Change the world

Leading Change as a Coastal Talent and Development Lead
Alumna Lucretia Sauls, a native of the Northern areas of Gqeberha, emerged from humble beginnings that shaped the core of her upbringing. Despite societal expectations dictating career paths based on race, her early aspiration to delve into psychology faced resistance from a schoolteacher. Undeterred, Lucretia pursued her passion, ultimately registering as an Industrial Psychologist.
Her journey began with her assuming leadership roles, evident from her time as head girl in primary school. Starting with a Bachelor of Social Work degree, she discovered her true passion in Human Resources Management, earning a BA (Human Resources Management) in '11, BAHons (Industrial & Org Psychology) in '12, and an MA (Industrial & Organisational Psych) in '15. Notably, she was among the select seven students in 2011 to complete her Honours degree.
Currently, Lucretia serves as the Talent and Development Lead for the Coastal region, encompassing KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, and parts of the Western Cape provinces. With a responsibility to anticipate human capital requirements, she ensures the creation of a desired culture, implementing strategies for employee development, retention, integration, and succession planning.
Actively involved in her local church, she serves on the church board and mentors young individuals. She holds a portfolio for young talent, offering guidance and coaching to those seeking her advice.
Looking ahead, Lucretia plans to enroll in a Ph.D. program before turning 40, driven by her commitment to lifelong learning and making a lasting impact.
Guided by her faith, Lucretia is inspired to be remembered as a change agent contributing significantly to societal well-being. Her daily motivation lies in witnessing individuals reach their full potential.
One cherished memory from Mandela University includes the teachings of Professor Rob Snelgar, emphasizing autonomy, mastery, and purpose in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. The enduring friendships formed and the sense of Ubuntu within the institution are also treasured aspects of her time there.
Lucretia's motivational message encourages living in the moment while relentlessly pursuing one's true passion and calling. She shares, “ The journey is marathon, let’s not change it to a sprint.”