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Financial Literacy Education Specialist and Founder of “It’s a Breeze”, Mandela Alumnus Marc Johnson (Mark Johnson) embarked on his tour from Cape Agulhas to Kigali, a 5000-kilometre journey as an Educational Change Maker via motorbike.
En-route, Johnson, a BCom ’84 graduate stopped in Gqeberha at his alma mater to present a Financial Literacy Masterclass to Mandela student entrepreneurs, via the Madibaz Entrepreneurship Hub.  An interactive session had our students appreciating the expert guidance, life experience and financial discussions. 
Johnson’s dream to relocate to Rwanda started in 2018 with numerous interactions with colleagues in Rwanda. As life happens, Covid19 halted all plans and almost 5 years later he was ready to pursue his dream. 
Reminiscing about his varsity days, failing accounting as a student while on a bursary, changing his major to computer science, graduating then embarking on a successful IT career straight out of varsity, gives new meaning to 'It is not how you start that matters, but how you impact the finishing stretch positively.’
“I believe that you live life forwards, but only understand it backwards,” speaking on what keeps him motivated. 
Of course, on a two-wheeler impacting change, backwards referenced to adding value to so many entrepreneurs, corporates and higher education students he had educated.
As the Founder of 'It's a Breeze' - a Financial Literacy Education company occupying both the digital and contact spaces, he aims to educate entrepreneurs and enterprises, employees, managers, directors at medium to large organisations including students and academic institutions with some of his targeted audiences being pro bono. 
His expertise follows various positions in the financial sector, including a nine-year period as a Finance Facilitator & Consultant at Aurik Business Incubator, 10 years as a licenced Sales Partner and Accredited Facilitator at Colour Accounting and a Finance Module Developer & Lecturer at Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship among many others.
As an Investment Educational Influencer, Johnson's philosophy is living by the three E’s – Empowering and Inspiring people, the world of Entrepreneurship, and Exploring the world, and the world of ideas, with Possibility being the anchor of all three. 
Johnson has been providing business financial literacy workshops to university entrepreneurial incubators as well as corporate spaces.
Johnson is relocating to the 'Land of thousand hills' Kigali in Rwanda, this decision sparked in 2018, "I realised that the market I wanted to serve was Africa, rather than just South Africa, this led to the realisation that I needed to relocate to be more in the middle of my markets.”  His passion is beyond borders of SA, serving the continent of Mother Africa. 
After his Gqeberha stop, sharing expertise, he headed (North-east) to the Kingdom of Lesotho, presenting in Maseru, followed by Durban before short break in Johannesburg before continuing his journey to Kigali. 
Mandela Alumni and Friends - want to get involve and help a fellow Mandela Alumnus?  
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