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Linda Mafa - Alumni Association Elected Member

Linda Mafa MBA’19, PDBA’19, BCom’11 is currently working as an Operations Manager for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). She is currently enrolled for a Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) course. She serves as member in the UN SA Operations Management Team and also serves as UN SA Business Operations Strategy Lead. Linda is passionate about the development of young people, entrepreneurship and the empowerment of young leaders.
As a young person who grew up in KwaMagxaki the University was an institution that provided viable education options for her to further her studies in business, commerce and management studies. Even after relocating to Johannesburg, the university remained one of the choices considered for her postgraduate studies. She believes that the university has steadily built its reputation in the academic space and continues to evolve to be a fit for purpose institution. Linda believes that being part of the Alumni Association Executive is an opportunity for her to support the growth of the institution and its students for greater impact in society. The notion of equal opportunities for students which the university stands is a key objective which the Alumni Association can help drive and which she believes she can contribute for effective change. 
Her message to alumni and stakeholders, “This institution is because of you. It can only continue to exist and move to greater heights with your involvement and commitment to its cause. We have the responsibility to nurture, guide and support young people and their aspirations for our societies, country and the world at large. That responsibility includes ensuring young people get exposure to the right opportunities to effect sustainable change. Let us work together as alumni and stakeholders to realise the vision of being a leading Afrocentric institution of knowledge”.