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Deputy Directors and Senior Managers - Updated December 2016

Deputy Directors and Senior Managers who are alumni 

Title Name Surname Position Nelson Mandela University Qualification
Administrative and Support Staff (Deputy Directors)
Mr  Eldridge Van der Westhuizen Deputy Director: ICT Services and Operations NDIP (IT), MDP, MBIS (IT) 
Mr  Greg Saunders Deputy Director: Project Office and ICT Quality Assurance BCom (Rat), BCom Hons, MCom
Ms  Debbie Derry  Deputy Director: Communications MA
Ms  Jo-Ann Daniels Deputy Director: Marketing BA, BA Hons (Group Dynamics)
Mr  Graham Gouws Deputy Director: Infrastructure Services and Sustainability  NDip (Arch) 
Mr  Peter  Peters  Deputy Director: Engineering Services  MBA
Ms Shakira Agherdien Deputy Director: Building Services  BScHons (CM) 
Mr  Wayne  Muller Deputy Director: Financial Aid  ND (Pub Admin), NHD (Pub Mgt) 
Mr Leo Doria Deputy Director: HR Development and Organisational Development NHDip (Prod Mgt), MA
Mr  Johan Strydom  Deputy Director: HR Specialised Services NHDip (Pers Mgt)
Ms Irene Tserpelis Deputy Director: HR Strategic Projects and HRMIS BA
Ms Elna Burger  Deputy Director: Library Information Systems and Digital Applications NHDip (Tech PSE), BAHons
Ms Chantal Van Heerden Deputy Director: Examinations Sections NDip (Bus Comp), BTech (Bus Adm), MBA
Ms Tracey-Lee Viviers Deputy Director: Governance Administration BA, BAHons
Ms Antoinette Goosen Deputy Director: Campus Health Services BCur, Dip Nursing Education & Community Nursing Science, MCur
Mr Petrus  Boukes Deputy Director: Madibaz Sport BA Ed (Phys Ed), BAHons (Phys Ed) 
Mr  Riaan Osman Deputy Director: Madibaz Sport  NDip (Sport Adm & Mkg), BTech (Mkg)
Mr Steven Thomas Deputy Director: Madibaz Sport  BAHons (HMS), BAHons (Group Dynamics)
Ms  Deidre  Potgieter Deputy Director: Student Governance and Development (Acting)  MTech (HRM)
Senior Managers who are Alumni 
Academic Engagement and Collaboration
Title Name Surname Position Nelson Mandela University Qualification
Ms Yolande August Senior Manager: Continuing Education MBA
Ms  Caroline Davies Senior Manager: Access Assessment  NDip, BA, BAHons, MA (Psych)
Mr Kevin Johnson Senior Manager: Research Management HDE
Ms Tembisa Khomo Senior Manager: Academic Planning BA Ed, EdHons, MA Dev Studies
Administrative Support Staff
Ms Deirdre Else Senior Manager: ERP/MIS Development MTech (IT)
Dr  Thomas Hilmer Senior Manager: Web Systems and Development  BScHons, MSc, PhD
Ms Vuyo  Bongela Senior Manager: Brand  BTech (Mgt) 
Mr Michael Barry Senior Manager: Arts and Culture MA Ed
Ms Nikki Brown Senior Manager: Catering, Cleaning and Commercial Services NDip (Mkg Mgt)
Mr  Shayne Hardiman Senior Manager: VAT (Operational Finance Department) BCom
Mr David Alexander Senior Manager: Academic Administration (George) NHDip (PMA), MPA
Ms Tohiera Moodien Senior Manager: International Student Administration BTech (Bus Adm), MBA
Ms  Zelda Slabbert Senior Manager: Faculty Administration (Business & Economic Sciences, Law) BA, BAHons
Ms Rushda Jappie Senior Manager: Faculty Administration (Education, EBEIT) NDip (Bus Comp), BTech (Mgt) 
Ms Jannet Kato Senior Manager: Faculty Administration (Health Sciences, Science) NDip (Com Adm), BTech (Com Adm), BTech (HRM)
Mr  Robin  Minne Senior Manager: Living & Learning Support Services BA, HDE (Post Grad), BEdHons, MA (Group Dynamics)
Mr  Khotso Bada Senior Manager: Residence Operations BTech (Educ Mgt)
Ms Shirani Nhlangwini Senior Manager: Off-campus and Vacation Accommodation NCert (Journ), BAHons (Group Dynamics)


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