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Benefits of Giving?

1. Why donate to Nelson Mandela University?


- Nelson Mandela University is a unique new generation comprehensive university offering a wide range of quality programmes and qualifications

- It’s 5 campuses in Nelson Mandela Bay and campus in George offer unique local experiences (proximity to beach, on a nature reserve and smaller city and town benefits)

- Many centres of excellence and flagship professional and vocational programmes such as:

o Accounting – top board exam results

o Architecture

o Law

o Pharmacy

o Physics

o Creative arts

o Engineering

o Cricket – club national achievements

o World class choir

o Notable alumni ... Jenni Button, Dave Richardson

- Programme innovations e.g.

o Range programmes from certificates to doctorates

o Unique programmes e.g. MSc in Nano science

- Successful merger and unique new generation comprehensive university

- Good governance and management – university and NMMU Trust

- Major new technology innovations in 2009-2010

o Weldcore friction stir processing

o Marine algae-biofuels project

o Anti-diabetic drug research using indigenous plants

o Flower preservation

o Nano-zinc rubber project





“YOUR GIFT for a better tomorrow” will help the university:


- Raise the quality of education

- Develop a new generation of academic programmes

- Boost research & innovation

- Modernise our infrastructure

- Attract better quality students and grant life changing opportunities

- Recruit talented staff


Your gift will be part of our legacy for a better tomorrow


Your gift makes you and your organization a stakeholder in the well-being of the university.  A gift comes with good intentions from people who care.  Your gift will make a difference in people’s Nelson Mandela Univeristy experience.


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