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Nelson Mandela University launched its Convergence Fund in April 2020.  The rationale for the establishment of the Convergence Fund was provided in an earlier memo, with more information to be found here:

The Nelson Mandela University Convergence Fund is so named since ‘Convergence’ relates directly to one of the key elements of the development trajectory of the University. It resonates with our values and talks to people coming together to a central point to help solve pressing societal issues. It conveys the sense of people from all walks of life and backgrounds converging for a common purpose as equals.

Importantly, the Convergence Fund aligns with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Sibongile Muthwa’s quest for the University community to create Hubs of Convergence or spaces where the University meets community on an equal standing to engage on a common platform to find solutions to practical problems that affect our immediate communities.


The Convergence Fund was conceptualised as a long-term fund, which could support the University’s important community engagement initiatives on an ongoing basis.  The Convergence Fund, which is managed through the Nelson Mandela University Trust, is intended to unlock the collective agency of the University community, including friends and partners of the University.  Donations to the Fund are entirely voluntary.

The Convergence Fund Steering Committee is responsible for driving the fundraising campaign, which has reached out to the University staff and other key partners, including alumni and suppliers of goods and services to the University.

In being responsive to the needs expressed by our communities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University will initiate forms of relief to vulnerable communities through the Convergence Fund.

The Convergence Fund has to date raised more than R170 000 and has nominated an internal and external multi-stakeholder Deployment Committee to disburse the funds.  The disbursement of the first round of donations focuses on the elderly in two care centres and organisations working with survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and people at risk of defaulting on chronic medications due to hunger, within the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. It is projected that over 300 people will benefit from this first cycle of support. The support is in the form of safe food relief and includes cloth facemasks.

In keeping with our vision to collaborate with communities, the disbursement of the donations will be done with partner organisations who are active across our various communities. The Deployment Committee has therefore partnered with the following organisations to assist in the disbursement of donations: Missionvale Care Centre, Ekuphumleni Old Age Home, Galvan Park Frail Care Centre, Yokhuselo Haven, Yethu Safe House and Phaphamani Rape Crisis and Counselling Centre. 

On behalf of the Nelson Mandela Convergence Fund Steering Committee, we wish to thank those who have donated to the fund.  We anticipate that the impact of COVID-19 will be with us for the medium to long term.  Consequently, there remains a huge need for the University to continue to mobilise resources in order to serve the vulnerable communities within which we are embedded.

We wish to appeal to each member of the Nelson Mandela University community in two ways:

  • Firstly, if you could kindly consider making a contribution to the Convergence Fund.  Even the smallest contribution is welcome, received with gratitude and will make a big difference to the circumstances of someone less fortunate, and
  • Secondly, that you please extend this appeal and share information about the Nelson Mandela University Convergence Fund with family, friends and persons who could potentially support the Fund.  Information on various donation options is available on the Fund’s webpage.

Finally, we are pleased to share that the Nelson Mandela University Convergence Fund has been launched on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Nelson Mandela University Convergence Fund Steering Committee