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Alumni and Friends can contribute to the upliftment of society by supporting their alma mater’s bursary and academic programmes. Contributions can include an affordable annual or monthly donation, a major gift or bequest (testamentary) agreement. We have online donations and debit order facilities. If alumni are aware of bursary or employment opportunities for students and graduates, they are welcome to inform us about such opportunities including those linked to their networks. The university needs support to ensure that academically deserving and financially needy students have the required funding to complete their studies and find employment to contribute to the development of our communities and country.

Alumni and friends can also assist the university by supporting unique fundraising initiatives in order  for us to address the total financial aid need which is about R140m. NMMU’s Student Alumni Society embarked on a campaign to sell at least 2500 special T-shirts and hope to raise at least R100 000 for bursaries. The three Alumni Festive concerts hosted in various metro communities are also held in aid of the Alumni Bursary Fund and also contribute to showcasing NMMU talent as well as create opportunities for community engagement. The sale of concert CDs and DVDs as well as donated items all add up to make a substantial contribution towards the bursary fund. Event and programme sponsorships also contribute to institutional savings and are encouraged.

To date for 2016 the Alumni Association already allocated bursaries to the value of R100 000 to assist with fee support, text books and subsistence allowances as some students even struggle to get to campus. The Association also made an initial pledge of R100 000 towards to the VCs Trailblazing Campaign, our e-newsletter feature story, which aims to assist 160 students to complete their final year of study.

Every contribution makes a difference. Please visit our website for more information or contact the Director: Alumni Relations, Paul Geswindt, if you would like to make a contribution at 041-504 3935 or


T-shirts sales in support of students in need