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Creative Alumni Engagement Strategies - In Support of the Alumni Bursary Fund

The Alumni Association recently hosted a very successful lifestyle event in Port Elizabeth in support of the Alumni Bursary Fund. The wine tasting event was sponsored and presented by an alumnus in support of a very worthy cause – to assist academically deserving and financially needy students. The alumni and friends present thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by an expert in the field, as well as the social atmosphere and the opportunity to network with fellow alumni and engage with their alma mater.

As a university we truly appreciate the time, talent and treasure contributions by our alumni and friends to ensure we can continue delivering quality education, research and engagement programmes. The lifestyle events allow alumni and staff presenters to share their professional and life skill expertise to a targeted audience. The return on the relationship value can often not be quantified, but there is definite relationship building and educational value linked to these events. The material item sponsorship value and ticket sales and donations are quantifiable but don’t often tell the entire value story.

Our on-campus and community concerts have also been very popular and worked well as engagement, promotional and fundraising events. These events celebrate the talents of alumni, staff, students, prospective students and even community partners. We are constantly in search of new creative ways of engaging our alumni in support of the university. We look forward to hearing from you about ways to engage and grow the Alumni Fund please email us your ideas

We also have the more convenient cyberspace channels for online interaction via popular social media platforms or our website. Alumni and friends can also make a donation to the Alumni Fund using our online facilities to make a once off or recurring donation.

We look forward to your ideas and your support!