political leadership and substantial contribution to democracy and community development. Catherine Odora Hoppers is recognised for her word on gender, science and innovation and received an honorary doctorate in Education.

World-renowned paleoanthropogist, Phillip Tobias was honoured with an honorary degree in Science in recognition of establishing South Africa as the "Cradle of Humankind". Human Rights activist and Executive Director of Greenpeace, Kumi Naidoo received an honorary degree in Law for the unique contribution to the empowerment of civil society.

NMMU's netball star gives back (published 19 March 2012)

NETBALL icon, Zanele Mdodana is ploghing back into the community with a new iniative, teaching teenage girls how to play the game. The national netball player, who hails from New Brighton, has started a project called Vision Girls, which includes 25 passionate players between 10 and 16 years old from surrounding areas.

They have been sponsored with kits and equipment by The Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World and Mdodana encourages interested girls to join the academyand for those who had already excelled to give back to the community.

Umzumbe Municipality welcomes new manager (published 21 February 2012)

ALUMNUS, Mokuthula Mgijima, has been elected as the new municipal   manager of the Umzumbe Municipality. Mgijima is the very first female   municipal manager in history for this municipality. 

She holds a Masters in Development Studies which she received from NMMU   in 2005.  

 Jessup joins CAM (published 09 February 2012)

John Jessup has joined China Africa Motors (CAM) as Managing Consultant: Sales, Marketing and After-Sales with effect from February 1. CAM is best known for its impressive sales success with the 15-seater Inyathi mini bus taxi recapitalisation programme.

Jessup graduated with a BA degree from UPE (now NMMU) in 1968.

 Extra mile pays off (published 06 February 2012)

 ALUMNUS, Julie Smallman has proved that going the extra mile pays off in the end.

Textile design graduate is now the owner of popular children's decor stores in Port Elizabeth.

Funterior's which has expanded to two big stores now has its very own factory in North End where all the wooden furniture is produced. 

 Zuko loves working with rubber (published 05 February 2012)

TECHNICAL Engineer, Zuko Mponto, who works for tyre manufacturing company Goodyear South Africa.

His job involves working with expensive rubber that wheels motor vehicles.  Mponto graduated in 2002 with a mechanical engineering and quality diploma.


Alumnus brings about change in youth (published 01 February 2012)

Thamsanqa Maqubela, is the founding chairman of Qhubela Holdings, which is a 100% black-owned and managed company providing corporate clients with publication services, including design, layout and printing, copy writing, editing and proofreading, as well as with multimedia photography of various events, fulfilling strategy facilitation and team building, and corporate social investment and responsibility services.

He is also the Executive Director of the SA Graduates Development Association. His quest is to provide work exposure to 600 000 unemployed graduates in the country. Thamsanqa is currently completing his Master of Philosophy with NMMU. 

Alumnus in Treasure Island Contest (published 21 January 2012)              

ECONOMICS graduate and former financial consultant Ross Jordaan, has rubbed shoulders with South Africa's top celebrities during the shooting of Tropika Island of Treasure's fourth season in Mexico.

The contestants are competing for the grand prize of R1 million. Jordaan intends to focus on completing his honours degree with NMMU and then go on to work in economic or events management.


 Chameleon artist takes on the world (published 26 January 2012)

ANDILE Dyalvane, an art and design graduate from NMMU has been named a Design Icon and Master Crafter by the Cape Craft and Design Institute. He has also established Imiso Ceramics, is represented by Amaridian Gallery in New York and his work is also on show at Piece by Piece in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Dyalvane's unique craft uses an intriguing array of tools to recreate the scene on his elegant range of earthware vases, pots, bowls and platters. He was a finalist in the Young International Design Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2009 and won an international award in the ceramic catergory in a competition organised by Elle Decoration magazine. 

Alumnus develops communities skills (published 18 January 2012)

CERAMIC design graduate, Chuma Maweni, is now the Studio Manager at Art in the Forest and actively involved with Light from Africa Foundation, an organisation generating fundingfor South Africa's vunerable children. 

Maweni has also been involved in a community project whereby he taught ceramic art skills to women in rural areas of Transkei. 

 Single Mom excels (published 13 January 2012) 

ALUMNUS Claudine Delo, has been named as the MCM Bible School’s Theological Student of the year. Delo, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, has two qualifications with NMMU, nursing in 1994 and an LLB in 2006 and then becoming an advocate specializing in fighting medical negligence two years later.

She has also added to her qualifications by obtaining an Advanced Health Management Programme diploma from PPD/Yale University in the USA and a diploma in Home Care Training and immediately launched a programme to train home care givers to care for frail and sick people at retirement homes and private residences.

New head for Summerwood (published 01 January 2012) 

WILLIAM Foaden has been chosen as the new Principal for Summerwood Primary School. Foaden who graduated from UPE (now NMMU) with a BPrim Education.

Foaden was promoted from Hurbert Hurd Primary School to Westering Primary School, eventually ending up as Deputy Head and then Acting Head for a while at Erica Girls Primary School.  

Passion pays off (published 02 November 2011)


LEIGH Dunn, a third generation teacher at Formosa Primary School in Plettenberg Bay has recently scooped an award for sharing his knowledge and unshakable belief that "even the smallest start shines in the darkness."  

Dunn now carries the title "best special needs educator in the Western Cape" and will be representing the province in the National Teaching Awards programme in 2012.

 Dunn completed a BEd in educational psychology at NMMU. 

 Qupe's business is booming (published 10 October 2011)

NMMU's Aquaculture graduate, Bulelwa Qupe has established herself as a businesswomen in the fishing industry. Qupe, who runs Mazidlekhaya and Ezabantu Fishing cc and Aqua Fish and Chips in Motherwell, was the first black woman in the Eastern Cape to win a fishing quota.

 She was also able to open another fish and chips outlet in Njoli to create further employemnt. The alumnus also serves on the board of Ukumvula Investment Holdings, a black consortium, and is the founder of investment company Lithuba Lethu Investments, established in 2007.  

Domingo to coach SA (published 07 June 2011)

NMMU alumnus Russell Domingo, has been appointed as the Assistant Coach to the South African cricket team.Russell, the former Warriors coach, graduated with a National Diploma in Sports Management in 1996. He takes up his appointment alongside Gary Kirsten (coach) and Alan Donald (bowling coach) on 1 August.

Alumnus off to China (published 08 June 2011)

ACCOUNTING Honours student, Kerry-Beth Norden, is off to Shanghai, China to represent South African Synchro (synchronised swimming) at the World Aquatics Championships in July.The SA Synchro team consists of 12 ladies, of which Kerry is one of only two EP athletes selected. The World Championships serve as the continental Olympic qualifiers, which means if South Africa finishes as the top African team, they qualify for the London Olympics in 2012.

Louw to compete in Hungary (published 09 June 2011)

FINANCIAL Planning Postgraduate student has made the South African Olympic Squad for the 1000m Canoe Sprint in a K4 (Kayak with 4 people).The team will be competing in the ICF (International Canoe Federation) Canoe Sprint World Championships in Szeged, Hungary in August this year.If the South African K4 achieves a high enough position, they will qualify to represent South Africa in the London Olympics 2012

Mdodana shines in Singapore (published 06 July 2011)

NMMU’s own, Zanele Mdodana, of Sport Bureau, is part of the Proteas Netball squad playing in the World Netball Championships in Singapore.Wing defence Zanele was among those to turn the game around in South Africa’s favour when she came on in the second quarter to secure a 70 – 33 victory against the hosts in yesterday’s game.Though the Proteas lost to favourites Jamaica, they must only beat Botswana in the next game in order to advance to the quarter finals 

















































































































































NMMU fashion design graduates hits the catwalk (published December 2015)

Owner of Chronikil clothing, Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana and Angelique Demont teamed up with jewellery designer Namhla Faku for this year's SA Fashion show.

Both Makhetha-Kwinana and Demont are fashion design alumni from NMMU. The fashion week was aimed at fundraising in aid of motor neuron disease. The entertainer for the event was Niqui Cloete-Baraa who was also the MC at the event.

This was the first time Demont previewed Thabo Makhetha in collaboration with Chronikil clothing menswear.

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