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A Pharmacist, Leader, and Advocate for Women's Wellness

In the diverse tapestry of life, Anusooya Gosai emerges as a remarkable individual, seamlessly blending her roots in Mauritius with a passion for pharmacy and a commitment to empowering women. Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Mauritius, Anusooya's journey is a testament to the power of education, resilience, and the pursuit of diverse experiences.

Her academic odyssey began with the completion of Cambridge A levels, which paved the way for her venture to South Africa at the age of 18. Inspired by her father's footsteps, she embarked on a journey to study Pharmacy, a decision that would shape her professional trajectory. Anusooya's dedication and hard work culminated in the attainment of her BPharm’10 followed by her MPharm (Research)’12 from Nelson Mandela University (former NMMU) in 2012.

The journey into the professional realm was marked by pivotal experiences, starting with an academic pharmacist internship at Nelson Mandela University (former NMMU) and subsequent community service at Aliwal North Hospital. Since 2013, Anusooya has been practicing as a pharmacist, accumulating over a decade of rich and diverse experiences across academia, hospitals, retail, wholesale & distribution, and clinical trials.

Throughout her career, Anusooya has found herself in leadership positions, a testament to her capabilities and adaptability in the dynamic field of pharmacy. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledges, "I am very privileged to have such diverse experience."

In 2020, Anusooya expanded her horizons by completing Oxford’s Women’s Leadership Development Programme at the Saïd Business School – University of Oxford. A proud member of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA) and the South African Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists (SAAHIP), she has actively served on the executive committee of local branches.

Beyond the realm of pharmacy, Anusooya has delved into various modalities, becoming a Peristeam Facilitator, Fertility Advocate, and Pregnancy and Infant Loss Advocate. Her role as a co-writer of the book “The Goddess Portal – Divine Feminine Wisdom Codes for Modern Maidens, Mothers, Queens, and Crones” showcases her commitment to holistic women's wellness.

As the founder and owner of Red Butterfly Pty Ltd, Anusooya extends her passion into coaching women around menstrual cycles and womb wellness. In 2022, she achieved another milestone by becoming the first licensed Celebration Day for Girls ™ (CDG) Facilitator in South Africa, aiming to empower young girls aged 10-12 years old with positive periods preparation through workshops.
Looking to the future, Anusooya envisions herself nominated or awarded for forty under 40 awards, leading teams in self-development and wellness, and growing her business to a $7 figures enterprise. Her Ikigai, a Japanese concept representing one's reason for being, keeps her motivated, alongside the inspiration drawn from her children.

Her university years, highlighted by her participation as a finalist in the Miss NMU (former NMMU) Pageant in 2010, are cherished as some of the most memorable, shaping both her career and character. Anusooya leaves us with words of wisdom, urging others to define success on their terms, be resilient, and recognize the transformative power of mentorship in collapsing time to achieve their goals.

Anusooya Gosai's story is a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the transformative power of education, perseverance, and a holistic approach to success.