Change the world


Prof Muthwa started her term as Vice-Chancellor embarking on a Listening Campaign aimed at distilling key challenges and aspirations of staff and students of the University. 

The Listening Campaign is part of a comprehensive University engagement plan for both internal and external stakeholders, including alumni, to enable active stakeholder support for – and participation in – the University’s forward-looking strategy and projects for 2018 and beyond. Only a collective effort will enable Nelson Mandela University to fulfill its potential and take its rightful place as a leading “dynamic African university recognised for its leadership in generating cutting-edge knowledge for a sustainable future.”

Prof Muthwa’s first major public engagement, post her inauguration on 17 April, was interacting with about 70 alumni in Kampala, Uganda on 28 April. Alumni records indicate that we have 218 alumni of Ugandan origin, thus a very high alumni turnout. On 27 April, our VC was a special guest of the South African High Commission’s Freedom Day Celebration event and on 29 April the newly established Uganda Chapter Alumni Association Committee hosted the VC at a cultural show where further interaction took place. The various interaction opportunities allowed for good quality interaction and sharing not only about alumni and international student concerns but also how foreign based alumni can make a difference where they live.

A second alumni engagement opportunity took place at the Alumni Special Election Meeting on 22 May where alumni present once again had an opportunity to share concerns with VC.  Other national and international alumni interaction events are also planned and will be communicated via our website, email and social media platforms. Alumni are also invited to submit their concerns as well as advice and recommendations regarding institutional matters to