Change the world


The Nelson Mandela University Alumni Association was established in accordance with the Higher Education Act, No. 101 of 1997 as a statutory structure and body of alumni of the University.
The University’s alumni (including those of its legacy institutions) is an important role player to promote the best interests, image and reputation of the University and together with other membership categories of the Association act in accordance with the vision, mission and values of the University.
Members of the Association represent the global footprint of the University and strive to contribute to positively changing the world through their individual and collective efforts.
Your active involvement and support of the Alumni Association is important. The Association supports and enhances the realisation of the University’s vision and mission through maintaining and expanding positive relationships with its members and through utilising and maximising their expertise, goodwill and influence in support of the University.
Your connection to your alma mater is important and the Association plays and important part in helping to maintain that connection. More information regarding the Association is available at