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Lebo Nare - Alumni Association Elected Member

Lebo Taite Nare, BA ’15 alumnus, is currently a student at the University of Pretoria studying towards an MBA. He is by profession a business magnet having interest in a variety of business- sectors namely, the private security sector where he is the Director and CEO of Mafoko Security Patrols which has a staff compliment of over 9600 workers operating in all 9 provinces of South Africa.
The aviation sector where he is the managing director and CEO of Mafoko Aviation, the first ever 100% black owned youth aviation company accredited by the South African Civil Aviation Authority on Part 127 and 135 Air Service License allowing the entity to trade commercially and compete in the aviation space.  The textile sector where he is an executive director of Mafoko textiles which produces and supplies variety of garments in the public sector education system and the corporate commercial environments. His professional involvement includes serving as Deputy President of The Association of Private Security Owners of South Africa, a position which he still holds, and being a proud associate of Project Management South Africa. 
Originally from Bochum a small village 70km NW of the city of Polokwane in Limpopo, Lebo grew up in the buzzing city of Ekurhuleni where he harnessed his entrepreneurship skills at Norkem Park High by selling all sorts of delicacies during break and afterschool. Lebo began his education journey at the then Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2012, The university, he says, has shaped a great deal of how he views the world and interacts in business and visa versa. Lebo is of the view that a university as prestigious as Nelson Mandela University which also bears the name of our nations father can only have an inclining trajectory in its sights and non must be left behind in this expedition. Our election into the Alumni Association is a great privilege to serve the ambitions of a very progressive institution. It is our responsibility now as Alumni Association Executive Committee members to carry the aspiration of young people into the dawn of this voyage.
Lebo believes that “ it is only through the tools of the past that we can craft a better future” he is very passionate about introducing a number of business models to the Alumni Association in order to identify and fund academically deserving students in the ‘ missing middle’ therefore increasing the number of intakes the university can accommodate as this will result in higher levels of alumni increasing the prospects of them ploughing back to institution in a continuous cycle of progress.