Change the world


The SRC recently launched a very exciting student led #MyMandela Campaign focusing on what students would like to see in a new generation university.  

They want staff, alumni and friends of the institution to actively support and also own #MyMandela as stakeholders.

The campaign was born out of a student consultative programme where students shared their views on a number of issues including the university name change, names of existing institutional structures and issues related to the student experience and challenges. Ultimately, the campaign is about ensuring a positive student experience and making a positive difference.

The #MyMandela Campaign include very practical actions such as raising money to assist students with existing debt. The Student Alumni Society (SAS) agreed to donate a percentage of their membership fees to the #MyMandela Fund. Thus far R3 620 was collected by SAS.

The Alumni Association collected R3 400 at a Port Elizabeth event and contributed a further R16 600 to the #MyMandela Fund. Students, staff and alumni are encouraged to donate at least R100 or make a recurring pledge. Alumni can contact if they would like to make a donation or make an online donation at