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We would like to congratulate our Alumni for their hard work and dedication. You have made Nelson Mandela University proud!

First prize for poster presentation for Gqeberha groundwater challenges at international congress

Mandela University master’s student in Geosciences Bamanye Takashe won first prize for his poster at the Worldwide Congress of International Association of Hydrogeologists in Cape Town.

The title of Bamanye’s poster presentation at the congress was "Hydrogeological Characterization of the Coastal Aquifer of Gqeberha, South Africa."

The poster is a significant component of his recently submitted thesis for his master’s degree. This project is particularly relevant due to the water challenges we have faced in the Nelson Mandela Bay in recent years.

It focuses on the groundwater aspects of the coastal residential areas and the impact of increased borehole usage during droughts on aquifers.

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Prestigious scholarships for doctoral studies at Oxford University

Luan Staphorst, a Research Associate with Nelson Mandela University’s Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation (CriSHET) and University alumnus, has been awarded four scholarships to support his doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, from October.

The scholarships are from the Clarendon Fund (Oxford’s most prestigious internal scholarship programme), the United Kingdom’s Arts and Humanities Research Council (the UK’s most competitive national funding scheme), the Lincoln College Kingsgate Fund, and the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust (one of South Africa’s most competitive funding mechanisms for international study).

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Winning team of master’s students at Wildlife Management conference

Mandela University master’s student in Zoology Ryan Forbes was awarded the prize for the Best MSc Student presentation at the recent Southern African Wildlife Management Association Conference.

From left, Ryan Forbes, Kristen Davis, Nicky Dreyer and Prof Graham Kerley

Ryan, together with Kristen Davis and Nicky Dreyer, was also the best student team in the conference quiz, against 19 other teams of students and wildlife professionals.

The students, all from the University’s Centre for African Conservation Ecology, and under the leadership of its Director Professor Graham Kerley, presented part of their MSc research findings at the annual Southern African Wildlife Management Association Conference, held in the Golden Gate National Park earlier this month.

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Mandela University PhD student receives NRF Research Excellence Award 

PhD student in Geosciences Carla Dodd from Nelson Mandela University has recently received an NRF (National Research Foundation) Research Excellence Award for her pioneering research on groundwater resources.

Carla is one of seven recipients of the NRF Research Excellence Award for Next Generation Researchers in recognition of outstanding academic performance by final-year doctoral candidates.


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Mark Shuttleworth: 49-year-old tech tycoon who is the first South African in space

Mark Shuttleworth shines bright among the game changers in the vast realm of technology and space exploration. The 49-year-old South African tycoon is renowned for navigating the intricate orbits of technology and innovation. 

With an impressive nine days, 21 hours, and 25 minutes spent in space, Shuttleworth’s journey from pioneering the digital world to becoming the first South African in space has etched his name into history. Shuttleworth’s narrative is a symphony of audacity and intellect that began in the hallowed halls of the University of Cape Town, where he honed his acumen. 


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Mandela University PhD students win French research prizes for their conservation projects

PhD students Alice Bernard and Laura Lacomme, based on Mandela University’s George Campus, respectively, received the first and third young researcher prizes, from the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) in France, for their work aligning with renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall’s philosophy.

They form part of the French REHABS international research laboratory, a collaborative partnership between Nelson Mandela University, the University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in France, and the French national research centre (CNRS).  

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