Change the world


A Naming and Renaming project to ensure that all our University spaces and places recognise, respect and honour all people and our country’s rich heritage in ways that resonate with our values and the ethos of our namesake, has begun.

The project follows the launch of our new name in July 2017 and the need to pro-actively build social cohesion in the wake of the Fees Must Fall call to decolonize the academy and academic spaces. It also forms part of the University’s commitment to actively contribute to the transformation of the institution and society. This process – anticipated to run for at least 18 to 24 months - will also offer us the opportunity to build and enhance the intellectual identity  and brand of Nelson Mandela University,  while simultaneously celebrating and marking Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s centenary year.

Building a better future

Staff and students, and alumni are encouraged to debate the proposed names as part of an inclusive journey that seeks to build social cohesion and a home for all.

The process we are undertaking should be much more than just replacing a sign, or the mechanical and physical erection of a new place name.

Rather, it should be embraced as an opportunity to redress the past, learn from one another, be educated, reach a deeper understanding of others and of ourselves as we seek mutually-acceptable names that also align with the values of Mandela, and our African heritage.  

The project will be rolled out in precincts – buildings grouped according to their location - under the operational guidance as directed by the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee (ACHC) of the University and MANCO.    

Sharing of project information

Given the magnitude of the project – dozens of places requiring names across multiple campuses following specific processes – supporting information will be shared via other platforms including the dedicated website when appropriate.


Naming and Renaming go-to place


A new Naming and Renaming website to support the opportunity that the Naming and Renaming  process will offer us in terms of building social cohesion and enhancing the intellectual identity and brand of Nelson Mandela University, is now live.


The site is a go-to destination for all matters relating to the mammoth project that will run across all campuses and for between 18 months and two years.


Website information

The site includes the following information:

  • Background on the project
  • Supporting documentation, such as the Naming and Renaming Policy, and the relevant naming criteria guidelines and principles
  • The student residences project
  • Future projects
  • The roll-out schedule
  • All Naming and Renaming Memos and other updates
  • Contact details