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For several years, Nelson Mandela University has been collaborating with Universum on the annual CareerTest, also known as the South African Talent Survey. Universum is a global leader in the field of employer branding and talent research. Universum has partnerships with national universities in South Africa through Alumni and Career Service departments. Through their market research, they aim to close the gap between the expectations of employers and talent, as well as supporting higher education institutions in their roles as it pertains to alumni and current students.
We aim to engage you as our alumni
in this survey every year, so that we can continuously improve our offering to you and your career. The insights we receive from Universum help us get a better understanding of your opinions of us as your alma mater. 
We are able to get direct feedback on the services you prefer and which services to improve on. In addition, we also get an opportunity to see how current student preferences compare to your preferences and feedback as our alumni, which helps us see the direction the institution is headed in.
In the last survey, more than 800 Nelson Mandela University alumni engaged and gave their valuable feedback. Diversity, Growth and Excellence were amongst the most top of mind associated words when alumni think of the university. 
We also found that both alumni and current students associate our university with strong university culture attributes such as a friendly and open environment as well as institutional commitment to diversity and inclusion. 
In order for us to continuously engage you on topics and services of interest to you, knowing which alumni services you prefer helps us speak to those preferences. Career support services and an alumni employment/career portal have become increasingly important services. 
Given the challenges experienced in the past year and a half, it is even more important now to know what career preferences you have. Working for an employer with ethical standards comes up as the most important attribute for professionals in South Africa, including Nelson Mandela University alumni. 
A lot of similar interests are indicated in all South African professional’s employer preferences. We however found that flexible working conditions is much higher in importance for Nelson Mandela University alumni. 
We encourage you to make your voice heard and help us continuously improve our offering to you as our alumni, by taking part in this year’s survey.
You may complete the survey by following this link: 
In addition to the insights you would be sharing with us, completing the survey is accompanied by some great incentives for you and your current or future career efforts. Upon completion of the CareerTest survey, you may:  
- Discover which of 5 existing Universum professional types is yours.
- Find out salary comparisons with your peers.
- Find out which companies could be the best fit for you.
- Get a free professional CV check.
- Get an opportunity to practice with some assessment tests used by top employers globally when recruiting.
- Enter to win one of 30 online gift vouchers worth R1000*!
If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to send an email to