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Prof Hugh Jeffery and Mr Ken Ramjee both celebrated their 80th birthdays during June. Their birthdays are celebrated because they both remain active alumni ambassadors after having served and supported the university in various capacities. Both these gentlemen are excellent role models for lifelong connections to their alma mater as well as being in service to society


Prof Jeffery celebrated his 80th birthday on the 10th June 2021 together with his wife Wilma, their three children, spouses and grandchildren. He continues to be an active supporter of the Alumni Association. Prof Jeffery graduated with a Masters Diploma in Technology: Industrial Engineering Machine Systems in 1987 and was Dean of the Engineering Faculty at the former PE Technikon. He served as a member of Council of the University from 2005 to 2018 as well as a member of the Alumni Association Executive Committee for the same period. As a proud ambassador of the University, Prof Jeffery’s professional affiliations include being an Honorary Fellow of SAIMechE and Past President of SAIMechE (2005-2007). In 2018 he was presented with an Alumni Association Special Award and the Engineering Council of South Africa award for the Best Accreditation Visit Leader.



Kentilal (Ken) Ramjee ND (Elec Eng)’85, BTech (Bus Admin)’19 and BTech (Elec Eng)’19 celebrates his 80th birthday on 25 June 2021. He has served on the former PE Technikon Alumni Executive Committee since 1985 for several years and remains a proud ambassador of the University. He was an SABC employee for 27 years and completed his studies part-time while working and caring for his wife Nirmala and children Keeran, Sunita and Vanita. Both Keeran and Sunita are also alumni. Mr Ramjee currently still serves on various organisations and structures nationally and internationally including Institute of Professional Engineering Technologists (IPET), Engineering Council of SA (​ECSA), Engineering Technology Association (ETA) in the USA and The Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) in the UK where he is currently a registered professional incorporated engineer fellow. His passion for engineering, young people and women in engineering has provided him the opportunity to be a part of the university advisory committee, mentor and mentoring guide, moderator and stand in lecturer when the need arose, of which mentoring students he notes as his greatest successes.