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Embracing our new name


Later this year, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University will officially be launched as Nelson Mandela University.

To bear the name of one of the world’s greatest icons – a man whose humble beginnings, values and hopes resonate with our own hopes for a transformed and better future for all – is a huge honour and privilege.

It was Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela himself who highlighted the key role of universities as “agents central to renewal”.

“Universities … are charged by society with safekeeping the fount of knowledge gained by generations past, while ever exploring new horizons of science and learning. As individual institutions, the great universities are those built on a solid record of achievement and custom, while constantly exploring, creating and adapting to the new.”

It is this sentiment of exploring, creating and adapting, along with the focus on education as an empowering tool for good, servant leadership, a commitment towards setting standards of excellence and innovation and the values embraced by Nelson Mandela, that the University wishes to honour.

Various initiatives are already underway in the form of meetings, conversation opportunities and interviews at the University to explore the meaning of our new name in line with Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

This process will be expanded to enable alumni to have their say on the new name and what it should mean for us. 

“We are confident that embracing our name change offers a unique opportunity for us to re-invigorate our purpose to be more relevant to those we serve – our staff, our students and the greater community – in an ever-changing world.

“We look forward to receiving your ideas and support as we move towards the launch,” says NMMU Vice-Chancellor Prof Derrick Swartz.


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