Change the world


More than one thousand alumni already signed up on our new online alumni networking platform Mandela Alumni Connect. Thank you to our alumni who have registered and are using the platform. 
Mandela Alumni Connect offers a variety of exclusive services to registered users which include connecting with other registered alumni, finding that long lost classmates, volunteer to mentor, sharing information on the newsfeed and creating your own alumni events. Jobs can be posted on the platform and members can also sign-up for groups such as alumni geographic chapters.
More than fifty percent of the registered alumni have indicated their willingness to support their alma mater in various ways such as sharing expertise, joining chapters, being willing to mentor students.  Several users have indicated the need for assistance when it comes to further studies enquiries and our dedicated team in Communications and Marketing - Postgraduate Studies are ready to assist with any enquiries.
Registered members are from many different countries and continents, as well as different disciplines and years of study. We encourage users to also invite former classmates to join. 
Several Alumni Award recipients have joined the platform with 2017 Achiever Award recipient and Founder of The Ambition Company, Russell Raath, sharing on the platform, “This Alumni network is terrific - thank you to the great team who has pulled this together! I'm already connecting with friends from over 30 years ago - fantastic to see where everyone has ended up and hearing how they got there. #ProudNMUAlumni” 
We are excited to see our network grow and benefitting our alumni. To join Mandela Connect follow the link: