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Khaya Matiso - Alumni Association Institutional Forum representative

BTech (Business Admin)’01 & MBA’02. Mr Matiso also has a BA Psychology from Vista University and a BEd from Rhodes University. In his spare time, he is a fan and an analyst of rugby, he is also involved in community  as a board member of Nelson Mandela University Govan Mbeki maths and science project, he is involved in rural development work and is also involved in annual career sessions for learners doing grade 10,11 and 12 annually.

Mr Matiso is passionate about Nelson Mandela University because the university presented opportunities for him while he was a student, he also became a university administration and in 1997 he was appointed as a Dean of students. Mr Matiso’s passion about the university is also because the university is a young university, a transforming institution and that the university needs the public support.

Mr Matiso sees his role in the alumni executive as a way of ploughing back to the university and to make a small contribution particularly in support to the poor students. Transformation-related matters, governance matters and high-level management matters are the three (3) things that are special to him as a governor.
A short message from Mr Matiso to the alumni "We are graduates , we are the priviledged elite in society, we are employed , we can join many organizations ,we are  enjoying the fruits of our new democratic order , therefore ,let us support the young ones , let us make a contribution towards their development , and the strengthening of our institutions of learning”. According to Khaya: NMU is a respected university, very popular institution to young people nationally and internationally, let us keep that good image of the organization.