Change the world

NMMU produces first gastroenterologist (published April 2014)


ALUMNUS Dr Ernst Fredericks became the first gastroenterologist to graduate from NMMU after obtaining a PhD in biochemistry. The field is a branch of medicine focused on the digestive system and its disorders.


Dr Fredericks is only the third gastroenterologist in South Africa to obtain a PhD, but both other specialists have migrated leaving Fredericks as the only one in South Africa.



Battle through cancer to be a Dr (puslished April 2014)


ALPHA Primary School teacher, Charlotte Hendricks, conquered breast cancer and completed her doctor's degree in educationcafter a long battle with her health, but she did for the empowerment of teachers in Port Elizabeth's northern areas.

The foundation phase head of department started her post graduate journey with six friends in 2006. Hendricks says her dream was always to be a teacher and wants to be a light for the people in her community.



Brotherly love unites law experts (published April 2014)


THE Grigor brothers, whose bond inspired them to study law, graduated with their master of laws (LLM) degrees recently.

Charles, 57, Francois, 51, and Marius Grigor, 50, who hail from Algoa Park, developed a love for the legal profesion when they worked in administration and human resources at the Justice Department offices in Pretoria in the 1980s.

Charles, works at the Justice Department as a deputy director in area court management, Francois is a labour law consultant in Kuruman and Marius works as a human resource manager and legal officer at Stander's Transport.



NEW Doctor to strengthen metro administration (published April 2014)


NELSON Mandela Bay municipality's director of infrastructure and engineering, Walter Shaidi, aims to use his newly acquired doctorate in public administration to plough back knowledge to help strengthen administration in the city.

Shaidi, who recently graduated from NMMU zoomed in on the causes of violent service delivery protests in the country's municipalities and intends on publishing books and share the knowledge he felt all municipalities needed to know.