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Nelson Mandela University Alumni have been pulling their weight to assist the fight against COVID19. Here are some of our alumni who are doing some great work within the community. We also celebrate our staff alumni who have been appointed in new positions and achieved recognition at national level.

NMU alumni creates app to help rural pupils

An app that gives pupils in rural areas instant access to information and communication technology study materials is in its final stages of development.

The study index app is the brainchild of Nelson Mandela University alumni and entrepreneur Siyamthanda Xakavu, 27, from the Eastern Cape.

The study index app will allow pupils to access the Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta) certified course materials from anywhere at a minimal cost — essentially the price of data.

The aim is to equip pupils with understanding of material to allow them to make informed decisions about potential career paths.

The app is expected to be available later this year.

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Mandela University designed intubation unit deployed to hospitals

The first four-intubation units designed by Nelson Mandela University’s Advanced Engineering Design Group (AEDG) were recently delivered to the Anaesthesiology staff at Livingstone Hospital. 



Pictured at the foot-shaking on the handover of the intubation units at Livingstone Hospital are Cecil Frost (Shibah Engineering), Dr Marnè Page, Dr Lorenzo Boretti & Dr Lynn-Hay Frewen

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the strain being placed on our local hospitals, lead PE Hospital Group Anaesthesiologist for COVID-19 response, Dr Lorenzo Boretti, earlier this year, requested the University’s AEDG students to design an intubation unit for the local PE Hospital Group.  

Director of eNtsa (the Innovation through Engineering Institute housed at Nelson Mandela University) Prof Danie Hattingh managed to secure funding from the MBDA (Mandela Bay Development Agency) to build the Intubation Units so that several could be supplied across the PE Hospital Group. 

In addition, Nelson Mandela University alumnus Cecil Frost, director of Shibah Engineering, organised the manufacturing of the intubation units. 

 To read the full article published by Nelson Mandela University follow the link: MandelaUni



Mandela Uni Dean to serve on SA Judicial Education Institute

Mandela University’s Executive Dean of Law, Professor Avinash Govindjee, has been appointed as one of two legal academics designated by the South African Law Deans' Association (SALDA) to serve on the South African Judicial Education Institute (SAJEI).

The SAJEI was created to promote the independence, impartiality, dignity, accessibility and effectiveness of the courts through continuing judicial education.  Its Council is chaired by the Chief Justice of the country.

Prof Govindjee was elected by his fellow Law Deans nationally to serve on the Council.

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Mandela lecturer appointed to Association of SA Quantity Surveyors board


Lecturer in the Department of Quantity Surveying at Mandela University, Sharon Dent, has been appointed as a Board Member of the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS).

The Association represents the QS profession in various forums, upholding and elevating the status of quantity surveyors within the construction industry. Duties of the Board are to maintain the dignity of the quantity surveying profession, promote and protect the interest of its members, afford opportunity for the interchange and recording of the body of knowledge, and promote the high standards of professional competence and integrity.

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