Change the world


The Student Alumni Society (SAS), is the Associations student equivalent structure to promote awareness of the role of alumni and contribute to student development. 


The recipient, Enrika Pillay, who has excelled in her SAS Outreach portfolio together with her team received the Society Administrator Award. 

SAS projects for 2018ort team 2018 realised:

  • Mandela Tin Drive – collection of 350 tin foods from staff, alumni students and the community and donating it to the University Clinic for distribution
  • SAS members donated R3 620 towards the #MyMandelaFund which is the SRC fundraising project.
  • The book drive was in collaboration with the Uitenhage Rotary Club involving a Rotarian who is an alumnus and currently completing his PhD.  Enrika coordinated the book project with the SAS support team by encouraging staff, students, alumni and the community to donate 1000 books for Vuba Primary school in Uitenhage, aimed at improving school and community literacy.  SAS received recognition from the school which was featured in the Daily Dispatch Newspaper.
  • An outreach project was linked to the Door of Hope Children’s home in Sydenham.   The project is called ‘Into Books’ which is aimed at improving reading through teaching basic literacy skills.  SAS further expanded on the project together with an alumnus, by investing and creating a vegetable sustainable garden, to improve child nutrition.
  • She played a critical role in organizing a financial workshop, the first SAS Women’s talk, a Men’s Imbizo as well as student career development workshops. All programmes involves engagement with alumni.

Pillay has proven through her SAS Outreach portfolio to be a dedicated humanitarian, who is passionate about youth development and campus social upliftment.