Change the world


Warm greetings to all our alumni across the globe.


We have all experienced the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown and related regulations at various levels in our daily lives. Our work, social and recreational activities all required some adaptation and in some instances we had to learn novel ways of doing things rapidly because the situation demanded it.


The negative impact on most economic sectors and the individuals, working in those sectors, is a major concern. Our recovery lies in our collective efforts and common concern for the well-being of humanity.



Change is a constant and the impact thereof could be massive. Our attitude towards change, learning and adaptation is important. We do, however, need to be guided by ethics, principles and values so that we do not continue to widen the gap between the rich and the poor and drastically limit discrimination and the harm done to our planet. Lifelong learning is a philosophy that will determine our ability to survive in this fast changing new reality. As university graduates we are amongst the most privileged and have strong educational foundations on which to build as we strengthen our abilities to contribute towards a changing world. Together we also need to craft the appropriate questions in order to work toward solutions. Institutions of higher learning offer various pathways from postgraduate research to expert talks and even module group discussions which help broaden our thinking regarding critical issues.


Employability and the economic livelihoods of citizens are very real concerns, for individuals with post matric qualifications and those with lower levels of schooling without any real marketable skills. Our survival in the job market at our different levels of life stages might require different degrees of life changing decisions but sometimes decisions need to be made as we work toward a better tomorrow. What can we learn from those who have succeeded against all odds, those who took entrepreneurial risks by being innovative and offering client solutions and new experiences as well as those who constantly strive to offer excellent service and build high levels of loyal customers?  The restart of the economy and certain sectors will have to include some re-imagination of its value to the market and what it can do better and differently to regain its customers and grow their markets. What is it each one of us brings to the job market at this stage that will be different than before lockdown and will contribute to creating greater value?


As the Association reimagines its own programme going forward, there will be a greater focus on collaborative online programmes with faculties, support departments and professional sectors to connect with and share expertise and stories with alumni and friends. More information in this regard will be shared online soon. We will be guided by alumni in the various disciplines and will strive to touch on issues that contribute to a more balanced life outlook which include arts, culture and heritage programmes. We are all together on this journey of change. The reimagination of learning and teaching, research and engagement are all ongoing processes as is the case with our work and social activities.


The higher education sector and our alma mater will conscientiously  endeavor to complete the academic year without leaving any student behind. We will make every effort to limit the spread of the virus and see in which ways we can contribute to help others in need such as the institutional Convergence Fund established to help the poorest of the poor.


We will continue to be role models and proud ambassadors of Nelson Mandela University.



Khwezi Blosé

President: Alumni Association