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A Journey of Leadership and Service in Retail Management
As the General Operations Manager at PEPKOR Group under the Ackermans Chain, Avinash George BTech ’03 oversees a substantial R3 billion business spanning four provinces. His journey is marked by resilience, dedication, and a profound commitment to personal and professional growth.
Born into a family of four in Malabar, Gqeberha, Avinash faced a significant turning point in his life with the loss of his father in 2006. This event served as a catalyst, shaping his character and aspirations, while instilling in him the values of perseverance and determination. Despite this loss, Avinash found support from his mother and brother, who became pillars of strength throughout his journey.
A devout Hindu, Avinash initially aspired to pursue a law degree but later redirected his focus towards human resources studies, driven by his desire to lead and serve others. Excelling academically, he was awarded an academic award for Best Human Resources student from Aberdare Cables and gained valuable experience as an intern at Eveready and VWSA. It was during his time as a Business Management Assistant at his alma mater that Avinash discovered his passion for learning and development, laying the foundation for his future endeavours.
Avinash's professional trajectory saw him embark on diverse roles, each contributing to his growth as a leader. At Edcon Retailer, he spearheaded learnerships and skill programs before transitioning to the Shoprite Checkers Group, where he played a pivotal role in establishing the Retail Academy for the Eastern Cape. His expertise in business optimization led him to manage projects for Edcon and Edgars Operations across the Western and Eastern Cape regions.
Notably, Avinash's commitment to service extended beyond conventional retail operations. His involvement in the Clicks Pharmacy Retail sector saw him contribute to the world's largest vaccination project. Embracing the philosophy of "Ubuntu Leadership," Avinash continuously sought opportunities to uplift and empower those around him.
Academically driven, Avinash completed the SMDP Certificate in 2022, signalling his ongoing commitment to personal and professional development. With aspirations to pursue a master’s degree in retail, he remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence and innovation within the industry.
Avinash's narrative includes work ethic and dedication to continuous improvement. Rooted in the values instilled by his father – authenticity, financial prudence, and leaving a lasting legacy –he envisions a future where he leads his retail business chain while embracing his familial responsibilities.
In expressing gratitude, Avinash acknowledges his wife Tenille sharing, “Through all of my adventures and travels my wife has been the one constant and has been the centrepiece of my stability & decisions as a human with my son who serves as a driving force for progress and growth.” 
Avinash shares, “I don’t have a set vision for myself in 5 years and I am comfortable with that as I believe God will take me and lead me to where he wants me to serve and impact to contribute and grow this country. My view of life is one built on the principle of progression & progression should not be limited by position or material gain but by decisions.”
Embracing a philosophy of divine guidance and personal growth, Avinash emphasizes the importance of authenticity and self-belief, encapsulated by his mantra, "JUST BE YOU."