Change the world


The Nelson Mandela University Alumni Association was established in accordance with the Higher Education Act, No. 101 of 1997 as a statutory structure and body of alumni of the University.
The Association supports and enhances the realisation of the University’s vision and mission through maintaining and expanding positive relationships with its members and through utilising and maximising their expertise, goodwill and influence in support of the University.
The University’s alumni (including those of its legacy institutions) is an important role player to promote the best interests, image and reputation of the University and together with other membership categories of the Association act in accordance with the vision, mission and values of the University.
Members of the Association represent the global footprint of the University and strive to contribute to positively changing the world through their individual and collective efforts.
The goals of the Association are:
5.1.1 To enhance the image of the Association both inside and outside the University community as 
(a) an important stakeholder body of the University; and
(b) an asset to the University to support the realisation of the University’s vision, mission and goals.
5.1.2 To foster loyalty to and pride in the University among members through effective communication so that they may positively influence others.
5.1.3 To provide and foster the provision of opportunities for members to contribute in financial and other meaningful ways to the advancement of the University.
5.1.4 To promote, protect and maintain the rights of the Association.
5.1.5 To promote the ideals and purpose of the University to constituencies and stakeholders of the University.
5.2 The Association must establish an Executive Committee of the Association and may establish such other structures as it deems expedient to achieve the goals of the Association.
5.3 The Association may enter into co-operation agreements with the Nelson Mandela University Trust, the Student Alumni Society or other structures in order to achieve any mutual goals and objectives.
5.4 The Association elects –
5.4.1 two (2) members to the Council; and
5.4.2 one (1) member to the Institutional Forum in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 11 and 12, respectively.
5.5 The Association may discuss and state its opinion on any matter relating to the University, including matters referred to it by the Council for its input.
The Alumni Association constitution is available on