Change the world

Alumnus charts independence, triumph and economic Impact 
In the tapestry of life, some stories stand out as powerful narratives of resilience and triumph. Bongani Mgwenya's journey from orphan-hood to becoming an independent economist is one such tale, woven with threads of determination, independence, and a commitment to making a difference in both the economic and social spheres.
At the tender age of 17, Bongani faced the harsh reality of becoming an orphan. However, rather than succumb to adversity, he embraced independence as the cornerstone of his future. "Being independent and not having people to depend on gave me a future," reflects Bongani, highlighting the strength of his determination to shape his destiny.
In 2019, he graduated from Nelson Mandela University with a Diploma in Economics. 
The university not only provided him with academic knowledge but became a nurturing community where he thrived. His involvement in aquatic sports and meaningful relationships with lecturers created a holistic university experience, fostering personal and intellectual growth.
Today, Bongani stands as an accomplished independent economist as the owner of Wesley Analytics, guiding clients through the intricacies of tax and compliance issues in the ever-evolving economic climate. Beyond the boardroom, he has taken up the mantle of political activism within his community, advocating for positive societal change. He is not just a spectator; he is a catalyst for progress.
What propels him forward is a relentless curiosity and a desire for personal and intellectual growth. His commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and technology in the economic landscape positions him as a forward-thinker, ready to tackle the challenges of the modern world.
Bongani fondly recalls the best experiences at the university -building meaningful relationships with lecturers and immersing himself in aquatic sports. These experiences not only enriched his time at Nelson Mandela University but also contributed to the sense of community that continues to inspire his work and activism.
Embedded in his journey is a powerful mantra given by his lecturer, Ghauderen-Coetze de-Vos: "You finish what you started." This philosophy has become Bongani's guiding light, a constant reminder of his unwavering commitment to completing the goals he sets for himself, regardless of the challenges he faces.
In a world that often demands resilience and determination, Bongani Mgwenya's story shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration. From overcoming adversity to making a meaningful impact in the fields of economics and activism, he exemplifies the transformative power of education, independence, and a steadfast commitment to creating a better future.